17 Pictures That'll Make You Say, "What's Wrong With Your Dog?"

    All dogs are good dogs, but some dogs are weirder than others.

    1. Excuse me... uh... is your dog doing all right?

    2. Because this doesn't look comfortable.

    3. This can't be good for the dog, either.

    I regret trying to take a cute panorama of my dog

    4. Is this a dog or a cartoon character?

    i put my dog on the trampoline for .3 seconds and she became an electric type pokemon

    5. Your dog is certainly... interesting.

    6. Are you sure your dog isn't just a man in a dog costume?

    My dog just posts up like he’s in the club judging ppl

    7. What is this dog singing about?

    someone said this dog was xtina i'm cRYING

    8. Oh... oh dear.

    Dogs are so amazing and can detect things like diseases in humans. Also dogs:

    9. Do all dogs go down stairs this way?

    "Moved house, dog has never seen stairs before" This video legit keeps tickling me

    10. Are dogs supposed to sleep like this?

    11. Are you sure your dog is just telling you it's playtime?

    12. Is this a normal response to seeing snow for the first time?

    13. Are dogs supposed to turn into potatoes?

    14. That is a door meant for cats, not dogs.

    15. I'm fairly certain dogs aren't supposed to breathe fire.

    16. Once again, are you SURE your dog is okay?

    17. That's it, I'm calling 911.