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22 Panorama Photo Fails From Hell

Please Pano responsibly.

1. First, there's this freaky figure:

2. And the faceless ghoul dog from hell:

hordorforking / Via

3. Here's a scene straight out of a horror flick:

badddd7 / Via

4. And some kind of demon sourced directly from your nightmares:

TearsOfaRapper / Via

5. This baby centipede is about to haunt all of us forever:

6. And this beach shot looks like a scene ripped from an apocalypse movie:

7. If this were in a scary movie, we'd be fucking terrified:

8. This guy would be one of the movie's ghouls:

43percentburnt / Via

9. And this would be the movie's creepy-ass cat:

FallenCoffee / Via

10. And this dog-centipede would be some sick omen of death or something:

Nerdextrordinaire / Via

11. This lady would be the main character:

12. And this kid would also be in the movie:

busterthedog / Via

13. And this guy would be the creepy undertaker character:

knuckztve / Via

14. And this two-headed dog would also play a pivotal role, too:

15. So would this dog:

heyredditheyreddit / Via

16. This is what a shapeshifter from an alternate universe would look like:

17. And this one, too:

Strid3r21 / Via

18. If you've ever wondered, now you know what a phantom devil zebra would look like:

RexTruform / Via

19. Meanwhile, this corgi is juuuuust off-kilter enough to make us uneasy:

20. As is this seven-legged companion:

21. Now, this is just blood-curdling...

tylergarner / Via

22. And finally, this whole image is cursed, we're pretty sure.

MichelleJaime46 / Via

Well, except for the thumb.

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This post was translated from German.