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    26 Easy Ways To Help Transform A Rental Apartment

    Easy, landlord-approved items to refresh your home and get your security deposit back.

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    1. Give your tiles some temporary tattoos to liven up your kitchen, bathroom, or mud room.

    2. Hang some fake vines on your walls or windows, and get the Poison Ivy lair you've always wanted.

    3. Or just get a real plant, like a tricolor stromanthe, for fresh air and a fresh new look.

    4. Switch out all your ugly knobs for fancy brass ones for a surprisingly noticeable difference.

    5. And grab some matching drawer pulls to complete the well-polished kitchen look.

    6. Invest in a reliable floor lamp, because installing lighting is not something mentioned in the lease.

    7. Hide from prying eyes the prettiest way possible with stick-on window film. First floor problems, be gone!

    8. Cover up sun spots or damaged wood with some ~fake~ wood contact paper until your super can get around to actually fixing things.

    9. Find a pretty bookshelf to help mitigate your strong desire to put up shelves.

    10. Stick some tiles on your bathroom walls or kitchen backsplash for an easy (and reversible) way to transform your home.

    11. Or add some rustic charm to outside your fireplace with some peel and stick faux brick.

    12. Hang an additional bar in your closet to give you some extra space until you finally move somewhere with a walk-in closet.

    13. Top your little one's bed with a canopy so they can feel like royalty as they sleep, no peas under the mattress needed.

    14. Hang star string lights anywhere you need some whimsy (like oh hey, on your kid's new canopy!).

    15. Peel and stick fake marble onto everything, because granite countertops are not in you or your landlord's budget.

    16. Drape a fuzzy, faux fur rug over your chair and feel chic AF.

    17. Replace your annoying and dusty Venetian blinds with bamboo blinds that will change the whole vibe of the room.

    18. Stick some bird or gold heart decals to add some temporary flair until you get sick of it.

    19. Install some snap flooring that goes right over your old flooring, no gut renovation needed.

    20. Add hairpin legs to your coffee table, end table, console, couch, or any other piece of furniture that could stand to be a little more chic.

    21. Skip the spray paint and opt for a peel-and-stick chalkboard wall your kids will adore.

    22. Subscribe to Lunarly and get a monthly shipment of feel-good items like crystals, candles, sage, and plants.

    23. Conjure up an instant laundry room by hanging a three-tier drying rack over the door when you need extra counter space.

    24. Replace drab white light switch covers with classy brass ones. Your guests will feel like they're visiting a millionaire or something.

    25. Cover your scuffed up walls with a vibrant new wallpaper you can easily remove when the time comes.

    26. Find a new sleek faucet, because that dripping noise from the old one is going to drive you up the wall.

    Live footage of you and your roommate enjoying your new apartment look:

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