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What's One Item You ALWAYS Pack In Your Carry-On?

Tell us something you add to make flying easier that others wouldn't think of!

Traveling is the best! Well, actually — being on vacation is the best, but flying is the worst. Getting to the airport two hours early, dealing with security, and then being smushed next to strangers for hours is so FUN...

But what you pack in your carry-on can be your saving grace to help you get through it all! Mine's usually stuffed to the brim with magazines, books, snacks, and a number of other things to make a flight more bearable.

What's one item you always pack that others wouldn't think of to make your flight a little easier?

Maybe it's a TSA-approved see-through organizer that can be easily removed in the security line, so you don't have to worry about putting all your 3 oz liquids in a flimsy plastic bag.

Or perhaps it's an eye stick to help hydrate and de-puff your under-eyes, because airplanes always wreak havoc on your skin.

Or maybe it's an airplane footrest to help your seat in coach feel a little bit more like first class. (Champagne not included, of course.)

Do you swear by a multiple-USB charger so if you get stuck in the airport with a series of delayed/cancelled flights you can find an outlet and charge all your devices at one time?

Whatever it is, let us know what you stash in your carry-on to make flying a little less painful in the comments below to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!