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What's The Absolute Strangest Thing Anyone's Ever Said To You About Your Tattoos?

"You know, you'd be a lot more attractive without all those tattoos."

Look, having tattoos is awesome.

Whether they're meaningful to you or just plain BADASS-looking, having a tattoo can become a part of your identity.

Still, not EVERYONE feels so positively about tattoos, and some of those people feel the need to make their opinions known directly to you.

So, what's the WEIRDEST thing someone has said to YOU about your tattoos?

Perhaps your mother vocally worried about how you'd look on your wedding day, even though you're super-single.

Or maybe a friend specifically asked you to "hide" your tattoos from their children.

Heck, maybe a complete stranger saw a glimpse of your back tattoo and creepily asked if you have more tattoos in "inappropriate places."

Share the weirdest thing someone's said to you about your tattoo (bonus points if you attach a photo of your tattoo) in the dropbox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!