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    These Dogs Prove Gravity Doesn't Exist

    Gravity. It's just a bunch of fake news, and we have the dogs to prove it.

    If gravity existed, why would this bull dog be stuck to the ceiling?

    Willeecole / Getty Images / Via

    And look at this poor frenchie. She is definitely closer to flying than walking.

    Globalp / Getty Images / Via

    Now look at this good boy. Even his snout flaps are veering towards the sun.

    Soubrette / Getty Images / Via

    And this precious pooch won't rest until he touches the clouds.

    Cynoclub / Getty Images / Via

    This puggy boi seems like zero gravity is doin' him a concern. But that furrowed brow is just another side effect caused by zero gravity.

    Alexandr Zhenzhirov / Getty Images / Via

    This family of wrinkly bulldogs love this gravity free world!

    Feedough / Getty Images / Via

    And this fluffy Oreo can't be bothered with the lies of physics.

    Sikorskifotografie / Getty Images / Via

    This dog's name is Gravity, named after the famous fable of Sir Isaac Newton.

    Cynoclub / Getty Images / Via

    As you can see, gravity is nothing more than a dog's name, as well as a fabrication of the media. When in doubt, look to these doggos. The truth will set you freeeeeee.

    Chalabala / Getty Images / Via

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