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    Posted on Aug 10, 2017

    These 30 Steps Will Teach You How To Be As Confident As A Corgi

    This is a comprehensive guide on how to gain confidence using the corgi-method.

    Longing for the self-assured swagger of a corgi? Look no further than this comprehensive guide.

    Home and Wild / Via

    1. First off, learn how to use approachable body language.

    Corgis of Instagram / Via

    Eventually you'll be able to say, "Hey there. I'm a cute and friendly, corgi," without saying anything at all. Straight-up-confidence.

    2. Make eye contact with people.

    Amanda Crippes / Via

    Hold onto their gaze. Never let go. Watch them turn away uncomfortably. You're so confident.

    3. Take time out of your day for personal hygiene.

    @ralphthecorgi / Via

    Lather your glorious neck-floof. Rinse your booper. Brush those canines. Make yourself SPARKLE.

    4. Draw attention to your unique physical traits.

    Geordi La Corgi / Via

    Show off that bread-loaf-butt, or whatever your equivalent is. It was meant to be shared with the world.

    5. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

    Home and Wild / Via

    With the right attitude and outfit, you can be cute and cuddly, AND climb the corporate ladder.

    6. But also, dress to make YOU feel comfortable, attractive, and confident.

    @threecorgis / Via

    If you want to be a corgicorn, that's no one's business but your own.

    7. Shoot for the stars, even if you miss a couple of times during the journey.

    Home and Wild / Via

    You're gonna look great either way, cuz you're so dang confident.

    8. Ignore what others think of you.

    Chompers the Corgi / Via

    You've got this. You don't need Karen or Brian's approval. You're so dang confident.

    9. If a goal seems unobtainable, keep trying.

    Fia the Corgi / Via

    You'll eventually get there! But if you don't, you'll still look great, because you're using the corgi-method to confidence.

    10. Take time to make a list of your accomplishments.

    @LucasFilipp / Via Twitter: @LucasFilipp

    When you're feeling uncharacteristically insecure, read your list with a pint of ice-cream to remind yourself how flippin' great you are.

    11. But don't just use those reminders for moments of insecurity. Carve out time every day to remind yourself that you are amazing.

    bambizombie / Via

    Ruminate on your awesomeness. Sploot for optimal self-reflection.

    @wallythewelshcorgi / Via

    You are a rockstar.

    How are ya doin' so far? Feeling confident, yet? Ready for some more tips?

    Cute Overload / Via

    12. Ditch the friends who bring you down, but keep the friends who support you around.

    My Emo Corgi Diary / Via Facebook: MY

    Pose in seance-formation with them to maximize cuteness and solidarity.

    13. In fact, make friends who share similar interests!

    Shayna Brewer

    Corgi: Let's be weird all day.

    Friend: Okay!

    14. Make sure your friends know how much you appreciate them.

    @otterwolfy / Via

    Don't be afraid to lick someone's eyeballs. Friends really love that, and a healthy social circle instills confidence!

    15. Share with your buds, even if you aren't in the mood. It'll make you feel very charitable, boosting your confidence.

    @daphnetheadventuredog / Via Instagram: @daphnetheadventuredog

    16. Help by teaching them new things! Encourage growth and confidence within them! You're so generous!

    Zeus the Corgi / Via

    17. Perfect your posture.

    Mashable / Via

    You may be short, but that doesn't mean you can't stand tall! Good posture encourages superior confidence, and corgis have both.

    18. Make sure you acknowledge your positive past. Think about how you were such a good boy or good girl back in the day.

    @nixonthecorgi / Via

    You were infallible then and you're infallible now!

    19. Remove the words "I Can't" from your vocabulary and dive head first into whatever challenge awaits you.

    @CuteEmergency / Via Twitter: @CuteEmergency

    Tell your fears, "Not today, I'm a mother-fudging corgi."

    20. Embrace your interests, even if you don't excel at them right away.

    @teddythecorgi / Via Instagram: @

    You'll get better. Cuz you're confident af.

    You still with us friends? Just 10 more steps to corg-fidence to go!

    Cute Overload / Via

    21. Do something unexpected.

    Shayna Brewer

    Roll in some glitter like no one is watching. Shine bright like a heckin' diamond!

    22. Wave hi to strangers on the street.

    @teddythecorgi / Via Instagram: @

    You'll make them feel special. Cuz you're special. CONFIDENCE.

    23. Walk swiftly and with purpose. Nothing says confidence like the gait of a corgi.

    @kororon / Via

    Look at that fluffy-rump go!

    24. SMILE! Corgis have the best smile. Emulate that.

    Shayna Brewer

    Smiling releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. So release them like Mr. Burns releases his hounds! Every chance he gets!

    25. Speaking of endorphins, exercise to boost that mood!

    CHEEZburger / Via

    Endorphins make you happy, and the happier you are, the more corgi-riffic you'll feel!

    26. If you need a little encouragement, recruit an exercise buddy.

    @mimikikididifefezaza / Via
    Cute Overload / Via


    Corgi 2: ME TOO!

    27. Don't allow yourself to be peer-pressured into doing what you don't want to do.

    @thatlittlecorgi / Via Instagram: @thatlittlecorgi

    Hooman: C'mon, get up and walk!

    Corgo: Naaahhhhh.

    28. If you're having a tough time with it, don't give up!

    Shayna Brewer

    Once you're done splooting half-way under the bed, pick yourself up by the drumsticks, and keep going!

    29. Remember, achieving confidence is a journey, not a race!

    Peggy McClard Antiques / Via

    Once you understand it is a process and not a singular achievement, the path will shorten.

    30. Most important of all, make the choice to believe in yourself. You're like, the cutest dang thing to grace this planet, so, corgi-up and get confident!

    Shayna Brewer

    "I am so great."

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