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    This Guy Gave His Girlfriend A Photo Album With Their Sim Family In It, Thus Reaching #RelationshipGoals Enlightenment

    Do you believe in sul sul-mates?

    This is Jordan Clark and his girlfriend, Amelia Capaz.

    Well, when their one-year anniversary came up, Jordan decided he wanted to do something special.

    Amelia's always been a huge fan of The Sims and frequently expresses her admiration for the game on her Twitter...

    "katy perry doesn't have any talent" ok,, sweattie, then explain THIS πŸ™„ to commemorate their relationship milestone, Jordan put together a photo album...AND INCLUDED THEIR SIM FAMILY!!!!!!!

    my bf made me a photo album and put our sim family in it

    "I just wanted to make her laugh," Jordan told BuzzFeed. "We basically started our Sim family when we started dating, so they’re a good tracking point for how long we’ve been together."


    Jordan even put a photo of him holding their friend's baby next to it to highlight how spot-on their Sims are.

    OBVIOUSLY, Jordan's anniversary gift was a success. "I diiiiiiiied!!!" Amelia told BuzzFeed. "I thought it was so funny that he saved the image from a while back."


    In conclusion, these two are couple goals as FUQ and serve as a lesson in true, unconditional love: GET πŸ‘ YOU πŸ‘ SOMEONE πŸ‘ WHO πŸ‘ WILL πŸ‘ EMBRACE πŸ‘ YOUR πŸ‘ SIMLISH πŸ‘ FAMILY πŸ‘ AS πŸ‘ THEIR πŸ‘ OWN πŸ‘ OR πŸ‘ TELL πŸ‘ THAT πŸ‘ SCRUB πŸ‘ TO πŸ‘ SNARGADOO πŸ‘ THEIR πŸ‘ FLURBY πŸ‘ NURBS. πŸ‘

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