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    I Found The Perfect Way To Get No-Heat Waves And It's So Easy

    It’s the perfect way to care for your hair this summer without having to sacrifice style.

    As someone with bleached, fine hair, I try to keep heat styling to a minimum. The only problem is my naturally frizzy, straight texture isn't always what I'm in the mood for, ya know? To solve my dilemma, I wanted to try out some popular no-heat styling techniques.

    After trying a bunch, the majority I tested didn't give me the ~perfectly tousled~ look I was going for.

    However, there was one cheap and easy tool that gave me seriously impressive results – SoCal Curls Hair Curling Ties.

    They take the whole idea of curling using a headband to a new level. You microwave the fabric for 30 seconds, tie around your head and wrap your hair in sections around it. Watch this tutorial to get the full picture.

    After leaving it in my damp hair for double the amount of time recommended (an hour instead of 30 minutes), I took it out, and WOW did I love the way my hair looked!

    The best part? The style lasted for hours and my hair felt natural and light.

    I'm hooked on this headband, friends!

    Results aside, I also loved keeping my hair tied up nice and secure while I did my makeup. It kept my hair out of my face without me having to worry about it feeling loose and out of wack. All about that double duty action.

    You can get a tie on for $18.99.