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    48 Subscription Boxes That Are Probably Missing From Your Life

    Because shopping should be automatic, right?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. FabFitFun ships you trendy lifestyle items each quarter that are themed for the season.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Every three months, you'll receive a box with 8–10 full-sized products across beauty, fashion, wellness, home, tech and fitness.

    Get it from FabFitFun for $49.99/box.

    2. Every Plate wants to take the stress out of meal planning for you with its delicious and affordable rotating weekly menu of 13 mouthwatering recipes.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each box comes with a recipe card and all the ingredients you need to make three, four, five tasty and filling dinners depending on your plan.

    Get it from EveryPlate starting at $2.99+/meal.

    3. Breo Box is for people who love technology and can't resist stocking up on cool gadgets.

    The kit
    Breo Box

    What you'll get: Every three months, you'll receive a box containing five to eight name-brand gadgets with a combined value of $300+.

    Get it from Breo Box for $150/box.

    4. Blueland helps you say bye-bye to plastic with reusable bottles and nifty cleaning tablets that dissolve in water. Now, you can clean your house and help the planet at the same time.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Depending on the cleaning kit, you'll receive reusable cleaning bottles and vegan, cruelty-free cleaning tablets and/or powder for dishwashing, laundry, or multi-surface cleaning. You can receive refills every month or schedule your delivery out as far as every four months based on your cleaning needs.

    Get The Clean Suite kit (pictured above) from Blueland for $83 and check out the rest of Blueland's products here.

    5. Hunt A Killer lets you channel your inner detective by giving you the chance to solve a crime.

    The kit
    Hunt A Killer

    What you'll get: Each month, you'll be sent a box with autopsy reports, witness statements, evidence, and more to help you solve a murder mystery. Each case lasts six months and is told in "episodes" that take between 90 minutes and three hours to complete. Once the case is closed, you're ready for a new mystery.

    Get it from Hunt A Killer starting at $25/month.

    6. KnitCrate is for fiber artists who are hooked on leveling up their craft each month.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a skein of their in-house yarn brand, a knitting pattern, a crochet pattern, and a few other surprises.

    Get it from KnitCrate starting at $24.99/month.

    7. SinglesSwag wants you to treat 'yo self with a collection of goodies geared towards self-care and self-love.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month, you'll discover a variety of hand-selected full-size products including organic body products, trending accessories, tasty treats, and more.

    Get it from SinglesSwag starting at $24.99/month.

    8. MeUndies helps you build a collection of undies that match your personality and are oh so comfortable, too.

    Two models, one wearing a dumpling-print bra and panty set and another wearing dumpling-print boxers

    What you'll get: Each month you'll get to pick a pair of undies that match your personal style. Shop just for yourself or match with your S.O.

    Get it from MeUndies starting at $14/month for women and $16/month for men.

    Or check out our picks for cute bras and undies under $30.

    9. Goldbelly sends comfort food straight to your door from restaurants across America.


    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a new tasty food item from a restaurant known for that dish, based on your subscription which could include: pizza, pie, ice cream, bacon, sandwich, and more.

    Get it from Goldbelly starting at $49/month.

    We lso gave Goldbelly a shoutout in our picks for the best places to buy candy online, in case you have a hankering for a sweet.

    10. Short Story Box makes finding clothes that *actually* fit a little easier if you're 5'4" or under. You'll even be able to take a quiz to let your stylist know which clothing items you have the most trouble finding the right fit for.

    Short Story Box

    What you'll get: Your style quiz will tell your stylist what your style is, so you can expect five articles of clothing — anything from casual tops and jeans to party dresses and work clothes — curated based on that. You can also decide how often you want to receive a box, so if you're not feeling one month, you can reschedule. Available in sizes 00P–18P.

    I personally *love* this box! As someone who's barely 5'0", regular-sized clothing just doesn't work – and as enticing as the less expensive childrens' clothing section is, I just can't bring myself to sport a sequin rainbow unicorn tank. The stylists who curate these boxes really know what they're doing, because my wardrobe has been seriously upgraded since I first subscribed and I am loving every minute of it. I also love that you can give individual feedback on each clothing item you receive (including your opinion on prices) so the stylist knows what to throw into your next box while still sticking to your budget.Brittany Gibson

    Psst, check out BuzzFeed's video review!

    Get it from Short Story Box starting at $25/styling fee per box.

    11. Burst Oral Care upgrades your smile with its chic electric brush that has charcoal bristles for whiter teeth, three brushing modes, a built-in two-minute timer, and more.

    The kit
    Burst Oral Care

    What you'll get: After purchasing the original kit, which comes with the Burst sonic toothbrush, USB charging base, and USB wall adapter, you'll receive replacement brush heads every 90 days.

    Get the starter kit from Burst for $69.99+ (available in three colors) and replacement heads for $6+/every 90 days.

    12. Sips by turns every month into a ~par-tea~, helping you discover new tea flavors by matching you with different tea brands based on your preferences.

    The kit
    Sips by

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive four types of loose leaf or bagged teas that's equal to 15+ cups of tea.

    Get it from Sips by for $16/month.

    13. Silk + Sonder helps you get the most out of your year by focusing on one month at a time.

    Silk + Sonder

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a themed planner filled with a calendar spread, habit tracker, and prompts to encourage productivity and wellness.

    Get it from Silk + Sonder starting at $19.95/month.

    14. Toy Box Monthly gives your kids something to look forward to by sending them their own little box of toys each month.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month your child will receive a box of toys that are ideal for ages 4–8.

    Get it from Amazon for $25/month (available in three styles).

    15. Loot Crate is the gift that keeps on giving for anyone obsessed with gaming, sports, entertainment, or pop culture.

    The kit
    Loot Crate

    What you'll get: Each month, depending on your crate, you'll receive a collection of items from some of your favorite fandoms. Past boxes have included wearables (like a T-shirt), figurines, comic books, mugs, and more.

    Get it from Loot Crate starting at $9.99/month.

    16. Book of the Month allows you to curl up with a new story each month.

    A stack of past books including, "An Anonymous Girl," "The Far Field," "No Exit," and "Severance"
    Book of the Month

    What you'll get: Each month, choose one or more books from five options featuring new releases, fresh perspectives, and debut authors.

    Check out our full review of Book of the Month!

    Get your first month's subscription from Book of the Month for $9.99 (after that it's $14.99/month).

    FYI, we also have a full roundup dedicated to indie bookstore subscription boxes.

    17. Winc helps beginners and enthusiasts expand their palate with new bottles of wine each month.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive four bottles of wine curated based on your preferences.

    Get it from Winc for $13.99+/bottle.

    18. Elephant Books introduces children to a variety of stories and gets them excited about reading at a young age.

    The kit
    Elephant Books

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive two to three recently published books along with a few extras to increase the reading experience.

    Get it from Cratejoy starting at $20.99/month (available in two styles).

    19. Atlas Coffee Club is ideal for coffee lovers, allowing them to get a taste of java from around the world.

    The box
    Atlas Coffee Club

    What you'll get: Every two weeks or month you'll receive coffee from around the world based on your roast preferences. Choose between whole beans or ground, half bag, single bag or a double bag of coffee, depending on how much you drink.

    Get it from Atlas Coffee Club starting at $9/bi-weekly or monthly.

    20. Kinder Beauty Box will totally revamp your beauty and skincare routine by introducing you to some of the best vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty products on the market.

    Kinder Beauty Box, @kinderbeautybox / Instagram

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a box filled with up to $165 worth of both full-sized and travel-sized vegan, cruelty-free, clean beauty products – everything from skincare and makeup to haircare and other vegan goodies.

    I get this box every month and I cannot tell you how many incredible products I've discovered through it. I am super picky about the skincare and beauty products I use and they all need to be vegan, cruelty-free, and clean, so when I discovered this box, I was like...OK, I *need* this, like, yesterday. Anyway, totally worth it IMO! —Brittany Gibson

    Get it from Kinder Beauty Box for $26/month.

    21. BarkBox earns you a lick of approval from your dog, who will be ~fur-ever~ grateful for their monthly treat box filled with special treats just for them.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month your dog will receive a themed box full of toys, snacks, and other presents catered to the size and breed of your dog.

    Get it from BarkBox starting at $23/month.

    22. KitNipBox is paw-sitively delightful for cat lovers, sending them a box of goodies for their feline companion.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month your fur baby will receive five goodies ranging from cat toys, to tasty treats, and other fun and healthy products.

    Get it from KitNipBox starting at $22.99/month (available in two styles).

    23. Shaker & Spoon wants to help you up your mixology for your quarantine-is-over party (whenever that is) or maybe just your Instagram feed.

    the subscription box with various cocktails and fixings around it
    Shaker & Spoon

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive three unique recipes from bartenders from around the world, along with all the ingredients you need to make them — syrups, bitters, mixers, garnishes, and more. No alcohol included.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $50/month.

    24. Lovevery features stage-based play essentials for supporting your little one's development and helping them play independently.

    Baby playing with a toy

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a box full of toys, flash cards, and other activities based on your child's age.

    Get it from Lovevery starting at $36/month.

    25. KiwiCo wants your kids to stay inspired through project-filled crates that can educate and entertain.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a stage-based crate of your choosing filled with hands-on science and art projects, magazines, collectibles, and more.

    Get it from KiwiCo starting at $17.50/month.

    26. Piquant Post adds a little spice to your life by expanding your palate with seasonings from around the world.

    Meal made with spices from the kit
    Piquant Post

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a fresh batch of spice blends from a new region, and recipes to guide you through the best way to use them.

    Get it from Piquant Post starting at $11.99/month.

    27. NatureBox takes the stress out of stress eating by providing wholesome snack options.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a box full of nutritious and tasty snacks based on your preferences and dietary restrictions. If you don't like the snacks you get, send them back for something else.

    Get it from NatureBox starting at $10.99/month.

    28. Finders Seekers turns a traditional game night into mystery night fun for the whole family.

    The kit
    Finders Seekers

    What you'll get: Each month, you'll have the opportunity to explore another city and culture through puzzles, deciphering codes, and escape room challenges.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $33/month.

    29. Foot Cardigan helps you find a new ~sole mate~ by sending you a new pair of socks each month.

    A collection of printed socks, including a taco-print socks, sushi-print socks, and rocket socks
    Foot Cardigan

    What you'll get: Each month you'll get a new pair of socks based on how you rock your socks — crew, no show, or premium.

    Get it from Foot Cardigan for $12.99/month (available in three styles).

    30. Purple Carrot Box is basically the holy grail of meal subscription boxes for vegans. You won't *ever* have to worry about adjusting recipes to fit your dietary needs again.

    Purple Carrot Box

    What you'll get: When you sign up, you'll be prompted to choose between meals for two or four people. Then, each week, you'll be able to choose which three dinner meals you'd like, plus anything extra you want to tack on, like breakfast, dinner, or dessert. You'll have the option to customize your meals to be gluten-free, high protein, or "quick and easy." There are also pre-made meal options if cooking isn't quite your forte or you know you'll be short on time.

    I started ordering meal subscriptions boxes from another company a few months ago and loved the idea of it, but I almost always had to adjust recipes and leave out dairy ingredients, even for vegetarian recipes – that is, until I discovered Purple Carrot Box. I'm definitely no chef, but these recipes are *so* easy to follow and make that it honestly feels like I'm cooking up gourmet meals. Even my boyfriend, who is the furthest thing from vegan, looks forward to trying out new vegan recipes each week, so that's gotta count for something, right? —Brittany Gibson

    Get it from Purple Carrot Box starting at $71.94/week.

    31. Sprezzabox ships menswear accessories, lifestyle, and grooming packages to keep your style fresh.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month, you'll have the option to choose from several fashion, lifestyle, and grooming packages with an average value of $100.

    Get it from Sprezzabox starting at $28/month.

    32. Pipsticks sends you new stickers to add to your stationery stash every month.

    A past kit, which included paper goods, 15 sheets of stickers, and a holographic pouch

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive seven or 15 sheets of stickers depending on your subscription, as well as paper goodies, a pouch to hold your stickers, and a sticker zine for sticker lovers.

    Get it from Pipsticks starting at $11.95/month.

    33. Vellabox lights up your space with a collection of new candle with curated scents to complement each season.


    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a high quality, lead-free wick candle made from 100% soy-, coconut- or vegetable-based wax. You'll get a bonus gift with each candle, too.

    Get it from Vellabox starting at $12/month.

    34. Stitch Fix gives you a personal stylist to curate fashions for you. Time to remix your style!

    The box
    Stitch Fix

    What you'll get: A personalized box with five items picked out by your personal stylist based on your preferences. Purchase all the items suggested for 25% off, or return the items you don't want, for free.

    Start your subscription at Stitch Fix with a $20 styling session. Your stylist will send you your box and you only pay for the items you keep.

    You can also find Stitch Fix, along with some other cool companies, in our picks for the best clothing subscription boxes

    35. Billie is a razor starter kit that leaves your body feeling silky smooth for the times that you want to shave. It's a pretty bathroom accessory for the times you don't.

    The razor

    What you'll get: The initial kit comes with an ergonomically correct razor handle, two blades, and a magic razor holder. The refill comes with four refill blades.

    Get it from Billie for $10/month.

    36. Scentbird lets you sample the latest perfumes and colognes from your favorite designers. Sniff sniff, hooray!


    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive an 8-milliliter bottle of perfume from one of the 450+ designer perfumes on their site. Each perfume should last 140 sprays.

    Get it from Scentbird starting at $15.95/month.

    37. Vinyl Me, Please is a monthly record club that helps you build your record collection with new music from your favorite genres.

    A collection of records, including "The Score' by the Fugees
    Vinyl Me, Please

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive one record, along with other musical goodies depending on the category track selected. Classics consists of the best of soul, blues and jazz. Essentials includes must-haves across genres and eras. Hip-hop includes both old school rhymes and modern rap.

    Get it from Vinyl Me, Please starting at $43/month.

    38. Decorated spruces up your home each season with curated decor to add a little pizzazz to your sanctuary.

    Decor on a table

    What you'll get: In each box, you'll receive between six and eight full-size seasonally inspired items, which could include anything from throw pillows and decorative trays to printed art and DIY projects.

    Get it from Decorated starting at $79.99/every three months.

    39. Bouqs sources freshly cut flowers from sustainable farms to keep your home full of floral joy.

    A fall-inspired orange and dark purple bouquet

    What you'll get: Each delivery will consist of a bouquet based on the one of four collections: farmers market, classics, roses, or seasonal.

    Get it from Bouqs starting at $40/month

    40. TheraBox reminds you to take a little me-time every now and then with a box filled with therapist-curated items designed to help increase your happiness and reduce stress.

    The kit

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive one happiness activity and between six and eight self-care and wellness goodies, including face masks, aromatherapy, bath, body, skincare, lifestyle products, and more worth $120+ in value.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $34.99/month.

    41. Rocksbox adorns you with new pieces of jewelry each month.


    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive three pieces of jewelry hand-selected by you or your stylist. You can wear the pieces as long as you'd like and refresh your set by returning them in order to receive new pieces. If you find a piece you love, use your monthly credit to purchase it, and keep forever.

    Get it from Rocksbox for $21/month.

    42. Candy Club has your sweet tooth covered, in sugar. Obviously.

    Candy Club

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a box of candy from small artisans and famed candy producers from all over the world.

    Get it from Candy Club starting at $29.99/month.

    43. Daily Harvest takes the stress out of figuring out what foods to mix together for your morning smoothies.

    The food
    Daily Harvest

    What you'll get: Each month you'll receive a box based on the foods you've pre-selected from smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, oat bowls, chai bowls, scoops, bites, and lattes.

    Get it from Daily Harvest starting at $5.99+ per item/month.

    44. Universal Yums brings the tastiest snacks around the world right to your doorstep. Some past boxes have included cinnamon sugar churros from South Korea, bacon and lime chips from Colombia, and spicy mango gummies from Spain.

    Universal Yums

    What you'll get: Depending on which subscription you choose, you'll receive anywhere from 5–20 snacks from a different country each month, plus a booklet with trivia and games.

    Get it from Universal Yums starting at $14.67/box.

    45. Birchbox allows any makeup-, skincare-, and haircare-lover to test out new beauty products each month. All you have to do is subscribe, then you'll be prompted to personalize your box and get products that match your preferences.


    What you'll get: Five handpicked and mini beauty products to test out each month, along with an informational card on how to use them. Products can range from makeup to skincare to haircare, each catered to your own preferences. Plus, they're all wrapped up in an adorable keepsake box that you can use for storage or decor!

    Get it from Birchbox for $15/month.

    46. Jeni's Pint Club, because the future is now and that means you can have an ice cream subscription rather than making a midnight run to your local 24-hour store. You'll be graced with unique flavors like Fluffernutter Pie, Blambleberry Crisp, and Blackout Chocolate Cake.

    16 pints of ice cream

    First rule of Pint Club? Tell everyone about Pint Club! 

    What you'll get: Every month, you'll receive a curated selection of four flavors of icy treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. It'll certainly get you out of your flavor comfort zone, so you'll no longer be deemed as the "vanilla" friend in your group.

    Get it from Jeni's starting at $199/three months.

    47. Rent the Runway lets you rent designer pieces with flexible pricing, so you can rock your dream fits to work, weddings, and nights out with your friends, without upsetting your wallet.

    Rent the Runway

    What you'll get: Choose a membership or one-time rental item for your styling needs. Pick which pieces you want to rent (there are more than 10,000 styles from 400+ designers available), wear your items, and then return them for free. There are member-only discounts too, just in case you want to give an item a permanent place in your closet. Available in women's sizes 0–22. You can also check out our full Rent the Runway review for more info.

    Get it from Rent the Runway starting at $75/month for a membership or $10+ for one-time clothing and dress rentals.

    48. Artvana allows you to explore and develop your artistic side each month by sending you creative supplies, tutorials, and guided sessions, all in the name of de-stressing.


    What you'll get: Your monthly Artvana box will be chock full of all of the supplies you'll need: paint, brushes, canvas, tutorials, reflection worksheets, and more! You'll be able to follow a new tutorial from Artvana founder Rikki, a professional painter and certified therapeutic art coach, each month. From there, watch your creative skills evolve and admire all of the wonderful creations you make.

    Get it from Artvana for $45/month.

    Me trying think of ways to justify all of my new subscriptions:

    Paper Kite Productions

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