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What Moment Made You Realize You Were *Officially* An Adult?


As we all know, growing up is an inevitable part o' life. But sometimes, the realization that you're no longer a kid can hit at the weirdest times and in the most unexpected ways.

Like for me personally, I first realized I was actually an adult when I ran into a girl I hadn't seen since middle school at a bar, and she told me she now worked in sales.

Perhaps you had just gotten unmatched on Tinder(!!!) when your best friend told you they got ENGAGED(!!!!!!!!!!!!), thus sending you into a downward spiral full of EXISTENTIAL CRISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or maybe you found your mom's old journal from when she was your age, and it FINALLY sunk in that she had a whole other life before having you.

Whatever it is, tell us your story of the moment you first realized you were an adult in the DropBox below! Our faves may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!