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21 Amazing Coincidences That Will Make You Go, "No Flipping Way!"

These go well beyond "What are the odds?"

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the craziest coincidence that ever happened to them, and the results were, well, crazy:

1. My friends were looking for me on Twitter, and searched my full name: “Morgan Knight.” They all ended up following a different "Morgan Knight" who looks EXACTLY like me.

2. My history teacher was showing us a slideshow of her trip to China when one of my classmates shouted, "Hey, those are my parents!" Indeed, this girl's parents were in the background of my teacher's picture at Tiananmen Square.

3. I bought some winegums and thought about an ex from over 10 years ago — it was his favorite candy. We hadn't kept in touch, this was before social media. Later that day I was eating the winegums and thought about him again, so I decided to google him. His funeral was that day.

4. I moved to a new city and school when I was in the 11th grade. One day I told my new classmates it was my parents' anniversary. One of them said, "Hey, mine too." I said it was my parents' 23rd anniversary, and she said, "Mine too!" I said my parents got married in Brooklyn, and she said "Mine too!" So I told her the name of the wedding hall and she said "Uh...mine too."

5. Years ago my uncle bought me pajamas as a Christmas gift. He left the gift receipt in the box and when I saw the date and time the receipt was printed I screamed! What are the odds? 12/12/2012 at 12:12?!

6. My husband and I both have dads named Gary. Both Garys had dogs named Woody when we started dating, and both of our moms were maternity nurses at the time.

7. My dad’s birthday is 7/11, my wedding anniversary is 7/11, my birth weight was 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and my first born son’s birthweight was also — you guessed it! 7 pounds, 11 ounces.

8. On my college tour at Tufts this summer, my family and I were discussing the Solo: A Star Wars Story and what we thought of it. Then, midway through the presentation in the Tufts auditorium, my dad poked me and said, “Am I going crazy or is that Harrison Ford?”

9. My husband and I woke up one morning to discover we'd both had nightmares where we'd crashed our cars on the same highway with the other person in the passenger seat. We’ve driven on that highway since and have been OK, but it was terrifying the first time!

10. Growing up my grandfather used to bake these cookies I loved and he always called them “Wanda Cookies” because that was the name of the lady whose recipe it was when he got it out of the newspaper. Fast forward 10 years...

11. My friend and I went to the Redbox to see if they had Tron. They didn’t have it, so we rented a different movie. Well, guess what we found when we opened up the DVD box to the different movie? Yup, it was Tron.

12. I moved to a different city and got a job at a hotel. I met my boyfriend working there, and early in the relationship we were talking about where we lived and I mentioned my road. He said he'd just moved from there. Turns out my boyfriend lived in the EXACT SAME ROOM in the EXACT SAME HOUSE as me before I did. He literally moved out and I moved in.

13. On 6/6/2006 I turned 6!

14. I was working at a grocery store and for months customers kept asking me if my mom worked at the bank. At the same time, the lady at the bank kept getting asked if her daughter worked at the grocery store. I’m adopted, and my birth mom and I had given up on finding each other years before. But lo and behold, thanks to our mutual customers and striking resemblance, we found each other!

15. My dad died eight months ago, and one day I was feeling upset so I texted his old cellphone number to tell him that I love him and miss him. I knew it was stupid and that my mom kept his cellphone In his old office, so I didn’t expect a response. But a couple of hours later I got a text back...

16. My family went to the Wax Museum in Orlando where I took a photo with Ross Lynch’s wax figure. The very next morning my family was eating breakfast when THE Ross Lynch walked in. Weirdest coincidence ever.

17. My husband and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon and met another couple on their honeymoon — a couple who'd gotten married on the same day as us. Seven years later we were on vacation in Florida and went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. At the restaurant we ran in to the same couple celebrating their anniversary!

18. In my family, for some reason, all the boys (six in total) have the same scar from the same injury — baseball to the left eyebrow. It started with my uncle and it recently happened to my son.

19. Once I went to the drug store to pick up something, and I had a gift card from there that I'd used once before. The total of my purchase was EXACTLY what I had left on my gift card.

20. My mother has a picture of her at the age of 5 on a crowded beach back in the early 70's. Oddly enough my dad has a very similar picture of him when he was 10. Years later they discovered they were in the background of each other's photo!

21. I went to Nepal for a study abroad program and was placed with this lovely family in Kathmandu. I told them where I was from, and it turned out they were very close with a family from my city. I asked, "What street?" and they said the same street I lived on! I asked them to describe the house — and it was my next door neighbor’s house!!

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Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.