Scientists are questioning the legitimacy of sustainable-certified products.

Elfy Scott • One hour ago

Australia is only ahead of Taiwan, Korea, Iran, the US, and Saudi Arabia.

Elfy Scott • One day ago

Scientists don't want tobacco industry funds to touch their work.

Elfy Scott • 6 days ago

This is what happens when whales have to compete with the sound of cracking icebergs.

Elfy Scott • 7 days ago

OK, this didn't go entirely to plan.

Elfy Scott • 8 days ago

"The (striking) kids are alright and right."

Elfy Scott • 11 days ago

It really doesn't look like it should be real.

Elfy Scott • 11 days ago

Suicide and infectious disease rates, and heat stroke-related deaths, are all projected to rise.

Elfy Scott • 12 days ago

It's known as PPBS: pseudo-profound bullshit.

Elfy Scott • 12 days ago

This could be a revolution for diagnosing and treating the disorder.

Elfy Scott • 14 days ago

Very important: They are extremely cute.

Elfy Scott • 14 days ago

There is now a near-complete blueprint of a mosquito's genes.

Elfy Scott • 15 days ago

"They could do so much but they're just not. I don't understand why they're not doing anything."

Elfy Scott • 16 days ago

These are the ways our understanding of truth can be manipulated.

Elfy Scott • 19 days ago

Microplastic ranges in size from 5 millimetres to nanoscopic particles.

Elfy Scott • 20 days ago

“Some of them had even said that it was a real factor in why their suicidality or depression had worsened.”

Elfy Scott • 20 days ago

Our current kilogram prototype is kept under a glass cloche in a Parisian basement.

Elfy Scott • 25 days ago

There's a lot of research that you may not know about.

Elfy Scott • 26 days ago

They’re the only animals other than dogs that have been shown to do this.

Elfy Scott • 26 days ago