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    20 Of The Best Places To Buy Backpacks Online

    Why would you ever carry anything with your hands, when all these backpacks exist?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. BAGGU has all the ~casually chic~ backpacks you need to be the girl on Instagram who turns everything into a like-able photo op. "Oh, is this my best angle? I didn't notice."

    The first rule in the Online Fashionista Handbook is a 'fit pic without the proper accessories shalt not be posted, and BAGGU has the backpacks that'll keep your OOTDs ready for the 'gram. Their selection of packs, in all the colors of the Aesthetic Rainbow, can be the perfect complement to any outfit. If you want a BuzzFeeder's review of their Ripstop backpack (pictured above), check out #5 on this post.

    What they carry: Drawstring backpacks, school bags, mini backpacks, and leather backpacks.

    Pricing: $16–$320

    Shipping: Free on orders over $30

    Backpacks we love: A mini lilac canvas-bag for $20 (available in two other colors) or a terracota canvas satchel ready to go on a fashionable expedition for $42 (available in eight other colors)

    Where to buy: BAGGU, Urban Outfitters, or Amazon

    2. Nordstrom stocks its virtual racks with enough of your favorite backpack brands, like Herschel Supply Co., so you won't have to suffer the mall's parking lot ever again.


    Sure, you miss the good ol' days when Mom would take you and your siblings to the shopping mall for back-to-school hauls; you just hate those parking decks. Fret no more, Nordstrom is online and just as good a deal as it ever was, so authentic you might smell a nearby pretzel cart when you're at the checkout.

    What they carry: Pretty much any backpack from all your favorite brands, even a few designer brands like Fendi and Prada.

    Pricing: $10.98–$3475

    Shipping: Free shipping and returns, with some items available for in-store pickup.

    Backpacks we love: A monstrous kid pack with glow-in-the-dark eyes for $45.95 (available in two colors) or Herschel Supply Co.'s iconic student essential for $75.

    Where to buy: Nordstrom

    3. Backcountry should trek its way to the top of your list when you need to gear up for that expedition through the Alps or go camping in your backyard. Hey, depending on how long it's been since you mowed the grass, your backyard is wilderness enough.

    Online shopping is just another mountain to climb, my friend. Being outside is a nightmare enough without realizing the bag you've trusted with all your supplies is too small or too flimsy, and Backcountry has the packs of your Hiking Dreams. Once you've got the pack you need, you can stuff it with a camp chair and fire starter so you'll be prepared for what camping is all about: relaxing by the fire and toasting marshmallows.

    What they carry: Kids' outdoor packs, hiking packs, hydration packs, daypacks, commuter backpacks, and snowsport backpacks.

    Pricing: $14.97–$349.95

    Shipping: Free two-day shipping on orders over $50

    Backpacks we love: A 50-liter waterproof haul bag for $199.95 or a 20-liter pack with an aluminum suspension harness to carry your Tiniest Adventurer for $250 (available in three colors).

    Where to buy: Backcountry

    4. K9 Sport Sack puts an end to the days of promising your most precious of cargo you'll be right back and lets your pupper take you for a walk.

    The only option better than carrying your Good Boy all day in your loving arms! In addition to their backpacks, K9 Sport Sack's official shop has accessories, like sport shades (which you have to see!) and insulated jackets, to further up the comfort of the canine you're carrying. If you want our full review of one of these, check out #2 on this post.

    What they carry: Dog-carriers for a variety of doggos, dog-carrying accessories.

    Pricing: $69.95–$129.95

    Shipping: Worldwide shipping available on all orders.

    Backpacks we love: The lightweight Sport Sack AIR (pictured above) for $69.95 or the adjustable Sport Sack FLEX for $129.95.

    Where to buy: K9 Sport Sack or Amazon

    5. Forever 21 can't ever be ignored when you need a cute backpack and you need it now.

    You know it's only a matter of time: you'll be lying in bed, reflecting on your day as you drift to sleep. Then, it'll happen; you'll sit up in bed and think to yourself, "I need a pink quilted-velvet backpack and I need it for less than $30." Forever 21 will be there, and they're always there for you, with the looks you want to try this season.

    What they carry: Mini backpacks, faux-leather packs, quilted packs, and more.

    Pricing: $18.99–$38

    Shipping: Free on orders over $50

    Backpacks we love: A faux-leather flap-top bag for $27.90 (above) or a teddy bear you can mama-bear for $22.90.

    Where to buy: Forever 21

    6. L.L. Bean answers the prayers of every parent who's tired of buying backpacks that last a single school year.

    As far as I'm concerned, L.L. Bean's bookbags are the best gift you can give a student. My grandma bought me one of their deluxe packs before I started 7th grade and it lasted me all the way to receiving my bachelor's degree and beyond; I still use it to carry groceries, sometimes. I dropped my L.L. Bean backpack in the ocean, once forgot it in the woods overnight, loaded it with textbooks I rarely read, and it shows little to no wear.

    What they carry: Kids' backpacks, hiking packs, sling backs, hydration packs, rolling bookbags, travel bags, and rucksacks.

    Pricing: $29.95–$310

    Shipping: Free with $50 purchase

    Backpacks we love: A printed bookbag to make saying goodbye to summer-break a bit more bearable for $29.95 (available in five different prints) or a rugged waxed-canvas rucksack for $199.

    Where to buy: L.L. Bean

    7. Chrome Industries, a mainstay in the cyclist community, makes streamlined and durable backpacks for anyone putting rubber (be it tire or sole) to pavement.

    Starting as a manufacturer of bags for professional bike-messengers, they've remained committed to making versatile and enduring gear that won't ever slow you down. They're probably best known for their iconic messenger bags, but their backpacks are just as *streetwear* ready.

    What they carry: Bike-commuter backpacks, camera backpacks, roll-top backpacks, and cargo backpacks.

    Pricing: $79.99–$350

    Shipping: $7.50 flat-rate for orders under $75 and free ground-shipping for orders over $75

    Backpacks we love: A weatherproof backpack that'll cover all your on-bike and on-foot needs for $79.99+ (available in two colors) or a spacious rolltop for $95.99+ (available in four colors).

    Where to buy: Chrome Industries or Zappos

    8. eBags (jet)sets itself as THE destination for luggage you won't have to pick up and carry ~anyway~ when you're running to your terminal.,

    Remember when you tried to bring a rolling suitcase on a trip back home, and one of its wheels got tangled in a loose carpet thread in front of Cinnabon and *suddenly* your suitcase wasn't able to roll anymore? Yeah, let's not repeat that nightmare next Christmas. Buy a Professional Weekender (pictured above, on the right) from eBags and have a happy holiday. Check out their ~exclusive collection~ to score some of the best prices on backpacks!

    What they carry: Pretty much any type of backpack you can think of, including backpacks for kids, but their inventory of laptops bags and travel bags are especially worth checking out!

    Pricing: $11.99–$1400

    Shipping: Free on orders over $49.

    Backpacks we love: A classic JanSport backpack updated with today's student in mind for $38.32 (available in six colors) or a professional laptop backpack with an internal organization-system for all your odds and ends for $99.99 (above, on the left).

    Where to buy: eBags

    9. Hot Topic gives you the opportunity to prove it's not a phase, Mom; she needs to accept Corgi Goth is your lifestyle.

    Really, the internet is basically a gigantic, digital shopping mall, so you have to honor your mall-rat days and stop by Hot Topic. Corgis and more, they've got the merch you need to show what gets you geeked, because you've been carrying your fandom for years and everybody else needs to recognize.

    What they carry: Backpacks for kid-kids and Kids At Heart, fandom gear, mall-goth essentials, scene-kid relics, and more.

    Pricing: $16.79–$70.90

    Shipping: Flat rate of $4.99 or free in-store pick-up on orders over $10.

    Backpacks we love: A black cat backpack complete with ears and a fluffball zipper for $19.92 or a Pikachu mini-backpack to store all your Poké Balls for $70.90.

    Where to buy: Hot Topic

    10. Target has so many great deals, you might need to buy a backpack to carry all the other backpacks you buy from them.,

    True story, I once went into Target to buy a bottle of hot sauce and left the store with a new refrigerator. If you're like me, getting a backpack from them is, first and foremost, a way to stop collecting so many of their bags (inside your biggest Target bag) underneath your kitchen-sink and, secondly, just too good a deal to pass up.

    What they carry: Affordable backpacks for every member of the family

    Pricing: $9.09–$149.99

    Shipping: Free two-day shipping on orders over $35, some backpacks available for free ship-to-store and pickup.

    Backpacks we love: A toddler's fuzzy sherpa backpack for $12.99 (above) or a waxed-canvas pack in forest green for $34.99 (above).

    Where to buy: Target

    11. ASOS curates a collection of on-trend backpacks to elevate your streetwear game.

    Sometimes, you've got to flex on anyone in your general vicinity, be they hypebeast or fellow subway-commuter, before you take your backpack off, set it on your lap, and quietly wait for your stop. You already buy all your joggers from ASOS, but it's time to buy a sling pack and start to really run these streets.

    What they carry: Trendy packs you can use for WDYWT upvotes.

    Pricing: $10–$558

    Shipping: $4.99 for standard shipping, free on orders over $49.99.

    Backpacks we love: A teal velvet that's cozy-cool for $26.50 or mixed zebra-print pack to brave the wild for $36 (pictured above).

    Where to buy: ASOS

    12. Skip Hop's Zoo Collection hits you right in the heart with kind of cuteness you hope won't be forgotten on the school bus or traded to another kid for a cupcake at snack time.

    Skip Hop

    Toddlers have plenty they need to carry, like coloring books and the hope of a better tomorrow, so let them carry those important things in a backpack shaped like a butterfly. Skip Hop's Zoo Collection bags have insulated front pouches to keep your preschooler's lunch hot or cold and they're made with easy-to-clean liners you can wipe down when your kid puts a half-eaten sandwich back into their bag uncovered. Plus, you can buy one of those these adorable backpacks for your Adult Self, no judgment!

    What they carry: The cutest animal-shaped backpacks (and lunch bag, straw bottle, and backpacks bundles) for toddlers, little tykes, and adults who also NEED a mini-pack shaped like a butterfly.

    Pricing: $15–$60

    Shipping: Dependent on where you buy them from, since they're available from so many sites.

    Backpacks we love: A butterfly backpack with a juice box side-pocket for $20 (pictured above; available in 28 other animal-shapes) or a hedgehog straw bottle, lunch bag, and backpack bundle for $42 (available in 28 other animal bundles).

    Where to buy: Skip Hop, Target, Kohl's, Nordstrom, Jet, or Amazon

    13. Jet rivals, or surpasess, all your favorite online backpack-retailers, in terms of selection and affordability.


    If you need to buy a bunch of backpacks at once, maybe for multiple kids or as props for a school-themed theatre production, you've gotta buy those packs from Jet. Their pricing model rewards buying in bulk, and I recommend buying however many of these sling bags and these backpack harnesses it takes to qualify as a pack of packs for your pack.

    What they carry: Kids' backpacks, student backpacks, rolling backpacks, all backpacks (basically).

    Pricing: $6.88–$315.99

    Shipping: Free on orders over $35

    Backpacks we love: A backpack with a zippered mouth to stuff with your school supplies for $26.11 (above) or a Jansport backpack printed with Fierce Frenchies for $53+ (pictured above; available in nine other prints).

    Where to buy: Jet

    14. Matt & Nat lets you breathe a sigh of non-animal-derived relief, because it's a cruelty-free way to secure your stuff.

    Be it a classic pack you could've worn through high school (above) or the snap-closure pack for your GrownAss Future (above), Matt & Nat have got your back(pack). Imagine this: you're at your local farmer's market. A holistic-queen sees (what she thinks) is your dead-cow backpack and turns up her nose. "No, no," you say to her, "it's vegan," and the entire farmer's market cheers.

    What they carry: A variety of cruelty-free vegan backpacks, including vegan-leather packs!

    Pricing: $80–$175

    Shipping: Free on orders over $100

    Backpacks we love: An effortlessly chic round pack for $120+ (available in 9 colors) or a zipper-top pack that's the right type of boxy for $145+ (pictured above; available in 14 colors).

    Where to buy: Matt & Nat or Amazon

    15. Fjällräven *nearly* monopolizes the business of being fashionable yet functionable, and it only takes one Kånken for you to buy in.

    There's a reason you've been seeing that fox logo and name you're unsure how to pronounce (even though your friend has told you how to say it, three times) all over, and that reason is a timeless design made with quality materials.

    What they carry: Kid's backpacks, school bags, laptop bags, rucksacks, and hiking packs.

    Pricing: $70–$140

    Shipping: Free on orders over $100

    Backpacks we love: A classic Kånken for $80 (pictured above; available in 37 colors) or a 17" laptop Kånken for $120 (available in 11 colors).

    Where to buy: Fjällräven, Nordstrom, eBags, Backcountry, Urban Outfitters, or Amazon

    16. Zappos offers more than 3,000 different backpacks, all handled with the customer service you know and trust.,

    When you shop at a site with so much in stock, it gives you the chance to find some hidden gems, like this parachute bag from one of my favorite high-end designers or backpacks made by the beachy brand my little sister used to be obsessed with. Scrolling through this many pages of packs, you might find yourself before/while finding the backpack you MUST buy.

    What they carry: (Once again) over 3,000 different backpacks, so you'll definitely find one you want.

    Pricing: $16.99–$2750

    Shipping: Free

    Backpacks we love: A floral-print Nike backpack for $55 or a color-blocked pack from a brand that donates a children's backpack when you buy one of theirs for $70 (available in four colors).

    Where to buy: Zappos

    17. Mission Workshop's Arkiv Modular System allows you to design your own pack by choosing and swapping out the brand's weatherproof accessories and base-packs (as much as your Gear Heart desires).

    Though cheaper modular pack systems are available, like any number of MOLLE packs, Mission Workshop's craftsmanship is impossible to match or beat. Buying one of these packs is investing in a lifestyle, one in which you're prepared for anything the elements might throw at you. What do you think is more important: being resilient or being able to adapt? With one of these backpacks, you can be both.

    What they carry: Weatherproof modular backpacks and accessories (literally) Guaranteed Forever.

    Pricing: $3–$585

    Shipping: $9 flate rate for standard shipping, free on orders over $200

    Backpacks we love: A two-rail base-pack you can add accessories to as need requires for $235 or a pre-built 40-liter pack ready to take on All The Elements for $549 (available in two colors).

    Where to buy: Build your own pack, pre-built Arkiv packs and accessories, or non-modular (but still incredible) backpacks.

    18. Century 21 drops prices on name-brand backpacks down to pocket money (for varying sizes of pockets)., Century 21

    To quote an ancient online-shopping proverb, "A discount should never be counted out." If you can buy a côte&ciel laptop bag for $79.99 instead of $185, don't hesitate. A Valentino backpack for $379 instead of $995, start saving to be Grandma's favorite grandchild by next Christmas. A five-piece Spiderman backpack set for $14.99, GOTTA BE MINE.

    What they carry: Name-brand backpacks at discounted prices.

    Pricing: $9.99–$1779.99

    Shipping: $9.99 flat rate for orders under $75, free on orders over $75

    Backpacks we love: A Champion utility backpack for $39.99 (above) or a Betsey Johnson panda-print backpack with a luscious interior for $44.99 (above).

    Where to buy: Century 21

    19. Urban Outfitters has the final piece every fashionista needs, a bag that matches your outfit and also has enough space for a midday wardrobe-change.

    In addition to the packs you can find in their stores, their site has a few online exclusives, like a canvas bag with sloths sketched all over it or a sporty backpack just begging to be worn with a windbreaker. I'm especially interested in their Moleskine backpacks, like this mini pack, which I'd fill with Moleskine notebooks for an overt I'm-A-Writer aesthetic.

    What they carry: On-trend backpacks and backpacks you would've dreamt of in the '90s (before waking up to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons)

    Pricing: $29–$200

    Shipping: $4.95 flat rate for orders up to $49.99, free on orders over $50

    Backpacks we love: A Patagonia pack ready to glam camp for $99 (pictured above; available in two colors) or a floral-print Herschel Supply Co. backpack for $55.

    Where to buy: Urban Outfitters

    20. And Amazon rounds up every kind of backpack imaginable — and many you'd never imagine.,

    You already know and love Amazon, so check out our post on 21 of the best backpacks you can buy from the eCommerce juggernaut, including a see-through backpack to get you through security checkpoints and a camera bag to assist in getting your memories on film.

    What they carry: EVERYTHING

    Pricing: $2.99–$120,446.08

    Shipping: Some items ship free with Amazon Prime in two days.

    Backpacks we love: A preschooler's dream backpack covered with unicorns and rainbows for $14.99 (available in six other prints) or an anti-theft designed backpack with a USB-charging port for $27.99 (available in nine colors) OR a vintage-inspired leather satchel for $26.99+ (available in four colors).

    Where to buy: Amazon's backpacks

    I've got everything I need in this thing.

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