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    21 Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Out Of Going To A Concert

    From someone who spends wayyy too much time going to concerts.

    Hey! I'm Sam, and I'm a concert addict. If I'm not spending my free time at a concert, then I'm usually spending it planning for the next one I want to go to.

    As someone who goes to a lot of concerts, I've learned many tricks to enhance my experience at them: whether it's finding ways to make carrying all my things inside easier, or to cut down on spending money at the show, from one concert-goer to another, I'm here to share some of my favorite hacks.

    1. Bring a sealed water bottle with you. Most venues allow guests to bring one, so do it! Once you get inside, a bottle of water will probably cost $5+, and while you may need to buy another one inside, you'll be so glad you brought your first water of the night from home.

    2. Explore all of your transit options! You may think driving and paying for parking is your best bet, but other travel methods such as by train, bus, or ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft may be more efficient and cheaper.

    3. Invest in a good cooler for tailgating. If you're planning on driving or meeting up with friends who brought a car, (and you're of legal drinking age), tailgating in the lot is super fun when done responsibly.

    4. Take a photo or keep a note on your phone of where you parked your car!

    5. Look into upgrading your seats before the show. At the time you bought tickets, getting those cheap nosebleed seats seemed GREAT, but the show is getting closer and you're starting to feel FOMO when it comes to not being as close to the stage as possible.

    6. Or upgrade your tickets to an amphitheater show through Live Nation's text message upgrade system. Once you sign up, you'll receive texts closer to/on your show date with a link to upgrade your seats, upgrade to VIP clubs and boxes, upgrade to preferred parking, and SO much more!

    7. Pack snacks and easy meals like a sandwich, chips, a banana, and string cheese to avoid paying $10+ for just a hot dog or other expensive food. Most venues allow people to bring their own sealed food because of food-related allergies and dietary restrictions. Your best bet is to bring it in clear ziplock bags!

    8. Rock a fanny pack, especially if your concert plans include an all-day or weekend festival. They make some really trendy fanny packs these days that'll make your life SO much easier.

    9. Buy a clear bag ahead of time, just in case. Many venues, like NFL stadiums, have clear bag policies for anything bigger than a small purse (for safety precautions).

    10. Get a portable charger or a solar-powered portable charger!

    11. Choose off times to go to the merch shops at the show, otherwise you'll be facing hella long lines.

    12. Although, waiting until after the show ends to buy merch online is really your best bet because you can look at the crowd and see what items look like in person. Plus, some artists offer special limited-time discount codes after the show.

    13. Snap a photo of the set times and look up the setlists in advance. That way, you can pick the best times to step away to buy merch, get a refreshment, or use the bathroom.

    14. Keep a poncho on you in case the forecast calls for rain at an outdoor show. Most venues have a policy that the show will go on, rain or shine. In fact, some of the best concert memories I have include singing and dancing with my friends in the pouring rain.

    15. WEAR COMFY SHOES! Chances are you'll be doing a TON of walking, dancing, and maybe even jumping. Not only that, but you'll be around a LOT of people. Avoid wearing sandals and heels, or using the night to break in new shoes. BTW, slip-ons are a great option.

    16. Have a pair of water-resistant boots ready so your feetsies stay protected, comfy, and warm. Trust me, you'll be a much happier camper if they're shielded from puddles and mud.

    17. Protect yourself from loud sounds by tossing some ear plugs in your bag before heading to the show. And if you're bringing the kiddos, these earmuff protectors are a great choice.

    18. Throw some pain relief medication in your bag! Loud noises and lots of people is the perfect recipe for a headache, and you wouldn't wanna ruin your experience because you didn't have some pain reliever handy.

    19. Be aware that, depending on the layout at the show, a mosh pit might form or people may crowd surf. If you're in general admission at a rock concert, get ready, be careful, and have fun with it!

    20. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN! For real. Take a few photos and videos here and there, but don't watch the concert through your phone, PLEASE.

    21. Last, but most certainly not least — HAVE FUN! You are at a concert that probably doesn't come around very often. Not to mention, you may have spent quite a bit of money on this special night, so enjoy it. Don't let anything get in the way of your dancing like no one is watching and rocking your heart out.


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