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21 Adorable Burritos That Will Instantly Improve Your Day

Feelin' the early morning blues? These animals wrapped like burritos will fill you with glee!

1. Did someone order a double stuffed burrito?

2. I'll have the extra small purrito to go, plz.

3. This li'l morsel is very healthy for you.

4. This pupperito seems to have all of its best ingredients at one end.

5. What a perfectly wrapped purrito.

6. This corgito is delightful and she knows it.

7. This burrito is a little soggy, yet VERY enjoyable.

8. What a cute and lazy entrée.

9. This purritos ingredients are very suspicious...

10. This tasty delight comes with extra salt & a dash of pepper.

11. Oh my-rito.

12. This mini batrito is a heartbreaker.

13. Can I get a box for this wrap?

14. This is the tiniest burrito, yet!

15. This is the softest!

16. And this is the spikiest!

17. This is the goodest boi-rito I ever sawr.

18. This is a wet burrito and it's very happy to see you.

19. This burrito is a little squished, but just as wonderful as the rest!

20. This purrito is mostly wrap, but somehow very satisfying.

21. And finally, check out this self-wrapping burrito!

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