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    13 Ways "Insatiable" Is Really Fucking Problematic

    The show does not deal well with the issue of fat-shaming and obesity, and it also fails in the way it handles sexual assault and bullying. This post contains spoilers.

    Insatiable lands on Netflix today. While the show has created a lot of controversy with its "revenge body" storyline, it also poses problems in the way it deals with LGBT issues, sexual assault, and bullying.

    Here's 13 things that stood out as being problematic.

    This post contains spoilers.

    1. Being fat is equated with being “out of control” and “sick."

    2. There’s a running gag about sexual assault and molestation.

    3. Patty is fat in the flashbacks, so in these scenes Debby Ryan is wearing a fatsuit.

    4. Weirdly, in among all of this meaningful talk about body positivity, there are still jokes about fat people.

    5. There is a lighthearted storyline where Brick (Michael Provost) has sex with another character's mother.

    6. Dixie (Irene Choi) hacks Patty's phone and sends a nude of herself to the entire student body to make Patty look guilty of cyberbullying, but everyone then thinks Patty and Dixie are in a lesbian relationship, which Dixie considers "way worse."

    7. A point made by a transgender girl about feeling uncomfortable in her own skin is compared to Patty feeling uncomfortable after gaining some weight.

    8. There's also an episode where Patty is encouraged to go on a drastic weight loss and fitness programme because she gained a bit of weight after some "emotional eating".

    9. There's a storyline about her best friend Nonnie (Kimmy Shields) fancying Patty, but her sexuality constantly becomes a punchline.

    10. Nonnie only finds out that she is gay because she obsessively fancies her best friend Patty.

    11. There is also a twist where Patty is told she has a teratoma, "a parasitic twin that she consumed in utero," leading her to conclude that she ate her own twin in the womb.

    12. Bob then says this to her.

    13. And finally, there's a whole series of jokes about anal cancer.