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August 2, 2018

33 Tumblr Posts For Anyone Who Loves Fictional Characters More Than Real People

Updates on my love life: claimed another fictional character as my boyfriend.

What Did We Learn From That White House Briefing On Election Security? That No One's In Charge.

The heads of all the government agencies with election security responsibilities appeared at a White House briefing Thursday, but no one said they were in charge.

Missouri Has 23% Of Its Foster Kids On Strong Psychoactive Drugs. A Lawsuit Claims The State Isn’t Keeping Records.

“Too often children are on these drugs simply as a matter of chemical restraint,” a lawyer who filed the suit said.

11 Wonderful Celebrity #TBT Photos You Should Definitely Check Out This Week

A behind-the-scenes photo from the set of a classic Julia Roberts' film kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Foodora Is Pulling Out Of Australia After Accusations It Underpaid Workers

The food delivery company is facing legal action from the Transport Workers' Union and the Fair Work Ombudsman.

26 Tweets Every Queer Girl Will Laugh At

"Shazam but for if she gay."

The Post-Mugabe Era Has Officially Begun In Zimbabwe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who forced Robert Mugabe out of office in November, managed to extend his term in an extremely tight race.

21 Unexpected Childhood Things That Set Off People’s Sexual Awakenings

"That scene in Aladdin where Jasmine kisses Jafar. As I was watching it, I suddenly needed to pee."

Which Item From The Kids Menu Are You?

Find the kid food in your soul.

I Am Obsessed With This Gay's Recreation Of Britney Spears' Instagram

When I say that this is the funniest thing I have seen in the past two weeks I am not lying.

26 Easy Ways To Help Transform A Rental Apartment

Easy, landlord-approved items to refresh your home and get your security deposit back.



23 super dicas de estilo que podem fazer a diferença na sua vida

Moda é um momento, estilo é um estilo de vida.

Quantos % princesa da Disney você seria?

Todo mundo é um pouco princesa do seu próprio conto de fadas.

Quantos % príncipe da Disney você seria?

Todo mundo é um pouco príncipe do seu próprio conto de fadas.

Here's What Apple Computers Looked Like During Their Early Years

On Thursday, Apple set a record as the first public company in Wall Street history to be worth $1 trillion. Here's a look back at the formative years of the tech giant.

Can You Score 9/12 In This Increasingly Tricky Food Look-Alike Quiz?

Can you tell your zucchinis from your cucumbers?

Brazilian Butt Lifts May Be The Most Deadly Plastic Surgery Procedure In The US

As many as 1 in 3,000 patients who get it may die after the procedure, according to an industry task force.

CBS Chief Les Moonves Was Silent On The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Him On A Call With Investors

Eight investment firms and banks asked questions to CBS execs during the call, but not a single one addressed the sexual harassment allegations against the CEO.

Universidade de medicina no Japão reduz notas de vestibulandas para evitar ingresso de mulheres

A universidade acreditava que aceitar mais alunos homens ajudaria a resolver a falta de médicos no hospital da universidade, pois médicas mulheres "inevitavelmente abandonariam a força de trabalho depois de se casar e ter filhos".

Everyone's A Combo Of Two "Wynonna Earp" Characters — Here's Yours

"This may be a shit show, but it's our shit show!"

Under "Zero Tolerance," Many Border Crossers Without Kids Escaped Prosecution

The Trump administration said family separation was the result of a "zero tolerance" prosecution strategy. But a new analysis shows that parents with children were the ones sent to court, while adults without kids weren't.

Abatido pela Lava Jato, Aécio desiste de concorrer ao Senado por Minas

Não, não haverá disputa com Dilma pelo Senado em Minas porque Aécio decidiu disputar uma vaga de deputado. Em carta, ele se diz vítimas de "ataques covardes."

自分を痛めつけるのはもうやめよう 拒食症、風俗、男性依存を超えて取り戻した私


杉田水脈議員の寄稿は「障害者や患者の人権をも踏みにじる」 支援団体が抗議




Este médico manteve em segredo a cirurgia de afirmação de gênero que realizou há 40 anos

Por incrível que pareça, a antiga União Soviética testemunhou um momento pioneiro da história dos transgêneros.

Pick Some Hot Topic Items And We'll Tell You Which Pet You Should Adopt

You know what's edgier than a studded belt? A kitten you got from the shelter.

Un mexicano murió en un crucero y su familia cree que se trató de un homicidio

Tras dos años de lucha, su familia descubrió que la empresa de cruceros le pidió a las autoridades de Panamá que declararan el caso como un suicidio.

27 Imágenes que te harán decir “todo era mejor en mis tiempos”

¿Te acuerdas del papel calca y el candado que le ponían los papás al teléfono de disco? :'(

Remember Trump’s Tweet Saying He Was Pulling Out Of The G7 Summit Agreement? US Officials Ignored It.

“It's like there's a reality TV president, in his own bubble, thinking he controls stuff. It's like The Truman Show.”

The Killing Of A Gay California Teen By His Former Classmate Was A Hate Crime, Authorities Say

Investigators found "graphic, chilling" images and messages on the suspect's phone and computer.

A Nazi Flag Was Found Flying In A Park Where An American Flag Had Been

Police said they are investigating the incident "because it is so upsetting at a community level."

30 Beauty Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving In 2018

From undereye concealers, lip balms, setting powders, makeup removing cloths, and lash serums, to makeup organizers and eyeshadow shields, there's definitely something you're looking for on this list!

12 Pop Stars On Their First World Tour Vs. Their Latest

From Rihanna and Beyoncé to Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, it's time for a little throwback.

Eve Babitz Could Capture Only One Side Of LA

The LA writer has a strong cult following, but her work is saturated with a carelessness afforded by whiteness and beauty.

The First Trailer For "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" Part 2 Is Here And It's Wild

The cast returns to their original house at the Jersey Shore in the upcoming season.

20 Products That Might Encourage You To Pack A Lunch

Your lunch game is going to be on point.

Meal Prep Club Week 4: Green Goddess Edition

This week, we're making a tangy green goddess dressing!

A Judge Threw Out The Lawsuit Brought By Seth Rich's Family Against Fox News

The lawsuit filed in March brought by Seth Rich's parents accused Fox News of "intentionally exploiting" his death to spread a conspiracy theory involving WikiLeaks.

Wash Your Raw Veggies, People, Because Slugs Can Make You Sick, CDC Warns

It's rare, but snails and slugs can carry a parasite called rat lungworm, which, honestly, is a pretty gross but entirely appropriate name for this organism.

Você lembra bem do que aconteceu no mundo no século 21 (até agora)?

O primeiro iPhone saiu antes ou depois de Barack Obama ser eleito presidente?

A convenção do MDB foi a cara do partido: ameaças, sorrisos falsos e conciliação

Prometendo bancar a própria campanha, Henrique Meirelles é o primeiro candidato próprio do partido desde 1994.

More Chipotle Customers Say They Got Sick From Eating At A Restaurant In Ohio

A health agency is investigating hundreds of reports from people who said they got sick after eating at a Chipotle in Ohio. The location reopened on Tuesday.

Facing Harassment Allegations, Physicist Lawrence Krauss Will No Longer Lead The Prestigious Program He Founded At ASU

The Arizona State University professor has been accused of inappropriate behavior spanning more than a decade.

What Is QAnon? Here's What You Need To Know About The Baseless Mega-Conspiracy Theory

For the most part, the nonsensical conspiracy theory's adherents were largely confined to fever-swamp corners of the internet. That is changing, and things are getting dangerous.

Google planeja versão censurada de seu motor de busca para a China, diz site

De acordo com o Intercept, Google trabalha em uma versão censurada de seu motor de busca na forma de um app para Android desde 2017; lançamento pode acontecer em seis meses.

Pick How You Part Your Hair And We'll Give You A Compliment

Pick how you part your hair below to receive your compliment!

Carlos Marín gobernó Milenio por casi 20 años hasta que el mundo digital lo destronó

Seguramente Carlos Marín se equivocó infinidad de veces al tomar decisiones, al contratar o despedir personal, al avalar un reportaje o evitar su publicación, al elegir sus batallas, pero también abrió espacio para que otros desempeñaran un periodismo de calidad, crítico y combativo.

Steve Bannon Is Trying To Set Up A “2018 War Room.” Will Trump Care?

"The entire orbit is waiting for Trump to make the first move."

5 Pizza Spots In NYC That Are Open Until 4 A.M.

We've got the hookup for your late night drunchie desires.

This Toilet Pumice Will Make Your Toilet Look Less Disgusting

The Pumie will erase rust and lime buildup and restore your porcelain thrones to their rightful glory.

53 Thoughts I Had When I Lost My Mum In The Supermarket When I Was Eight Years Old

I will reinvent myself, I will be a forager of the supermarket, a folk tale for children everywhere.

O quanto você realmente manja de K-Pop?

Só um(a) verdadeiro(a) fã de K-Pop vai se sair bem neste teste.

See Paul Manafort's Whole Collection Of Expensive, Ugly Suits

"We don’t convict people because they have a lot of money to throw around."

Johnny Depp Is Alleging That Amber Heard Punched Him In The Face Twice On Her Birthday

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor also insists he never threw his iPhone at Heard's face in the alleged incident that led to a high-profile restraining order.

Esta perrita salió de paseo y comió marihuana por error

El video de Rita intoxicada puede ser divertido, pero los efectos secundarios de la marihuana pueden ser peligrosos y hacer que tu mascota se sienta horrible, según los veterinarios

Os bebês nascidos nas nossas séries favoritas já são quase adultos, e isso significa que estamos oficialmente velhos

Ben Geller hoje seria apenas dois anos mais novo que sua tia Monica quando "Friends" estreou.

¿Qué tan bien recuerdas el siglo XXI (hasta ahora)?

¿Shrek se estrenó antes o después que "Mr. Brighstide" de The Killers?

El equipo mexicano de natación artística utilizó trajes inspirados en 'Coco' y fue completamente mágico

La mexicanas ganadoras de la medalla de oro también utilizaron la música de la película durante su rutina.

A Retired Chinese Professor Was Taken Away By Police During A Live Broadcast On VOA

“I am entitled to my freedom of speech,” the professor said, before the line went dead.

I Found The Perfect Way To Get No-Heat Waves And It's So Easy

It’s the perfect way to care for your hair this summer without having to sacrifice style.

Samantha Bee And Terry Crews Called Out Hollywood's Tendency To Turn Male Sexual Abuse Into A Joke

"Sexual assault of men is a real problem and not a joke, despite the way we tend to talk about it."

Manhattan's District Attorney Said He "Was Not Aware Of The Extent" Of Workplace Sexual Violence Before #MeToo

Cy Vance has faced widespread criticism over his handling of sexual assault cases involving powerful men.

Things Really Escalated After This College Student Joked With A Tinder Date That His Dog Might Be Gay

"This is a learning moment for a lot of people that it’s OK for animals to be gay."

29 Adorable Pieces Of Clothing Your Friends Will Beg To Borrow

We won't blame you if you refuse to share these.

O reboot de "As Panteras" prova que o tempo só passa para as mulheres

O filme de 2019 será estrelado por atrizes mais jovens, enquanto Tom Cruise está no sexto "Missão Impossível" aos 56 anos.

As 14 maiores vergonhas que as pessoas já passaram em família

Família é tudo igual, mas é uma história melhor que a outra.

Some Shady Stuff Is Happening In Kim Kardashian's Instagram Pic And I Have Some Questions

...and why is Khloé pregnant in the pic and Kylie isn't...?!

What's The Absolute Strangest Thing Anyone's Ever Said To You About Your Tattoos?

"You know, you'd be a lot more attractive without all those tattoos."

A Japanese Medical University Lowered Female Students' Scores Because It Didn't Want Too Many Women Doctors

The university believed accepting more male students would help solve the university hospital's doctor shortage because female doctors would inevitably drop out of the workforce after they get married and give birth to children.

Einfach nur 27 Sätze, die du beim Lesen, aber auch beim Sex sagen kannst

„Beim Autofahren wird mir immer schlecht davon. #LesenUndSex”

Ameaçada de morte, Debora vai usar escolta policial para falar no STF sobre aborto

Debora Diniz defende a descriminalização e aponta que meio milhão de mulheres abortam todos os anos. Sobre as ameaças, diz: "Não acredito que essas sejam as regras do jogo e por isso estou resistindo a elas".

Monsta X Played With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And OMG, We're All Dead

Yeah, you could say we feel a little ~jealousy~ towards the pups, but we're ~all in~ for this adorable concept!

Algumas marcas pararam de retocar fotos de modelos, mas será que a indústria já é inclusiva?

Não retocar mais as fotos é nota 7. Queremos que seja nota 10.

Ivanka Trump Said Family Separation At The Border Was A "Low Point" For Her

The president's daughter and adviser said she was "vehemently" against separating children from parents but also said that illegal immigration is a complicated issue.

France Passed New Laws On Street Harassment, Days After A Video Of A Woman Being Attacked By A Catcaller Went Viral

Catcallers in France now face on-the-spot fines of up to $870 under the law, which has been in the works for months.

Quantos % você gosta de comida de verdade?

Um teste pra quem acha que comida gourmet precisa comer muito arroz com feijão pra ser comida de verdade.

How Many Cups Of Coffee Would You Have To Skip To Afford These Luxuries?

These prices might make your coffee and your blood run cold.

Trump's EPA Is Rolling Back Obama's Rules On Car Pollution

The administration claims that lighter, more fuel-efficient cars would kill nearly 1,000 people a year. Past experience and EPA analysis suggest otherwise.

How I Grocery Shop And Make 5 Dinners For $30

One rotisserie chicken, five delicious meals.

Infowarzel: A Guide To Big Tech's Infowars Fiasco

Welcome to Infowarzel, a newsletter about Big Tech, the pro-Trump media, and the internet's daily information wars. If you haven't yet, you can subscribe to this newsletter right here.

15 Times Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Melted My Ice Cold Heart

If this is what modern day love looks like, sign me up, please!

The BBC Has Apologised For An Interview With A Former Jail Ogaden Prisoner

The broadcaster said there was "evidence" the Somali ex-prisoner was under duress during the radio interview.

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A cute nylon tote bag, pack of reusable food wraps, pretty blouse, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

32 "Problemzonen", die Frauen bestimmt irgendwann auch noch eingeredet werden

Keine Sorge, Ladys – es gibt so viele Stellen an eurem Körper! Irgendwas wird die Gesellschaft immer verkehrt finden.

Was mache ich mit dem kleinen Penis meines Freundes?

Jetzt mal ernsthaft: So solltest du mit einem *unterdurchschnittlich bestückten* Typen umgehen.

Democratic Senators Want An Investigation Into Trump's Air Force One Tours

A letter from four senators demanding more information comes after BuzzFeed News reported that some members of Trump’s private clubs appeared to have received tours.

10 Dinge, die du wissen solltest, bevor du deine Jungfräulichkeit verlierst

Um ehrlich zu sein: Selbst nach dem ersten (oder hundertsten Mal) können wir alle noch etwas zusätzliche Anleitung gebrauchen.

¿Cuál sería tu signo en el Horóscopo de la Comida?

Hacía falta un nuevo horóscopo.

Morning Update: Mr. Zuckerberg’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good 2018

President Trump wants Jeff Sessions to end the Russia probe, Ohio State is under fire for two abuse scandals, and the latest on the Paul Manafort trial. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 2.

Wenn du Pizza liebst, wirst du auch diese Pizzakugeln lieben

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

Can You Figure Out The Taylor Swift Song Based On The First Line?

How well do you actually know Taylor's tracks?

13 der schlimmsten Klischees über Frauen, die du in jedem Horrorfilm findest

Wenn du blond bist und konventionellen Schönheitsidealen entsprichst, wirst du wahrscheinlich sterben. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

28 Familienerbstücke, die direkt in ein Museum gehören

"Mein Großvater hat mir ein eingelegtes Gehirn hinterlassen."

The Lib Dems' Bid To Be Britain's Centrist Movement Will Involve Nonmembers Getting To Vote On Their New Leader

The party is looking at plans to allow "registered supporters" to vote in a contest that would be opened up to political outsiders for the first time, BuzzFeed News understands.

¿Qué personaje serías en un culebrón?

¿Serías una villana o una escuincla babosa?

6 Game-Changing Things To Add To Your Closet This Month

A wrap crop top for non-believers, a bow-accented bag, the perfect white T-shirt, and other things BuzzFeed writers are loving right now.





So beendest du eine Freundschaft, als wärst du verdammt noch mal erwachsen

Mit Freunden Schluss zu machen ist genauso ätzend wie Beziehungen zu beenden. So machst du sie ein bisschen weniger ätzend.

髪型でこんなに変わる! 即イメチェンしたくなる11人のビフォーアフター

プロがそれぞれの個性を生かしてヘアメイクを見直すとどうなる? 担当美容師さんのコメントと一緒にご紹介します。

Los juguetes sexuales nunca podrán hacer el trabajo duro por ti

Durante los años en los que trabajé en un sex shop comprobé cómo la presión de tener buen sexo (en un mundo en el que no hay igualdad de condiciones) puede llegar a infligir su propio daño.

Flash Briefing For August 2, 2018

Zimbabwe's post-election violence escalates, Hillary Clinton takes the Executive Producer chair, and your favorite social media apps want to help you kick your social media addiction.

The New Season Of Russell Coight Looks Better Than Ever

Because even in 2018, he's still brilliant at cocking things up.

14 GIFs extrêmement satisfaisants

Aussi relaxants qu'hypnotisants.

30 conseils incroyablement utiles que tous les voyageurs anxieux doivent connaître

Car votre anxiété ne prend pas des vacances simplement parce que vous en prenez.



Private Care Homes Let This Teen Spiral — Until The Day He Died

“If Keys Group had cared for him appropriately, he would still be alive today.”

How The Media Keep Getting The "African Gangs" Crime Statistics So Wrong

Crime statistics are complicated and can be easily misused.

After One Meeting With Malcolm Turnbull, This Tiny Foundation Got $443 Million To Save The Great Barrier Reef

A meeting was held between the foundation's chair, the prime minister, and the environment minister in April to tell the Great Barrier Reef Foundation it was about to be given a lot of money.

Safeway Employees Called Police On A Black Woman Who Was Donating To A Homeless Man

Erika Martin never set foot in the grocery store where employees called police about shoplifting.

Ohio State Is Under Fire For Not One But Three Scandals. Here's What You Need To Know.

The scandals have raised questions about whether current and former school officials knew about the alleged misconduct and failed to do anything about it.

CBS Has Hired Two Law Firms To Investigate Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Its CEO

The probe follows a New Yorker report revealing sexual harassment and misconduct claims against network chief Les Moonves.



24 Sex Toys That'll Give You An Orgasm For Once In Your Life

Need help reaching an orgasm or tired of vanilla sex? We've got you covered with some enticing sex toys that'll refresh your sex life and keep you ~cumming~ back for more.

続発する子どもの熱中症、予防するには? 小児科医に聞く、症状のサインや対策法


Police Makes Arrests In Investigation Over Parliamentary Staffers Campaigning For Victorian Labor

A number of people in Victoria were arrested on Monday to be interviewed as part of a re-opened investigation into the so-called "Red Shirts" scandal.

22 Panorama Photo Fails From Hell

Please Pano responsibly.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Is Looking Into Whether Deputy Cliques Act Like Gangs

Groups like "Regulators," "Vikings," and "Jump Out Boys" have been found to be behind some of the violent and troubling incidents involving deputies in the department.

Estos son los estados en los que ya no se podrán usar bolsas de plástico

En algunos, como en Jalisco, también le dirán adiós a los popotes y contenedores de unicel.

Fideicomiso de pensiones para magistrados de la CDMX rentó al TSJ edificio dañado el 19S que hoy pone en peligro a los vecinos

El inmueble se ubica en Fray Servando 32 y el fideicomiso lo rentó con el objetivo de aumentar su fondo de retiro.

Movies Are Full Of Clichés About Women — And These Are The 10 Worst Ones

No girl in glasses can stand a chance, apparently!

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the rankings. This week: aromatherapy candles, a polka dot dress, and a malachite pendant necklace.

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