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17 Real Life Signs That Will Make You Wince And Cackle At The Same Damn Time

"My horse’s name is Mayo…Mayo Neighs”

1. OK, first of all we have this sign posted at a pub

2. Next we have this British gem:

3. I mean, at least they told you ahead of time:

4. How awkward would this be if it was your welcome home:

5. Clearly even vets make dad jokes:

6. You know how some parents get too involved, lol:

7. Oof:

8. What is even going on here?

9. Hey! At least they give you a heads up:

10. If all Guitar Center signs were honest:

11. I'm sure all the teachers out there feel this so hard:

12. Honestly, this makes me more curious about what's behind this gate:

13. Same, TBH:

14. Poor Jana:

15. Cloakman seems scary as fuck:

16. Sorry Canada, this isn't an effective way of reaching Millennials:

17. And finally this true display of honesty: