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    24 Pics Of Kids Who Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Ways

    Because any time can be nap time.

    1. First, there's this kid, who knows that nap time > snack time.

    Raelors / Via

    2. Then, there's this kid, who simply got a little too comfy:

    Hena / Via

    3. This kiddo is so beat that even laying on LEGOs was preferable to staying awake...

    Backpacks_Got_Jets / Via

    4. And this kid was like "Actually, I think I'll just stay right here and catch some Zzz's."

    5. This kid was probs looking for a pillow and was like, "Eh, close enough."

    6. And this kid caught a case of the snoozles in the midst of a very important adventure:

    7. This bb knows that a puppy pillow is the best kind of pillow...

    yakduffy / Via

    8. Meanwhile, this kid had to make do with what they had...

    9. And this kid very clearly PTFO'd.

    10. This kid is basically all of us after a rough night on a couch...

    11. And this one's doing exactly what we'd like to be doing right now in our office chairs:

    12. Anyone in college will strongly identify with this kid...

    Steve Connacher / Via

    13. And anyone who has to get up early will understand this kid's pain and struggle:

    Jrc6473 / Via

    14. This lil buddy literally couldn't face the music...

    15. And this climber got either real tired on the way up or on the way down — it's hard to tell.

    Jeff-caldwell / Via

    16. This kid is just going to get some quick shut-eye over here...

    megatroneon / Via

    17. And this kid just needed to pull over and rest their eyes, we've been told:

    18. This kid honestly just wins all of the points here...

    19. Meanwhile, this kid's perch is pretty dang admirable. / Via ewman-erin

    20. This kid needed a quick nap first to get the creative juices flowing...

    21. And we hear this kid needed some solid shut-eye before the big game:

    22. This one didn't quite make it back...

    Hendra-tambunan / Via

    23. And this one simply accepted their fate...

    Victoria Paredes / Via

    24. And finally, this kid was so close, and yet so far:

    Anne-smith / Via

    What a trooper!

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