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Here's What Food Is Served In 17 Movie Theaters Around The World


We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they snack on at their local movie theater. Here are their best responses, as well as some of our own favorite finds:

1. Indonesia: Fish and chips

@GuruMassak / Via Twitter: @GuruMassak

"In Indonesia, you can get fish and chips as well as spaghetti in some of the movie theaters."


2. Hong Kong: Roasted cuttlefish balls

@aikogourmet / Via

They're not the snack du jour at most Hong Kong theaters (the majority of venues just offer the standard popcorn fare) but some theaters serve a selection of the local fare.

3. Texas, USA: Pickles

@TaraCate20 / Via Twitter: @TaraCate20

"I’m from Texas and I LOVE getting a big sour dill pickle! They’re only $1, served in a paper sleeve, and last me the entire movie."


4. Barbados: Samosas

@sands_snackhouse / Via

Theaters in Barbados provide the usual theater snacks, in addition to local faves like fish curry, samosas, and Bajan fish cakes.

5. Canada: Poutine

Cheerios47 / Via Twitter: @Cheerios47

"I love ordering the poutine at Outtakes in Cineplex. It’s not the best poutine in the world but there’s just something about eating it during a movie that makes it taste so good!"


6. Denmark: Beer

@Vorhaus / Via Twitter: @search

"In Copenhagen, our best local theatre serves beer, ice cream, and sausages because that's just how the Danes roll."


7. New York, USA: Cheddar biscuits

Photo by Mike C. via Yelp / Via

iPIc, a high-end cinema chain in NYC, serves you a full menu spanning everything from cheddar biscuits and filet sliders, to lobster rolls and cheesecake brûlée.

8. Philippines: Popcorn with cheese, BBQ, or wasabi powder

@beatrizisabel / Via Twitter: @beatrizisabel

"Popcorn in the Philippines is served with flavored powder on it — with cheese, BBQ, and wasabi as some of the options. Some places will ask for your seat number and can even have pizza delivered to your seat."


9. Hawaii, USA: Popcorn with rice crackers and seaweed flakes

kusaka_shaka / Via

"In Hawaii, we eat a popcorn mix called Hurricane that's made with mochi crunch (rice crackers) and nori (seaweed) flakes. It's got a salty, buttery, and crunchy taste with a hint of sweetness. We also mix our popcorn with li hing mui powder which is ground-up dried plum. Don't knock it till you've tried it."


10. Colombia: Sushi

@starving_col / Via

Cine Colombia, one of the biggest movie chains in Colombia, has an entire section in their menu dedicated to sushi.

11. Sweden: BYOSnacks

Bhofack2 / Getty Images

"In Sweden, you're allowed to bring in outside food and snacks. And there's often a candy store and fast food resturant close by, so there's really no limits on snacks. I've seen everything from fruit salads, McDonald's fries dipped in soft serve, falafel wraps, pizza, and baguettes with shrimp salad."

—Erika Drewke, Facebook

12. Denmark: A candy bar

@lambersky / Via

Palads Teatret, the largest Danish movie theater, offers an enticing selection of candy right in the lobby, including sour belts, gummy candy, and tons of licorice.

13. Germany: Chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bites

@dieallestesterin / Via

"In Germany, Langnese's Konfekt is classic movie theater food. It's a bite-sized portion of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate."

—Nora Oh, Facebook

14. Minnesota, USA: Gourmet burgers and cocktails

@jennyho0 / Via, @hues_jimenez / Via

At the Mall of America's movie theater in Minnesota, you can enjoy everything from made-to-order burgers and charcuterie plates, to specialty cocktails and hand-spun shakes.

15. Korea: Butter Squid

@ilikesweets2 / Via

Greasy, chewy, and hot, buttered squid (or butter squid, as it's more popularly known) is the Korean answer to popcorn.

16. Spain: Red wine and Coca-Cola

@karismasham / Via

Consisting of equal parts red wine and Coke, this alcoholic beverage was originally made to make subpar red wine a little more palatable. Today, people drink the cocktail everywhere from theaters to hot summer evenings out on the waters.

17. Japan: Churros

@lunelimk / Via

In Japan, theaters carry a diverse mix of snacky distractions, like churros, fish and chips, and melon tea.

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