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This Pomeranian Will Instantly Improve Your Day.

This three-legged ball of fluff is the best thing that has ever happened to the internet.

Shayna Brewer • 9 months ago

These 19 Clever Food Packages Will Give You Life

A post encouraging you to judge food by their covers.

Shayna Brewer • 10 months ago

21 Adorable Burritos That Will Instantly Improve Your Day

Feelin' the early morning blues? These animals wrapped like burritos will fill you with glee!

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

This Cruelty-Free Leather Is Living In 3018

The leather goods of our future will come from pineapples.

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

These Unexpected "In My Feelings" Vids Will Put A Smile On Your Face

The "In My Feeling Challenge" recently took the internet by storm, and so many people threw their hats into the ring, but there are some late, unexpected entries to the challenge ...

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

These Dogs Prove Gravity Doesn't Exist

Gravity. It's just a bunch of fake news, and we have the dogs to prove it.

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

Only True Corgi Lovers Will Get 9/10 On This Quiz

Do you know corgi anatomy? Take this quiz to see how well you know this lovely dog!

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

This Definitive Test Will Prove How Much You Love Dogs

You love dogs, but how much?! Test your knowledge in the quiz below!

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

Only The Purest Of Heart Can Guess What Song This Is.

Get ready to have your moral strength tested...

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

Pick How You Part Your Hair And We'll Give You A Compliment

Pick how you part your hair below to receive your compliment!

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

30 Glorious Pieces Of RuPaul Drag Race Fan Art From Season 10

The contestants served some real magic on Season 10 of RuPaul's DragRace. These artists capture this drag queen realness within their amazing fan-art.

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

12 Birds That Reflect Your Suspicious Feelings Perfectly

We all have our suspicions, and these birds capture their essence flawlessly.

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago

Only A True Alaskan Will Get 8/10 Of These Right

Put your warmest thinking cap on and get ready to test your Alaska knowledge.

Shayna Brewer • 11 months ago
Shayna Brewer • 12 months ago

Same Corgi, 15 Different Styles Of Art

Spoiler: This artist is me, and this corgi is Pixel. I love drawing her almost as much as I love her, which is A LOT.

Shayna Brewer • One year ago

If You're Feeling Down These Glorious Pictures Of Musk Oxen Will Make You Smile

Musk Oxen. The sweet angel babies of the north. These little darlings aren't very well known around the world, so please allow us to be the first to inform you that: THEY ARE THE BEST!

Shayna Brewer • One year ago

32 Things You Should Know About Alaska

Alaska. It is so dang gorgeous. With its forests, taigas, volcanos, majestic mountains, wildlife, and national parks, what's not to love?

Shayna Brewer • One year ago

Everyone Is A Combination Of One Food And One Animal. Which Are You?

As we all know, everyone is a hyper specific hybrid of one food and one animal. To date, experts have catalogued 12 known combinations. Take this quiz to find out which one you are:

Shayna Brewer • One year ago

Which Chainletter Do You Have To Forward ASAP?!?!?!

Choose your own adventure to find out which chain letter you have to forward before it's too late!

Shayna Brewer • One year ago

Tag Yourself At A Bar And We'll Reveal What Your Next Drunken Impulse Buy Will Be

What magical item will be waiting at your doorstep the moment you wake up?

Shayna Brewer • One year ago