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    The New Season Of Russell Coight Looks Better Than Ever

    Because even in 2018, he's still brilliant at cocking things up.

    Australia has many icons. Like this guy.

    Darrian Traynor / Getty Images

    This queen.

    Sony BMG / Via

    And these things.

    Jenna Clarke

    But none are more talented or needed 'in case of an emergency' like Russell Coight.

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    Some would remember him as the clumsy, khaki clad hero who rose to fame in 2001 by teaching Australians how to survive and thrive in the outback via his TV show All Aussie Adventures.

    Well, good news! Russell is coming back to our screens to teach us how to handle ourselves when we ultimately have to relocate to the arid regions of this country because we can't kick our avocado habit.

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    But before his new series kicks off, here are six easter eggs I found in the trailer that I cannot stop laughing at.

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    1. He fails to secure a gas bottle, which then falls from his Troopie and onto his head.

    Network Ten

    2. While fencing, he pulls too hard and breaks the entire thing.

    Network Ten

    3. A makeshift shower head falls on him while bathing outdoors.

    Network Ten

    4. He sets off fireworks too early from a dinghy.

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    5. A crab attaches itself to his ear.

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    6. He forgets to use the handbrake.

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    Classic Coight.

    But despite all of these misadventures, there is still no one else I'd venture into this Great Southern Land with.

    Network Ten

    Can't wait to have you back in my life mate.