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August 30, 2018

A Dispute Over A Former Trump Campaign Staffer's Nondisclosure Agreement Won't Be Decided In Open Court

Jessica Denson's other lawsuit, which alleges discrimination and harassment by other campaign officials, is moving forward.

Create Your College Schedule And We'll Tell You Which "Riverdale" Character Would Be Your Roommate

Let's hope Cheryl Blossom doesn't burn down your dorm room during a fight.

28 People Told Us How Their Late Loved Ones Contacted Them From The Other Side

"She was convinced the light glare was my brother, connecting with me when I was the closest to heaven I’d ever been."

Eduardo desapareció mientras jugaba a las canicas afuera de su casa

Con tan solo 6 años, el menor entró a la lista de los 37 mil desaparecidos que hay en México y que diario son buscados por sus madres.

Here Are All The Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Have Missed This Week

Bring It On, Boy Meets World, AND Jonas Brothers throwback pics? Yes, please.

14 Historias sobre cómo el 19 de septiembre cambió las vidas de las personas del Tec de Monterrey

"¿Se sienten normales? Yo no. No me puedo sentir normal cuando camino todos los días a un lado de edificios medio demolidos", expresó un alumno en un blog creado especialmente para recordar.

Quantos destes filmes você já viu na "Sessão da Tarde"?

Eles formaram o seu caráter e parte de quem você é hoje.

ICE Lied About Detained Iraqis, The ACLU Alleges

A new federal filing says Iraq never intended to take back Iraqi citizens — and that ICE lied about it while keeping more than 100 Iraqis in detention for months.

19 Fotos que prueban que los De la Mora son una familia dentro y fuera de la serie

Claramente, el elenco de La casa de las flores la pasa muy bien todo el tiempo.

29 Insanely Funny Jokes That Got Over 50,000 Retweets This Month

"When Tinker Bell started dying because she didn’t get enough attention...I felt that."

Which Backyardigan Are You Actually?

Admit it, you LOVE this show.

This Is What Happened When John McAfee Told His Twitter Followers To Harass The SEC

“You seem to not be thinking logically about anything.”

Ele retratou seu país em transformação — e sem o olhar do colonizador

“Era só pegar minha câmera que todo mundo corria de mim ou me dava as costas. As pessoas acreditavam que era perigoso ser fotografado, porque suas almas poderiam ser roubadas.”

AMLO todavía no es presidente y los medios se alistan para lo peor

Opinión: Hay dos opciones o se reducen costos o se suben ingresos, aparentemente se están yendo por la primera opción

These Amazingly Satisfying Pore Strips Are A Cult Favorite For A Reason

Cancel my Friday night plans because I plan on extracting all the built-up gunk in my nose. Goodbye, blackheads. I've always hated you!

必要としている人々へ届かなかった支援物資─ 被災者向けの物資はネズミに食い荒らされていた


Bill De Blasio's Favorite Gym's Awful Treatment Of A Trans Person Is "Unacceptable," Says Bill De Blasio's Spokesperson

"What Branson’s described is clearly unacceptable and inconsistent with the values of our city," Eric Phillips said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

Here Are All The Celebs Singing And Speaking At Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, and Ariana Grande will all be giving tributes to the late Queen of Soul.

Bethenny Frankel Keeps Beating Reality TV’s Game

As reality television demands more and more drama, the Real Housewives of New York cast member remains one of the most compelling and controversial characters in the genre.

Quem é você na "Grande Família"?

"Catuca pai, mãe, filha, eu também sou da família também quero catucar".

11 Tips For Moving That I Wish I'd Known About Sooner

The books box? It's your worst enemy.

Plan A Netflix Marathon, And We'll Reveal Why Your Crush Hasn't Noticed You Yet

It might be because they think you're intimidating!

Enrico tem tanta certeza de seus privilégios que se orgulha de ofender mulheres

"Me chama na frente de um juiz, vou ter o prazer de mostrar as merdas que você escreveu a meu respeito".

Here's What The "True Blood" Cast Looks Like 10 Years After The Pilot

HBO brought sexy vampires back into our lives on September 7, 2008.

25 Products For Anyone Who Takes Sleeping Very Seriously

If it's not about sleep, it's not worth a peep.

UC Santa Cruz Is Asking Professors And Staff To Open Their Homes To Students Because Of A Housing Shortage

“I am writing to you today to see if you may be able to help us ... by offering a room for rent in your home to a UCSC student this fall,” the director of housing wrote to the university’s entire faculty and staff this week.

Bird And Lime, The First Companies To Bring Scooters To San Francisco, Were Just Denied Permits

The city of San Francisco has awarded permits to just two scooter companies, Scoot and Skip.

Twitter Wants To Know If Balenciaga Stole Joey Tribbiani's Jacket From "Friends"

The high-fashion brand's just gave us a layered oversized parka and Twitter thinks it's a direct copy of Joey when he raided Chandler's entire wardrobe.

Tess Holliday Is On The Cover Of Cosmopolitan And She Looks And Feels Incredible

The supermodel opened up about the #MeTooMovement, learning to love herself, and how she will keep fighting for size inclusivity, despite the haters.

Throw Out Your Worn-Out Underwear, Because Aerie Is Having A Major Sale

10 pairs of undies for $35 *plus* 40% off the entire Aerie Collection!

18 Odd School Rules That'll Make You Want To Skip Class Forever

"There was a $25 fine for chewing gum at my high school."

People On Twitter Are Sharing What It's Like To Have A Disability Others Can't See

A very important Twitter thread is shedding light on the everyday experiences of people living with invisible illnesses or disabilities.

Alvaro Dias vai usar imagem de Sergio Moro em propaganda de TV

O juiz não quis comentar se autorizou ou não o uso de sua imagem pelo candidato.

Responda sete perguntas e descubra quantas raivas você vai passar amanhã

Saiba antes e prepare-se para deixar o dia menos pior.

Si pasas este quiz de logos de marcas de comida, eres un verdadero tragón

Sólo si sacas 10/10 podrás recibir el máximo premio comelón.

The US Postal Service Says “Human Error” Is To Blame For Releasing A Former CIA Officer’s Security Application To A Republican Group

“We take full responsibility for this unfortunate error, and we have taken immediate steps to ensure this will not happen again.”

18 Ideas tan fáciles como inteligentes, para ayudar al planeta

Trucos fáciles de hacer que cambian muchísimas cosas.

Você entende português de Portugal?

Tás a perceber, ó, pá?

These Soft AF Sheets From Amazon Will Totally Change The Way You Sleep

Not only are they ultra-soft, wrinkle- and fade-resistant, and hypoallergenic, but they're also under $30!

8 Movies Coming To Theaters In September 2018 To Get You Ready For Fall

It's officially Halloween Foreplay month, ya'll!

Detroit Is Shutting Off Drinking Water To All Schools Due To Concerns About Lead

The superintendent said he asked for a districtwide shutdown “out of an abundance of caution.”

22 Escenas del cine y la televisión que te TRAUMARON de niño, si tienes entre 27 y 34 años

Jamás olvidarás la cara distorsionada del papá de Tommy en el sueño de Carlitos.

Gérard Depardieu Denied Raping A Woman After Reports French Police Are Investigating Him

A lawyer for the famous French actor said he is convinced his client’s innocence “will be recognized.”

Can Football Keep Young Boys Off Of Brooklyn’s Toughest Streets?

Sometimes being a good kid isn’t enough.

A Colorado Senator Slammed Trump's Anti-Pot Committee

“The Trump administration has further eroded any credibility it has on this issue,” said Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.

An Outbreak Of Salmonella Linked To Kosher Chicken Has Killed One, Sickened 17

The outbreak has affected people in four states. It’s linked to raw chicken from Empire Kosher Poultry brand.

15 Icebreaking GIFs To Send Your Most Recent Dating App Match

Sixty percent of the time it works...every time.

This Gorgeous Portrait Series Celebrates Older Trans And Gender-Nonconforming People

"I missed the first fifty years of my life, but I'm not missing the second fifty."

Por una noticia falsa dos hombres fueron acusados de secuestro y linchados en Puebla

La combinación de los rumores y la desinformación en redes sociales ocasionó que los habitantes del municipio decidieran tomar justicia por sus propias manos.

Parents, Tell Us What You Accomplished AFTER You Had Kids

Because life doesn't end just because you have a kid.

You Probably Know Much Less About The World Than You Think

People in Italy and the US top the list of those most likely to be wrong about basic facts related to their country.

This Quiz Will Reveal If You'd Make A Good Or Bad Celebrity

Would you be the top of the A-list or resigned to the bottom of the Z-list?

O pessoal simplesmente perdeu a vergonha de chamar o WhatsApp por qualquer outro nome

2016: ridículo quem fala zap / 2018: chama no zap & cody

19 Of The Best Products For Short Hair You Can Get On Amazon

Keeping it ~short~ and hitting you with only the best for your short, glorious hairstyle.

A Hacker Responsible For 2014's "Celebgate" Is Going To Prison For 8 Months

George Garofano stole private photos of celebrities in the hack that also became known as "The Fappening."

O US Open se desculpou após punir uma tenista por tirar a camisa

A francesa Alizé Cornet havia sido punida porque, após um intervalo, notou que sua camisa estava virada para trás e rapidamente a tirou para arrumá-la.

The FBI Has Arrested A Man For Making Threatening Calls To The Boston Globe

The man allegedly referred to the newspaper as “the enemy of the people” and threatened to kill its employees.

This Cranky Dog Is A New ~Memeaphor~ For All Of Our Emotional Instability

"I think humanity really needed that Mr. Bubz video."

I Got Kicked Out Of A YMCA Locker Room — Twice — Because I’m Trans

Changing in the women’s locker room as an androgynous person has always been an uncomfortable experience, but I didn’t expect to be forced to leave.

Here Are 26 British Tweets That Are So Funny, You Need To See Them Immediately

"My friend Luke didn’t realise until he was an adult that lukewarm was a real temperature, he thought it was just a term his mum used to describe his bath water."

Quem tem depressão provavelmente já teve que enfrentar uma "Tarefa Impossível"

Ela é geralmente uma tarefa simples, que seria fácil de executar se não fosse a doença.

Este es el examen de sinónimos más difícil que harás hoy

Cogitabundo suena a que es sinónimo de algo medio cerdo, ¿no?

Quanto você manja de contos de fada?

E não adianta achar que só porque já decorou os filmes da Disney que vai bem neste teste.

Can You Spell These Celebrity Names Without Googling?

It's Arnold...Schwartzensomething, isn't it?

16 Sustainable Alternatives To Everyday Items You Use

You can even upgrade your dog waste bags.

The Justice Department Took Its First Official Swing Against Harvard In The Fight Over Race In Admissions

The department filed papers Thursday opposing Harvard's effort to get a lawsuit accusing the school of discriminating against Asian American applicants tossed out.

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A cute minidress, a brightening facial scrub, a copy of Ariana Grande's Sweetener, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Facebook Says This Abusive Message To An MP Is Permitted As It Wants To Allow "Discourse"

The company's explanation comes as the UK government thinks about new laws to curb online abuse of politicians.

People Were Outraged After "New York City" Was Replaced With "Jewtropolis" On Snapchat's Snap Map

The name change appears to be the fault of Mapbox, the third-party mapping data startup that Snapchat uses to power its Snap Map.

18 Things That'll Make Feeding A Crowd So Much Easier

You're gonna want to take a ~pitcher~ of your impressive dinner table spread.

24 Stylish Things From Jet You'll Want To Snag For Your Home ASAP

Add some charm to your kitchen, living room, backyard, bedroom, and bath!

Express Is Having A MAJOR Sale And My Labor Day Weekend Is Already Complete

I'm talking 40% off EVERYTHING, from luxe jackets to sexy dresses to cool shoes.

26 Movie Sequels That Should Never Have Happened

They should have stopped at the first!

The US Open Has Apologized For Penalizing A Player For Taking Off Her Shirt

"We regret that a Code Violation was assessed to Ms. Cornet yesterday," the organization said in a statement.

映画でありがち… 現実と違いすぎるラブシーンのあれこれ


Morning Update: The White House Is Trying To Make Weed Scary

Germany's far-right violence, inside the Kremlin's propaganda machine, Kanye West apologizes. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 30.

22 Of The Best Tweets About Tonight's "The Bachelor"

"Am I watching The Bachelor or UnREAL?!"

体操協会パワハラ問題を巡る報道 各紙でこんなに違う


19 Menschen, die einfach nur die absurdesten Zufälle erlebt haben

Die Chance, dass das eintritt? Ungefähr 1:1000000.

Flash Briefing For August 30, 2018

A secret weed committee, far right protestors in Germany, and airlines' masturbation problems.

Moon Milk hilft angeblich beim Schlafen, aber funktioniert sie tatsächlich?

Das solltest du über den neuen Wellness-Trend wissen.

Hundreds Of People Swear By This Spot Treatment For Cystic Acne

I never pegged myself as an emotional person, but when I saw these before-and-after photos for this TreeActiv cystic acne spot treatment, I may or may not have been sent home for sobbing.

This Grandma Living Her Best Life At A London Carnival Is Proof That You Are Never "Too Old"

Elizabeth Malin-Seabrook told BuzzFeed News: "I am amazed. l spoke to my son this morning, l said, 'Somebody has got to explain this to me because I don’t understand it — it’s just because I went to Carnival?' I don’t understand."

Alex Salmond Has Been Criticised For Crowdfunding A Legal Challenge Against The Scottish Government

A Labour spokesperson said he was "abusing his power, and dragging Scotland into the gutter."

Este verano he desconectado bastante (de WhatsApp) y, sinceramente, te lo recomiendo 100%

Limitar su uso me ha ayudado con la ansiedad y también a recuperar la atención.

意外と間違ってる...! 調味料の正しい保存方法をチェック



LUNA SEA(ルナシー)大好きなSLAVEにはもちろんのこと、かっこいいバンTとしても最高すぎるTシャツが出るらしいの…好きなみんなは要チェックだって、これ。





Flash Briefing For August 30, 2018

A secret weed committee, far right protestors in Germany, and airlines' masturbation problems.

Prince Harry Got On Stage With The Cast Of "Hamilton" Last Night

A (musical) message from the (sixth in line to be) King.

Lo único que me interesa son los gatos con las patitas enroscadas, así que tomad

Si estás teniendo un mal día, estas imágenes te ayudarán.

11 muñecas antiguas (no intencionadamente) aterradoras que te pondrán la piel de gallina

Estas muñecas de los años 60 y 70 son el material con el que se fabrican las pesadillas.

Which Marilyn Monroe Character Are You Based On What You Buy At Urban Outfitters?

Marilyn played some fabulous characters, which one are you?

This Aussie Rules Footballer Shared A Heartbreaking Photo After Losing His Baby And I'm A Mess

"Leo Rory Sloane was born into the world still, but perfect."

Peter Dutton Is Under Pressure To Tell Australians What The Go Is With Those Au Pairs

The minister argued that granting the visa to an au pair at the request of the AFL CEO was "common sense".

This Town May Ban Domestic Cats — And Some Residents Are Pretty Furious About It

"There will be no new cats. Once your cat dies you won't be able to replace them."

It's OK For Someone On Facebook To Wish You Get "A Bullet In Your Head" If You're A Public Figure

"It shouldn't always be up to the victims to identify and report each and individual threat," said Faruqi.

The Woman Telling Uni Campuses There's No Rape Crisis Says She Would Never "Denigrate Rape Victims"

Bettina Arndt said sexual assault survivors should be "delighted" only a small number of women are going through what they have.





本当に最悪…! 黒猫を飼うのは絶対におすすめしない


33 Things Under $20 That'll Make A Big, Big Difference

We have enough problems — going broke doesn't have to be one of them.

A Judge Has Just Thoroughly Dunked On Mark Latham

"Does Mr Latham seriously suggest that this constitutes 'anti-white racism'?"

Do You Share The Same Opinions On Infidelity As Everyone Else?

What counts as "cheating" in your book?

Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, And Sexist Double Standards

Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari’s effortless returns highlight the double standard for women comics like Kathy Griffin and Samantha Bee, who are still apologizing for misdeeds far less severe.

Instagram Has Some Pretty Huge Effects On Our Psychology. Here's Everything We Know So Far.

This is a new area of research, but evidence of Instagram's negative effects is starting to pile up.

19 Funny Pranks That Instantly Transport You Back To High School

"How much sawdust can you put in a Rice Krispy treat before people notice?"

18 Pairs Of Leggings That People Actually Swear By

Stretchiness? Check! Sweat-resistant technology? Double Check. Being fashionable and comfy AF? Priceless.

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