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    These 19 Clever Food Packages Will Give You Life

    A post encouraging you to judge food by their covers.

    Food packaging can turn a mundane item into something magical. Whether the product is given a humorous twist, a unique functionality, or an environmentally-friendly enclosure, packaging can be transformative.

    1. Take this adorably packaged milk that's designed to look like a tractor beam pulling up a cow.

    2. KFC used humor, as well as sustainable practices, by making the packaging for their chicken sandwiches edible.

    These wrappers are made of rice paper, making them, as KFC jokingly says, "200% edible."

    3. Nikita Onkin created windows for pasta boxes that turn the noodles into voluminous and stunning heads of hair.

    4. This nautical packaging also uses negative space, turning the salmon's texture into the beards of fisherman.

    5. Thelma's Treats make your mouth water when you open their cute delivery box stuffed with cookies.

    6. These coffee cups by Reduce. Reuse. Grow. are biodegradable and embedded with wildflower seeds native to the location the coffee is sold.

    7. These unique water bottles allow you to stack and organize them several different ways.

    8. And this design saves you from tearing open a wine box and removing the bladder just to squeeze out one last glass of chardonnay.

    9. This Pizza Hut delivery box in Hong Kong doubles as a MOVIE PROJECTOR! A FRICKIN' MOVIE PROJECTOR!

    Why the deuce don't we have these beautifully designed pizza boxes in the US?!?!?!

    View this video on YouTube

    Pizza Hut / Via

    10. Sorry we're still on Pizza Hut, but they also made these playable DJ pizza boxes for the UK, and I guess you could say I feel betrayed.

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    Pizza Hut / Via

    Get it together Pizza Hut.

    11. Charm Villa is the creator of the most beautiful tea bag ever to grace this planet. Once dipped into hot water, these lovely bags come to life and saturate in color, revealing vibrant fuchsias and pinks.

    12. This cleverly designed box opens up like a pistachio to reveal... pistachios! The outer casing doubles as a shell receptacle.

    13. These bottle designs are perfect for those nights when you just want to hang out by yourself, drink wine, and do a puzzle (e.g., every night).

    14. SAIKAI is a conceptual design that four students created to package cookies in a whimsical and endearing way.

    15. These "cantones" are made for the designer at heart.

    16. Lucy Kuhn came up with this playful design for Heartland cereal, and it sells itself.

    17. This clever sleeve turns bread into the hair of a gnome.

    18. These parmesan cheese pencils come in three different flavors and are grated with a pencil sharpener.

    19. And finally, this gorgeous packaging for Tyto Alba wine doubles as a bird house for your backyard, so you never need to drink wine alone again. (The birds will be watching you.)