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What Are We To Do With White Women Rappers?

Bhad Bhabie’s recent Billboard Award nomination attracted lots of controversy and speaks to how we’re still not sure what place white women should have in hip-hop.

Niela Orr One year ago

What Does The Raised Fist Mean In 2017?

Once a sign of solidarity for the black civil rights movement, the raised fist, now used by everyone from Winona Ryder to Donald Trump, has come to mean everything and nothing at the same time.

Niela Orr 2 years ago

Can Meek Mill Bring About A Post Rap Beef World?

The rapper's new mixtape is part redemption narrative, part trap spaghetti western. But by refusing to directly address his critics, Meek suggests the era of the career-damaging rap beef is over.

Niela Orr 3 years ago

Black Trauma Remixed For Your Clicks

In viral videos, the real-life pain of black people is repurposed into fun, catchy songs for popular consumption. But at what cost?

Niela Orr 3 years ago