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    22 Of The Best Subscriptions For College Students

    Because every student deserves a fun surprise that isn't a bill for tuition.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Therabox, a thoughtfully curated box designed to promote happiness and reduce stress — because studying and working hard is essential, but so is a hefty dose of self-care.

    2. Coffee and a Classic, which'll let you take a break from your psych textbook and indulge in a classic novel while sipping a warm beverage — is there anything cozier???

    3. Or Second Star Books, so the YA-novel obsessed can find their new favorite author.

    4. The Walmart Beauty Box, because you're a student on a budget and $5 will give you access to tons of samples so you can find new favorite products without dropping cash on full-sized versions.

    5. Care/of, a vitamin subscription that makes a thoughtful gift for the student in your life who'll be living away from home for the first time and could use some health-spiration.

    6. Lunarly, for the driven student who aspires to live mindfully and with intention, using the current moon cycle as their guide.

    7. Flair and Paper, to keep in touch with friends from home and accessorize your desk in the absolute cutest way.

    8. Southern Scholar Socks, because you're not gonna wanna wear those ratty ol' mismatched socks to a job fair or internship interview.

    9. Atlas Coffee Club, to gift the student with a passion for a good brew who needs a little extra boost to pull that all-nighter off.

    10. A SnackSack box, which'll come especially in handy when you're cramming for exams and need an endless supply of non-junky snacks on hand to get you through the week.

    11. Scribbler, a subscription box for writers, curated by authors, for the English or creative writing major who's ready to jump-start their career.

    12. Escape the Crate, an "escape the room" game you can play with your roomies on a rainy day without even having to leave the confines of your dorm!

    13. Nailed It, because you're a broke undergrad who deserves to have some poppin' nails even if a regular salon appointment is beyond your budget.

    14. QuocoNow, a kitchen-tools kit subscription perfect for the undergrad who's moved out of the dorms and is living on their own for their first time.

    15. And Piquant Post, a spice subscription that'll provide some inspiration for making meals when the same old dining-hall options have lost their luster.

    16. Adults & Crafts Crate, because even if you're not an arts major, immersing yourself in a creative project is good for the soul (...and a good way to procrastinate getting started on that paper).

    17. FaceMask Tonight, for anyone who loves trying new beauty products — and taking creepy sheet-mask selfies to send to their friends (it never gets old).

    18. House Plant Box, the easiest way to add some green decor to your dorm or rented digs!

    19. Paper Kitty, for anyone who's #TeamCat and a sucker for all things impossibly cute.

    20. A Meditation Essentials subscription, to help you focus and manage the stress of your workload by providing a framework for regular meditative practice.

    21. A What's In Your Box? subscription that promotes sexual health, because let's be real — you're probably gonna be gettin' it on, and whether it's with a partner or yourself, you should always be safe and satisfied.

    22. And a MasterClass pass, for the student who wants to supplement their accredited education with inspirational online classes covering pretty much anything they want to learn, hone, or master — from comedy to cooking.

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