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August 31, 2018

The FBI Has Rearrested All Five New Mexico Compound Suspects On New Charges

The five adults had been facing child abuse charges but were released earlier this week after prosecutors failed to hold a preliminary hearing.

This Police Department Has A History Of Violent Incidents Caught On Video. Now The FBI Is Reviewing It.

"I'm angry and I'm deeply disturbed by what I saw on those videos, and it needs to stop immediately."

O que você precisa saber sobre o julgamento do TSE que barrou Lula da eleição

Candidatura de Lula, preso, foi barrada pela Lei da Ficha Limpa, que ele próprio sancionou quando estava no Planalto. Só Fachin votou pela manutenção da candidatura.

What Are These TV Characters Named In French?

Mike Wazowski deserved better.

Quiz: What Percent Garnet, Amethyst, And Pearl Are You?

Which of the mighty crystal gems from "Steven Universe" are you most like?

This Gel Nail Polish Will Change The Way You Do Your Nails Forever

Seriously, it lasted over a week without chipping once.

雪の日に雪だるまは作れない? だってオンライン授業で学校があるんだもの


Escolha um assento neste avião e te diremos o seu próximo destino

Atenção: bagagens extra deverão ser cobradas à parte.

35 New Books To Get Excited About This Fall

An eerie cult, a dangerous road trip, a proposal gone VERY wrong, and much, much more.

14 Things That We Should All Do Before Turning 30

Chocolate cake for dinner, anyone?

People Think Cicely Tyson's Hat Would Have Made Aretha Franklin Proud

“I just need to find myself a church hat that’s even half as fire as Cicely’s.”

Si amas las historias cursis y Netflix, estas 14 películas están como para echarte un maratón

Prepárate unas palomitas y una caja de Kleenex, los vas a necesitar.

More Than Two Dozen Suspected MS-13 Gang Members Were Arrested In California

The gang has been the repeated target of President Trump’s ire as he pushes for stricter immigration policies.

The US And Canada Have Failed To Reach A Deal On A New Trade Agreement

“We are continuing to work hard, and we are making progress. We’re not there yet,” said Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Eu adoro vídeos de ASMR, mas odiei ter essa experiência ao vivo

Fui ao Whisperlodge, que promete uma experiência ASMR ao vivo, e acabei tendo que lidar com um nível de intimidade para a qual não estava preparada. Para mais informações sobre essa matéria, assista à nova série do BuzzFeed News "Follow This", na Netflix.

20 coisas que aprendemos esta semana com o Twitter

Incluindo como ver vídeos no celular de forma decente.

7 Photo Stories That Will Help You See The World A Little Differently

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

OMG! For The First Time In Its History, Disneyland Will Be Selling Alcohol

The happiest place on earth is about to get happier!

Take This Quiz To Find Out How Easily You Fall For Online Bullshit

This week we have stories about Google, George Orwell, and Korean pop music.

33 tuítes que mostram o inferno que é ser míope

"Por trás dessas lentes também bate um coração".

Here Are 22 Of The Most Powerful Photos From This Week

From goodbyes to John McCain and Aretha Franklin to the aftermath of riots in South Africa and Germany, here are the most eye-catching and emotional pictures from this past week.

After Internal Upheaval, The Founder Of The Firm Behind Bernie 2016 Is Leaving

Clients, including Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, had taken their fundraising business elsewhere after sweeping staff departures at Revolution Messaging.

A Federal Judge Just Rejected Texas's Request For An Order To Stop DACA Immediately

Judge Andrew Hanen, however, did agree with Texas and a handful of other states that the program is likely illegal and is giving them 21 days to appeal his ruling.

Como a masculinidade tóxica contribuiu para que eu começasse a fumar

"Quantas vezes eu ouvi aquele 'fala que nem homem'? Pode parecer nada demais, mas essa masculinidade é tóxica, sim. Eu ia fumar tanto, mas tanto, que ia começar a falar mais grosso que o caubói da propaganda."

Trump’s Palestinian Plan Is Already Backfiring

The US is cutting aid to the widely disliked Palestinian Authority. But that could only make it harder to dislodge.

Esta série de retratos celebra idosos trans e em não conformidade de gênero

"Eu perdi os primeiros 50 anos da minha vida, mas não perderei os próximos 50."

Quantas falhas graves de personalidade você tem?

Eu não acredito que você não come a borda da pizza.

Two Men Tried To Viciously Push A Young Man Off A Muni Train Because He Was Playing Music

The man declined to press charges, but police say they are still investigating the incident.

Teachers Are Moonlighting As Instagram Influencers To Make Ends Meet

One teacher in Texas told BuzzFeed News she makes a $50,000 a year, but made over $200,000 in a year through Instagram.

This Couple Has Been Ordered To Fork Over The Money They Fundraised For A Homeless Man

The money was raised for Johnny Bobbitt, whose story went viral after he used his last $20 to help a stranded woman.

17 Preguntas sobre sexo que son básicamente imposibles de responder

¿Qué preferirías, tener sexo en un automóvil o sexo en la ducha por el resto de tu vida?

¿Qué personajes eran mejores: los de "Friends" o los de"How I Met Your Mother"?

Llegó el momento de acabar con esta legendaria discusión.

Solo puedes volver a comer si sacas 10 o más en este quiz de... comida

Está difícil, igual y siempre vas a tener hambre de ahora en adelante.

Existen 6 tipos de perras en el mundo, ¿cuál eres tú?

Si te dicen "¡Qué perra, qué perra! ¡Qué perra, mi amiga!" este quiz es para ti.

¿Te acuerdas si estos momentos de la cultura pop pasaron en 2008?

¿Este fue el año en el que apareció Friday de Rebecca Black?

Toma estas decisiones de adulto y te diremos lo que de verdad te prende

Dinos qué pagas primero y te diremos un secreto...

¿Qué güera famosa de la cultura pop eres?

¿Eres más una Regina George o una Cher Horowitz?

Esta história mostra que as escolas estão longe de saber lidar com alunos LGBTQ

"Chamaram um um casal gay amigo meu na direção por andar abraçados".

Have You Been Storing Your Produce Wrong All Your Life?

You know about tomatoes, but what about everything else?

27 Of The Funniest Tweets By Women This Week (Warning: It's Really Good This Week)

"Y'all ever say something in conversation and it physically feels like you just chose the incorrect dialogue option in a visual novel."

Beber álcool faz bem ou mal para a saúde?

Todo mês surge uma nova manchete falando dos malefícios OU benefícios do álcool. No entanto, apesar de todas essas idas e vindas, o consenso sobre os efeitos do álcool permanece praticamente inalterado há anos.

Você transa ou faz amor?

Responda as suas preferências na hora do sexo pra descobrir uma verdade profunda sobre você!

35 Amazing Things You'll Want From The Huge Nordstrom Summer Sale

Excuse me while I drool over deeply-discounted jumpsuits, high-waist skinny jeans, gorgeous weekender bags, and the perfect moto jackets for fall.

34 Useful Things Under $25 To Help You Survive College

Earplugs, a rolling hamper, Poo-Pourri toilet spray, a planner, and other useful things under $25 that'll make college life so much easier.

“ER” Actor Vanessa Marquez Was Shot And Killed By Police

Marquez, who also appeared in Melrose Place and Stand and Deliver, died of gunshot wounds after she pointed what was thought to be a handgun at officers, police said.

Can You Tell What's Wrong With These Harry Potter Movie Scenes?

You're gonna need your Inner Eye for this.

Quanto desgosto você teve em agosto?

Será que você se deu mal no "mês do cachorro louco"?

Here Are Some Good As HECK Doggo Posts From This Week

A++++ doggo content, certified very goob!!! 👌

"She Was A Black Woman In A White Man's World," Al Sharpton Said At Aretha Franklin's Funeral

"She was a feminist before feminism was popular. She was a civil rights activist when it wasn't popular."

18 Times Families Had Serious Drama And Huge Feuds

You best sit down for this drama.

Georgia's Voting Plan Has Drawn New Criticism, This Time Over How It's Dealing With Voters Overseas

The decision to block foreign internet traffic from its voter hub is just the latest controversy to touch the state's voting procedures.

29 Things You'll End Up Recommending To Everyone You Know

You're gonna have to sit everyone down and INSIST they get check out this new thing you bought.

¿Puedes pasar este post de datos asquerosos sin querer volverte vegano?

¿Sabías que la gelatina está hecha de pezuñas, huesos y vísceras de animales? D:

Aquí hay 11 consejos de limpieza para toda la gente que tiene sexo

Considera esto un servicio para la comunidad.

Ariana Grande Performed "Natural Woman" At Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Grande also sang the song on The Tonight Show after the Queen of Soul died.

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

"RedVines are better than Twizzlers..."

11 Trucos facilísimos de cocina para todo amante del queso

Te va a costar todavía más trabajo no ponérselo a todooo.

What's The Item You're So Glad You Added To Your Baby Registry?

Tell us what product saved your life after you brought your baby home!

In-N-Out Donated $25K To The GOP And Twitter Is Calling For A Boycott

"It’s time to #BoycottInNOut," the Chair of the California Democratic Party tweeted. "Let Trump and his cronies support these creeps, perhaps animal style!”

It's Labor Day Weekend, And Tarte Is Practically Giving You Free Makeup

Buy one, get one 50% off — including the fan-favorite Tape Shape Concealer!

20 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A portable phone printer, washable mascara, bonsai trees and 17 other favorite products from our recent posts.

18 Datos importantes que tienes que conocer si te gusta "A todos los chicos de los que me enamoré"

Si el personaje de Gen se te hace familiar, tal vez sea porque la misma actriz hizo a Midge en "Riverdale".

Hungary's Been Criticized For Backsliding On Human Rights. The US Ambassador Says He Hasn't Seen It.

David Cornstein has been the US representative in Hungary for two months. The US previously has criticized Hungary for curtailing press freedoms and targeting NGOs.

These Children Aren’t Sick — But They Are Still Having Operations

Children born with ambiguous genitalia are still treated with “corrective” surgeries. In doing so, doctors are regularly violating German medical guidelines. For more on this story, watch the new BuzzFeed News show Follow This on Netflix.

Myanmar Published "Fake Photos" Of The Rohingya In A New Book

It is not only on Facebook that fake news about the Rohingya is spread, as Reuters discovered.

A Longtime Lobbyist Was Charged With Failing To Report His Work For Ukraine — Just Like Paul Manafort

The lobbyist, Sam Patten, is now cooperating with prosecutors, including the special counsel's office, under the terms of his plea deal.

John Krasinski Wants To Play Red-State Heroes Without Getting Political

Cubicle drone Jim Halpert has remade himself as an action hero, and a particular kind — a reluctant but stalwart defender of an American way of life.

"Black Panther" Star Chadwick Boseman Said He Stopped Marvel From Giving T'Challa A British Accent

"Like, if I speak with a British accent, what's gonna happen when I go home?"

25 Delicious Sauces You’ll Want To Drizzle Over Every Dish

High five if your favorite food is sauce.

Este recado mostra que a sororidade também está nas pequenas coisas

Giovanna recebeu um recadinho de uma desconhecida que mudou o seu dia.

Dinos qué cosas te gusta hacer el fin y te diremos qué tan señora de tu casa eres

¿Te encanta comprar plantitas, tomar vino a solas y ponerte mascarillas?

Jantar para dois com carne e massa

Perfeito para fazer com quem você gosta!

22 Easy-To-Clean Kitchen Tools You'll Use Over And Over Again

A dishwasher-safe George Foreman grill, a splatter guard, and oven liners that'll make long nights cleaning your kitchen a thing of the past!

Aretha Franklin Was Given A Queen's Treatment At Her Star-Studded Funeral

Performers and speakers include Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, former president Bill Clinton, and Tyler Perry.

Russell Simmons' Accuser Drew Dixon Blasted Asia Argento Over The Jimmy Bennett Allegations

“You have this complicated history. Why are you putting yourself out there as our spokesperson?”

18 recados das mulheres para todos os garotos que já passaram em suas vidas

"Para Todos os Garotos que Não Estavam Prontos para um Relacionamento e Começaram a Namorar Dois Segundos Depois de me Dispensar".

An American Publisher Wants To Unite The British Left With George Orwell's Old Magazine

Tribune is being relaunched to reach readers of new Corbynite sites like The Skwawkbox, as well as established print mags such as the New Statesman.

No, Pete Davidson Didn't Just Tell The World About Ariana Grande Giving Him A Blowjob

The video from 2015 shows Pete talking about a girl "swallowing" for the first time before saying: "I thought only porn stars did that...They're just terrible people."

Eight People Were Killed When A Truck Collided Head-On With A Greyhound Bus

The truck blew a tire, causing it to veer into oncoming traffic, police said.

These Soccer Players Have To Win Their Next Match To Avoid Being Drafted Into The Military

It's not just sporting glory at stake for Son Heung-min and his South Korean teammates.

This Simple Organizer Has Transformed Cluttered Cabinets Into A Tidy Wonderland

If your cabinets are a collection of black holes that swallow things up until they're never seen again, then you *NEED* this organizer.



Morning Update: Kylie Jenner Is Coming For Your Wallet

Detroit shuts off drinking water to schools, the US Open apologizes, and your weekend longreads. The BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 31.

The Home Office Has A Secret Process To Deal With Poor Immigration Decisions: Solve The Cases That Get Bad Publicity

Exclusive: Lawyers say a new rapid-response process established by then home secretary Amber Rudd in 2017 to resolve high-profile cases creates a double standard.

何がどうなってるかわかる? 遠近感がおかしくなるアントマンの姿






15 Of The Best Running Sneakers You Can Get On Amazon

Great running sneakers = a higher chance of actually going for a run.





一瞬で顔がシュッ!? 噂の小顔グッズ、ガチで使った結果とは


みんな大好きバットマンの話をしよう 巻き起こった署名活動とは…


Flash Briefing For August 31, 2018

The last Celebgate hacker gets sentenced, the FBI arrests the guy who violently threatened the Boston Globe, and Detroit shuts down the entire school district's water supply.

There's A School Of Thought That Theresa May's Dancing Is, Like, Actually Great?

"Dear Kenya, I am so, so, so, so sorry. Someone please stop her. Yours sincerely, The whole of England."

This Extremely Accurate Quiz Will Tell You Exactly How Gullible You Are

Did you know that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary?

Prepara un crepe y te contaremos lo que te espera en la vida

Es como leer las hojas del té, pero con crepes.

Here's Why We Need To Rethink Everything We Know About The Stanford Prison Experiment

This could have huge implications for social psychology.

Here's Why Spring Is The Most Dangerous Time Of Year For Australians

Spring? No, no, it's called magpie swooping season.

A Documentary Filmmaker Has Been Jailed In Cambodia For Six Years For Espionage

James Ricketson was arrested for flying a drone over an opposing political party rally in Cambodia.

An Anti-Vilification Case Has Been Launched Against People Who Said Homophobic Things During The Postal Survey

The LGBTI Legal Service is targeting posts on social media and posters put up during the postal survey that vilified queer people during last year's postal survey.

The Catholic Church Says It Won't Break The Confessional Seal To Report Child Abuse

"We are committed to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable people while maintaining the seal."

People Booed To Decide The Most Sexist Comments This Year At An Awards Night, And Here's Who Won

The awards are named after a bloke who reckoned women only wanted to be sheep shearers for sex.

A Member Of Trump's Advance Team Blocked A Photographer From Taking A Picture Of A Protester

"The campaign has taken him off the road, and promises that this will not happen again," the White House Correspondents Association president said.



The Teen Who Sued The Media After His Mullet Haircut Became A Meme Has Settled Two Lawsuits

His hair inspired a series of memes that referenced works of art, animals, and even the Pythagorean Theorem.

右派の青年と不法就労の難民 二人の小さなトラブルが、国を揺るがした










Which Hogwarts House Will Your Future Spouse Be In?

The ultimate Harry Potter compatibility quiz.

The "Highest Levels Of NBC" Tried To Kill Ronan Farrow's Story That Brought Down Harvey Weinstein, An Ex-Producer Says

Farrow's former producer at NBC said the network engaged in a "massive breach of journalistic integrity" in trying to impede the investigation, which was eventually taken to the New Yorker.

26 Of The Best Products To Buy At Sephora's Beauty Insider Appreciation Event

Get some major savings on makeup, skin-care items, hair-care products, and other Sephora faves.

17 Pictures That'll Make You Say, "What's Wrong With Your Dog?"

All dogs are good dogs, but some dogs are weirder than others.

It Looks Like Chelsea Manning Will Be Allowed Into NZ

Questions still surround her Australia visit.

24 Products That'll Keep Your Home Clean, Even If You Don't Clean Every Day

Here's to cleaning products that are still working hard days later.

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