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    Kim Said Kourtney Is The "Least Exciting" Kardashian To Look At In This Savage Argument

    Seriously, it's wild.

    Over the past couple of months, Kim Kardashian has been dropping hints that she and Kourtney are pretty much at war in the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, set to air this Sunday.

    During a panel appearance last month, Kim called her sister "disrespectful," and a few days later gave an interview in which she said Kourtney had been "driving her crazy."

    Then yesterday, a teaser clip for the new season dropped where Khloé and Kim attempted to call Kourtney out for her "bitchy attitude."

    But things have now kicked up a notch because a new clip has been released and it contains an argument between Kim and Kourtney that's perhaps the most savage fight KUWTK has ever seen.

    First up, some context: The argument appears to stem from the fact that Kim was attempting to arrange the family's famous Christmas card shoot, and Kourtney was creating scheduling issues.

    Now, let's get into it.

    So, the clip begins with Kim telling Kris that Kourtney is being "so difficult" and making the shoot impossible to coordinate.

    Kourtney responds by announcing that she needs to be out of the shoot by four o'clock.

    Kim tells Kris that she has a meeting scheduled for the same time, and so her only option would be to reschedule it for seven a.m. Kourtney then yells across the room: "Do it at seven in the morning!"

    Kris switches into mom mode and tells Kourtney to "be nice."

    But at this point, Kim loses it and erupts into full scale rage.

    Kourtney just smiles during Kim's meltdown, before saying she "doesn't care to do the shoot" anyway.

    Which sets Kim off again.

    And THEN she brings up the fact that Kourtney doesn't have a job of her own that she's passionate about — a theme that came up several times during the last season of KUWTK.

    So Kourtney storms off. Kim then sends a voice note to someone to update them that Kourtney won't be attending the shoot.

    And she also tells Kris that she's sick of Kourtney "acting like she runs this shit."

    Before dropping this savage line.

    As well as this one.

    And then Kourtney leaves the house, making sure she slams the door hard behind her.

    Shortly after the clip was released, Kim took to Twitter to announce that she'd probably get mad all over again when she watches the season premiere.

    I might get mad all over again watching our premiere lol

    And responded to a bunch of people who were freaking out over the savagery.

    To her face!!! LOL #KUWTK

    Well, it's safe to say I'm dying to see the full fallout on Sunday.

    You can watch the full clip here.

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