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August 4, 2018

14 Times Tumblr Users Had The Best Comebacks

It's astounding that a group of people can be so funny yet so, so weird.

Tell Us The Most Amazing Coincidence That Ever Happened To You!

You know, the thing that had you thinking, "This can't be happening!"

16 "My Hero Academia" Memes That Are Plus-Ultra Hilarious

"Midoriya and Bakugou are the anime equivalent of Dinkleberg and Mr. Turner."

中国政府がウイグル人亡命者に突きつけたあまりに残酷な現実 「家族を守りたければ、スパイ活動を」


All Grown-Ups Should Be Able To Ace This Quiz

No, you can't cheat and call your mom.

The NRA Says It's Suffered "Tens Of Millions Of Dollars" Of Harm Since Parkland

"If the NRA goes bankrupt ... they'll be in my thoughts and prayers," said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Patrick Stewart Is Coming Back As Jean-Luc Picard In A New "Star Trek" Series

The new series will air on CBS All Access and focus on the "next chapter" of Picard's life.

19 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Any Starbucks Lover

If a significant percentage of your income goes right to Starbucks, then this post is for you!

Here Are What Your Favorite Memes Look Like Now

Disaster Girl is all grown up!

Here’s How Anti-Muslim Groups On Facebook Overlap With A Range Of Far-Right Extremism

Critics say the widespread anti-Muslim content on Facebook is something the company hasn’t taken seriously.

Do You Prefer Kittens Or Food?

To clarify — we're not eating the kittens.

The Newseum Has Removed "Fake News" Shirts From Its Gift Shop After Outcry From Journalists

The Washington, DC, museum will still sell MAGA hats and pro-Trump merchandise because "people with differing viewpoints" visit the Newseum, a spokesperson said.

New Documents From Kavanaugh’s Time In The Bush White House Show He Worked On Key Questions Of Presidential Power

Heavily redacted documents obtained by BuzzFeed News through a FOIA request provide insight into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s time as a lawyer for George W. Bush.

12 Delicious And Nourishing Weeknight Recipes Food Bloggers Swear By

A light salad, a filling pasta, and a tasty baked chicken.

Your TV Preferences Will Reveal Which Fandom You Should Join

If you watch Riverdale, you're definitely an Arianator.

19 TV And Movie-Inspired Bars And Restaurants You'll Want To Visit Right Now

There's a Titanic-themed restaurant ON 👏🏻 A 👏🏻 BOAT!

Only Sex Experts Can Get At Least 10/12 On This Quiz

How much do you know about the human reproductive system?

19 Quizzes For Anyone Who Loves Animals

Talk a walk on the wild side.

Em 4º nas pesquisas, Alckmin é escolhido candidato com a maior aliança

Alguns destes aliados do tucano trazem, junto com o tempo de TV, desgastes com escândalos de corrupção. Marina também foi oficializada candidata neste sábado.

17 Tweets From This Week That Are Funny, Ok??

"Share the plot of your favorite credit card in sixteen digits."

This Song Quiz Will Reveal Which Star You Are, the secret app millions already know about.

25 Jokes You'll Only Understand If You're Between 25-30

"Anyone else only in their 20s but feel like they are running out of time to get their life together???"

Convenção do PT oficializa Lula, que está preso, e vice continua indefinido

Na falta do candidato, os militantes colocaram máscaras do ex-presidente. Alguns petistas ainda têm esperança de ter Ciro Gomes como vice, mas o pedetista disse a jornal que PT está em "viagem lisérgica."

Are These Real Dog Breeds Or Fake Ones I Just Made Up?

Sniff out the truth on this quiz.

21 Things That Are Too Real If You Have A Crappy Phone

Your Instagram game is very poor.

How Well Do You Know British Slang?

This quiz is bloody difficult for Americans!

Which Disney Cat Are You?

Meow about you take this quiz?

How Many Disney Princess Facts Do You Know?

How well do you know your princess facts?

16 People Who Should Stay The Hell Away From Ice Cream

They'll have to stick to popsicles or something.

Are Your Camping Opinions Popular?

Are you into ~glamping~ or roughing it?

Rihanna, Shuri, Meg Murry: Black Girl Nerds Are Finally Seeing Themselves Onscreen

"I’ve always been the bookworm, but you kind of feel like you’re on an island by yourself a lot of the times, and now there’s so much visibility.”

21 Tweets That Prove Birds Are People Too

Some are bigger than others, some are cuter, but all of them are good.

Future History 1968: Che Guevara Becomes A Brand

Watch the latest episode in our series exploring the year that shaped the world as we know it.

We Tried To Overcome Our Fear Of Heights

"What did you get me into?!"

22 eklige Dinge, die Leute als Kind gegessen haben

"Ich habe Zigarettenstummel gegessen."

Am I Using The Damn Stairs Wrong?

Please help settle this debate between me and my clearly incorrect boyfriend.

Built An Outfit We'll Tell You If You've Got Expensive Taste

Are you more high end or more high street?

Tell Us Your Thrift Habits And We'll Reveal What People Love Most About You

Thrifting should be considered an art form or a sport.

Este teste estilo "antes ou depois" de "Friends" é mais difícil do que parece

Não se preocupe, você não precisa abrir mão do seu apartamento se for mal.

Are You Loud Or Are You Quiet?

Just how much do you make yourself known?

Trump Insulted LeBron James' Intelligence, Saying It's "Not Easy" To Make Him "Look Smart"

Trump's tweet came after CNN reaired an interview with James, where he said Trump "kinda used sports to kinda divide us."

15 Schwangerschafts-Hacks, die völlig genial sind

Werdende Mütter sind dankbar für alles, was ihnen die Schwangerschaft erleichtert.



17 optische Illusionen aus dem wahren Leben, die dich fix und fertig machen werden

Wenn du hiermit durch bist, wirst du nicht mehr wissen, wo oben, unten, rechts oder links ist.

The Thai Soccer Team That Was Trapped In A Flooded Cave Has Returned Home

The boys completed nine days as novice Buddhist monks, a tradition in Thailand for men who experience hardship.

17 Fotos, bei denen du zweimal hinschauen musst

Es ist NICHT, wonach es aussieht!

待って、セブン大丈夫? 新作「謎スイーツ」が意味不明だけど美味しい


The News Podcast: Trouble At The Border And Creepy Robots

New episode of The News podcast about the hunger strikes at the US–Mexico border and Pepper, HSBC's humanoid robot.

Flash Briefing For 8/4-8/5

Have a great weekend!

目の前からご主人様が消えた! ペットたちが慌てる姿にうっとり♡


「女性医師では回せないと言うなら、回す努力をしましたか?」 日本女性外科医会代表が問いかける


東京医科大の女子一律減点問題 政治家の反応まとめ






「子ども、ほしくないかも」はどこからきているの? 不安の正体を暴く


People Are Dying From The Chemsex Drug GHB. Now This Victim's Family Are Breaking The Silence.

"We have lost a son and it could have been avoided." The Bloor family tells BuzzFeed News why the silence surrounding GHB deaths needs to end.

What 2012 Meme Are You?

Ermahgerd throwback memes!

18 Of The Best Places To Buy Sunglasses Online

Your future is so bright that you need to wear shades — lots of shades.



酷暑の高校野球が開幕 「夏の甲子園」はこのままでいいのか


Celebrity Scientist Lawrence Krauss Grabbed A Woman’s Breast, University Finds

The famous physicist and skeptic violated Arizona State University’s sexual harassment policies.

Only The Purest Of Heart Can Guess What Song This Is.

Get ready to have your moral strength tested...

Which Delicious Southeast Asian Food Are You?

Caution: may cause extreme hunger!

Are These Famous Celebs Under, Over, Or Exactly 25?

Age is just a number...but do you know it?



Paul Manafort's Accountant Says She Regrets Shady Financial Practices

The accountant testified that Manafort was included on some emails that referred to improper or questionable accounting practices. It's still unclear is how much he knew.

23 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A scalp-massaging shampoo brush, sound-muffling door bumpers, stress-relieving rings, and 20 other favorite products from our recent posts.



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