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    This Gel Nail Polish Will Change The Way You Do Your Nails Forever

    Seriously, it lasted over a week without chipping once.

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    Raise your hand if you love a good manicure but hate paying salon prices but also hate painting your nails at home because they will inevitably chip in approximately two days! / Via Rita Ora

    Well, I recently discovered an amazing solution to both of these problems: an at-home gel manicure that lasts as long as a salon manicure (if not longer). Enter Essie Gel Couture nail polish and top coat.

    I'm pretty sure this stuff is actually magic. Over the past year, I started getting more gel manicures because I love how long they last. But I started to hate how expensive they were — and how brittle my nails felt after the nail polish was off. Then I learned that the UV light isn't great for your skin either.

    So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find an at-home solution my nails (and my wallet) would love. I gave the Essie Gel Couture a try because a few coworkers recommended it. And let me tell you, it truly exceeded my expectations!

    The whole process is so easy, and it's only two steps: 1) Apply the color. 2) Apply the top coat. (I also used a base coat first to protect my nails.) Here's what my at-home manicure looked like on the first day:


    Look, I'm not perfect at painting my own nails, but I'd say I can do a pretty decent job. I put on two coats of color to make it really pop and then the top coat. Easy peasy! It took a bit to dry, but not as long as regular nail polish does.

    I then went on living my life. I went to work. I typed on my computer. I met a friend for breakfast. All while my nails looked pretty dang amazing.

    By day four (the point by which most of my at-home manicures have already started chipping pretty badly) my nails still looked as good as day one.


    And two days later, I couldn't help but stop watching the amazing tennis game happening in front of me while I was at practice day of the US Open to realize that MY NAILS STILL LOOKED PERFECT.


    By day 8, my nails had officially lasted over a week, without a single one having chipped yet!


    There are a few cracks in the polish when you look at them up close, but from a distance you can't tell at all. I'll probably keep it on for a few more days and then remove it and trim my nails since they're getting a little too long for me. But if a manicure I can do myself at home lasts a week, I'm sold.

    And I'm not the only one that loves the magic that is Essie Gel Couture. Check out all of these promising reviews from people who are really digging their long-lasting manicures:

    "I love this polish! The biggest draw for me is how long it lasts. With two little ones to chase after, I can't get to a salon or re-polish my nails every three days (which is about how long my regular polish looked good). This Essie Gel Couture lasted me almost a full TWO WEEKS!" —lovelariexo

    "This is the only polish that will not chip within a day. You can get a week out of it. Even better, it dries quickly. I hesitated buying it because I thought it would be hard to remove like the nail salon gel polishes. Nope, comes right off with polish remover. This is a good product." — BeautyLover

    "I LOVE THIS POLISH! It actually wears at least three weeks on me. I am not easy on nail polish either. My job is hard on my hands, and this stuff stays in place and does not chip. I love that I no longer need to place my hand under a light to get that kind of wear." —Leigh

    "I usually am not a fan of nail polish because I feel it chips too easily. A friend recommended Essie Gel, so I went ahead a brought one. I love it! It dries easily, and lasts for about two weeks. I was originally hesitant to buy it because of the price, but it is worth the money. It also removes easily with nail polish remover, and it does not stain your nails." —Erica VC

    And while some may complain that it's a bit pricier than other nail polishes, it's less than a regular manicure, wayyyy less than a gel manicure, and the color and top coat can be used so many times. Plus, I've had friends who have had success just using the top coat with any brand of regular nail polish.

    All things considered, I think it's time for me to go home and throw out all the other nail polish I own.

    Warner Brothers

    Get the polish and top coat as a set from Amazon for $18.49 (available in pink and purple) or the color from Amazon for $11.50 (available in 11 colors).

    Me to every random person on the street I pass as I spread the gospel of Essie Gel Couture.


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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    Allison Krausman / Via BuzzFeed