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    34 Useful Things Under $25 To Help You Survive College

    Earplugs, a rolling hamper, Poo-Pourri toilet spray, a planner, and other useful things under $25 that'll make college life so much easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the products they couldn't live without in college. Here are their (super helpful) answers!

    1. A planner to help you stay on top of class schedules, due dates, and to-do lists.,

    This planner features 12 monthly views, 52 weekly views, and 58 full pages of college-ruled notes.

    "It’s so tough to keep class schedules, lab schedules, work schedules, and due dates together without something helping out. I prefer planners over my phone because I write everything out for the week, to-do lists and all, without worrying my phone will glitch and I’ll forget something." —jazzikay

    "I have my life in my calendar and check it every day. It's so important to schedule events, meetings, and when homework is due. It keeps you organized and holds you accountable. Definitely, couldn't live without it." —kerriabbott

    Get the Simple Elephant planner from Amazon for $18.99. This is our pick for the best cheap planner on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    2. A wheeled hamper that'll make dragging three weeks' worth of dirty clothes to the laundry room a little easier.

    "Three weeks of laundry can be very heavy. Wheels make it a much easier task." —Madeline G.

    Get it from The Home Depot for $12.59 (also available in a bigger size). Or, check out another option from Amazon.

    3. A single-serve coffee maker so you can get your caffeine fix even if you're running late for class.

    This personal coffee maker doesn't use paper filters and brews directly into the travel mug. It also automatically shuts off after brewing.

    "It was like a Keurig, except the cup part was reusable and stainless steel. It has survived for three years and is amazing for lazy, caffeine-deprived people!" —Christine T.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.96 (available in seven colors).

    4. A cuddly stuffed animal for keeping you company when you feel sad and homesick.

    "Maybe this is ridiculous but I got really lonely and homesick during my first semester. I got lonely enough to go to the student bookstore, and I bought myself a teddy bear to keep me company at night when it was too late to call my mom. I named him Thundarr, and he was with me all throughout college. Now he belongs to my son, who needs Thundarr in order to take a nap." —ashleyl31

    Get it from Amazon for $20+ (available in two sizes).

    5. A protective sleeve to prevent your precious laptop from getting damaged in your bag.

    "I thought I could get through college with just a backpack with nothing special to protect a laptop. I lasted all of a month before someone knocked the bag to the ground, cracking my laptop screen in the process. Fortunately, it was still under warranty, and I was able to get it fixed quickly, but I ALWAYS had either a laptop case or a backpack with a laptop sleeve after." —Kathy Garner, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $11.49 (available in eight sizes and five colors). Or, check out a floral option, a marble option, a water-repellant option, and a felt option.

    6. A lap desk that'll make studying in bed and on the go so much more comfortable.

    This lap desk has holes for stashing your phone.


    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in seven colors).

    7. A tea sampler so you (and your roomies) can always have a warm and soothing beverage to sip on when things get stressful.

    "I drank a cup every morning to help me wake up, a cup during studying to help me focus, and a cup to help me get to sleep. Tea is a lifesaver. Plus it made my room a destination spot for people who just wanted a cup of tea and a chat. I was the go-to drinks person in my friend group whenever we watched movies (on our dry campus)." —Noelle O.

    Get a 48-pack sampler from Amazon for $13.99.

    8. An electric kettle for a quick and easy way to boil water for tea, oatmeal, instant coffee, ramen noodles, etc. You can even cook food directly in it — no need to fire up the stove and pull out a pot.

    It has a non-stick interior for easy clean-up.

    "Super uncommon in America but a lifesaver, especially when paired with an old-fashioned rubber hot water bottle. They keep warm all night, and you don’t need to worry about leaving it plugged in. As for the kettle? They take so much less time to boil water for things like instant noodles, tea, or coffee, and you can use the actual kettle to cook noodles, vegetables, all sorts of things." —gretcheno3

    "It can make tea, coffee, soup/ramen, help DIY-unclog the drains, and they last forever. Spent $15 on mine freshman year, and I still have it five years later." —Leah J.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    9. A set of glass bowls to microwave your food in — it won't leave behind a plastic taste.

    These bowls come with lids so you can use them for storing leftovers, too. They're dishwasher-safe.

    "Everything will taste funny cooked in plastic not to mention it probably bad for you." —s48b32a974

    Get a set of three (three bowls, three lids) from Amazon for $14.78.

    10. A pair of headphones that'll come in handy for studying, working out, and falling asleep while your roommate stays up all night binge-watching Netflix.

    "Headphones/earbuds were a lifesaver for me whenever my roommate was on the phone, playing music, or watching Netflix. They were also helpful in letting me block out her noise when I was trying to sleep." —midnightmoon709

    "From working out at the gym to walking to class to being in my dorm feeling homesick, having my headphones to listen to music was my escape for everything." —Victoria F.

    "I could do without every single amenity known to man, as long as I had my noise-canceling headphones. Everything from dorm parties to landscapers on the quad to your roommate's annoying habit of getting up at 7 a.m. EVERY DAY! Once I got those babies, I could’ve slept through a hurricane, which is exactly what my perennially drunk and sleep-deprived college-self needed." —Allison S.

    Get them from Amazon for $8.17+ (available in 10 colors). Or, check out a pair of over-ear headphones.

    11. A strand of cozy string lights so you don't have to turn on the fluorescent overhead light unless absolutely necessary.,

    It measures 33 feet in length and comes with a remote control.

    "An environment that makes you feel calm and comfy makes all the difference!" —abnroche

    Get it from Amazon for $13.49.

    12. A bottle of Febreze for masking any form of odor permeating the room (whether it's smoke or leftover food).

    "You could smoke in the bars back then and laundry was expensive." —Kelly C.

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $12.34.

    13. Or, a wax warmer as a more cost-effective way to ward off unpleasant smells. Plus, it doesn't have an open flame like a candle.

    "It saved me money on Febreze and from a lot of nasty smells." —hib

    Get it from Target for $17.99. Or, check out another choice from Amazon.

    14. A set of bed risers to create extra storage space under the bed. Where else will all your extra towels go?

    You can choose to boost your bed by three, five, or eight inches.

    "It gives you so much more space to have the bed raised off the ground. We managed to get really high ones that allowed us to put basically everything under the bed! —MJ Cormier, Facebook

    Get them from Amazon for $22.99.

    15. A wireless mouse so you don't have to use the clunky corded ones that your college provides.

    "I bought a Logitech mouse in my freshman year of college in 2010, and I still use it every day at my full-time grown-up job. I used to keep it in my backpack or purse, and I would use it on my personal laptop, at a computer in class, or in the computer labs/library. The ones the schools provide are always big and clunky. Using my own was always nicer. —Karly B.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95 (available in 33 designs). Or, check out one by Logitech.

    16. A pack of Cup Noodles and Hot Pockets for when you're too tired or broke (or both!!!) to make food from scratch.,


    Get a 12-pack of Cup Noodles from Amazon for $12.67 and a five-pack of Hot Pockets from Jet for $5.49 (delivered cold-packed).

    17. Or, a pack of Ichiban ramen that'll taste like the real deal.

    "So much better than Maruchan, Top Noodle, and whatever ramen you can get on the stupid cheap. It’s slightly more expensive but so worth it. Add an egg and broccoli or cabbage — MEAL. —jaxbailey

    Get a 24-pack from Amazon for $22.78.

    18. A pair of shower shoes because the floors in communal showers aren't always the cleanest.

    These slippers have drainage holes on the bottom.

    Hallie B.

    Get them from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in women's sizes 5–11, men's sizes 4.5–10, and five colors). Or, check out another option.

    19. A pair of earplugs to drown out your roommate's loud AF snores.

    "The white noise from air conditioning and pipes in my dorm room was atrocious. We lived above a lounge with a piano (that was played at all hours of the night) and also hosted a capella rehearsals. People walked (loudly) through the halls constantly. There's no way I could've survived without earplugs! Please do yourself a favor and invest in some." —caseyschryer

    "You may think you can sleep through anything until your roommates are coming in at 3 a.m. knocking over everything. Also, you may get unlucky with a random roommate who snores louder than your dad. Earplugs will become your only safeguard preventing you from going insane and sleep-deprived." —Anna L.

    Get a 100-pack (50 pairs) from Amazon for $12.12. Or, check out these high-visibility ones or reusable ones.

    20. A pair of lightweight and comfortable shoes for sprinting around campus to get from class to class.

    "I’ve spent a lot of time walking around a campus that seems to have an obsession with stairs, so it was crucial that my shoes were comfortable enough to stop my feet from killing me every day." —emma354

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in women's sizes 5–13 and 17 colors). Also, check out an option for men.

    21. A hanging bedside caddy so you don't have to climb down from the top bunk a million times to get the stuff you need.

    "I had a lofted bed for the first two years. Because my bed was high up, I didn’t have a nightstand, so I used the caddy to store my stuff at night. —Dana V.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    22. A handy heating pad that might help relieve those neck and shoulder pains you get after an intense study sesh.

    This heating pad has a machine-washable cover and three heat settings.

    "Those long hours of staying up late, sleeping in incorrect positions (read: in class) really take a toll on your shoulders and neck. The heating pad really, really helps with all of it. Also, if you menstruate like me, you would know the importance of a heating pad on your stomach. And if you need quick and lasting heat to just sleep with, there it is!" —prashasti729

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    23. A shower caddy to keep all your toiletries in one place for easy transport.

    This caddy has seven pockets. The mesh material allows water to drain easily and dries quickly.

    Hallie B.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in five colors). Or, check out another option.

    24. A bottle of Downy wrinkle releaser for avoiding the task of ironing or steaming your clothes — ain't nobody got time for that before an 8 a.m. class!

    It also acts as a static remover, odor eliminator, and fabric refresher.

    "Nobody has time (or really cares) to iron clothes in college. But if you want to look slightly more presentable, simply hang a T-shirt and lightly spray it. Tug/smooth out the shirt and voila, in less than five minutes, the wrinkles will be gone!" —Helen Z.

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $11.34.

    25. A pair of rain boots, a rain poncho, and an umbrella because wearing wet clothes and shoes is undoubtedly one of the worst feelings in the world.,,

    "You walk around campus a lot in college and/or stand around waiting for a bus. You don’t want to sit through class soaked or open your backpack and realize your notes and expensive textbooks now have water damage." —ohlivea

    "There is nothing worse than sitting in a two-hour lecture with wet pants, socks, and shoes, and thinking about trekking across campus to change before your next class." —Abby Fell, Facebook

    "A small umbrella that fits in my backpack for those days when I walked into class with sunshine and came out to torrential rain." —mhilker98

    Get them from Amazon: the rainboots for $14.99+ (available in women's sizes 4–12 and six colors), the rain poncho for $23.99 (available in 19 colors; also check out a cheaper option with room for a backpack ), and the umbrella for $22.95 (avaiable in 13 colors)

    26. A stapler — they're surprisingly scarce in college classrooms so it's better to have your own.

    This one requires less force than regular staplers and has a 25-sheet capacity — perfect for those longer essays.

    "Many classrooms don't carry one, and the teacher expects you to have your stuff ready and prepared as soon as you get into class. Don't rely on the ones in the library because they do go missing. I ran into two students the day final papers were due, and they couldn't find a stapler with class starting in five minutes. The look of gratitude on their faces as I offered them to use mine was priceless." —monikap6

    Get it from Amazon for $11.79.

    27. A Hulu No Commercials plan to provide you with hours upon hours of uninterrupted entertainment — it's a great a way to unwind after a long day of studying.


    "I often didn't have time/resources to watch my favorite shows the night they were on, and obviously I needed things to binge-watch. TV is really important to me — it's a mental and emotional reset at the end of a long day. And of course, it's a million times better without commercials. Upgrading your subscription is the best $5/month you can spend, IMHO." —Katy Herman

    Get it from Hulu for $11.99/month (or watch with limited commercials for $7.99/month).

    28. Or, a Spotify Premium plan for students that'll also give you access to Hulu. Say whaaat?!


    You'd get a Spotify Premium plan and a Hulu Limited Commercials plan. If you already have a Spotify Premium plan for students, you can just activate Hulu.

    —Julia Saukkonen, Facebook

    Get it from Spotify for $4.99/month.

    29. A Brita filter because the tap water on your campus might be undrinkable.

    This Brita pitcher has a five-cup capacity — it's compact enough to fit in a mini fridge.

    "The water on my campus (and I’m sure many others) was horrifying. I couldn’t even brush my teeth with it. Having a Brita filter saves your wallet and the environment from buying plastic water bottles." —mismissmissy

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in three colors).

    30. A pack of energy bars for a quick and filling snack to eat between classes.

    "I suffer from anxiety and depression, and it was REALLY bad my first few years of college due to all the changes. I didn't really have the energy or motivation to do anything other than go to class so I basically survived off of things I could just grab and eat with very little effort." —gvilem

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $9.86 (available in 16 flavors).

    31. A reusable water bottle (or travel mug) to help you stay hydrated at all times.,

    "Anything that can hold TONS of water and still fit into my backpack. I realize after endless hours of studying that coffee and soda were not helping me stay focused and alert. But some cold water helped me study better and also keep a regular sleeping schedule." —itzell3

    "I saw way too many people hauling 24-packs of water up to their room, which is heavy, more expensive, and bad for the environment. I really like my Nalgene, I’ve had it for three years, and it’s very sturdy. Also, it can fit an entire bottle of wine in it, so that’s a plus." —emilynicolea2

    "I don't drink coffee, but I regularly take cold water in it (keeps it cold longer), and on days that I most need a pick-me-up, I will put hot chocolate/French vanilla cappuccino mix in it and go to a free hot water station in the library to fill it. It's basically a free hot drink, plus it's a little homey treat and keeps you warm during the winter walks to class." —Naomi Meed, Facebook

    Get them from Amazon: the Nalgene water bottle for $9.78+ (available in three designs and additional colors) or the Hydro Flask for $21.95+ (available in sizes three sizes and 17 colors)

    32. An extension cord so you can plug in your computer or phone no matter where you are in the room.

    "This saved my life in college in a dorm where the outlets where staggered. I have an 8-foot long cord for my phone charger, and it was so convenient when I had the top bunk and could still charge my electronics by me." —Lily P.

    "Sometimes your bed or your desk will be in an inconvenient place to plug in your electronics in and having a multi-prong extension cord will save your life. —dayna2x

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99. Check out another option in a different length!

    33. A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray because shit can get crazy when four (or more) people share one bathroom.

    "We didn’t know such a thing existed and just used an air freshener, but please get something, for everyone’s sake." —callanc3

    Get a four-ounce bottle from Amazon for $11.99 (available in eight sizes and 20 scents).

    34. A can of Campbell's vegetable soup for an easy-to-prepare and comforting meal when you're feeling under the weather.

    "I was pretty sick while I was in university, and it was something I was always able to keep down and required minimal effort to prepare, which meant that even on my worst days, I still had a hot meal. —Lindsay Kottmann, Facebook

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $18.01 (available in eight flavors).

    You're going to ace this college thing.


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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