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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "RedVines are better than Twizzlers..."

    1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before star Lana Condor shared her fitness inspiration...

    Fitness goals = @TheRock current state =

    2. ...and then The Rock responded and made her day:

    @lanacondor 😂😂 you got this LC!! 💪🏾❤️

    3. Serena Williams shared a very relatable story about being a mom:

    Kids humble us. The other day on a flight home Olympia insisted on running up and down the aisle and when I finally got her to sit still, she threw up all over me. #ThisMama would love to hear your stories of motherhood.. even ones like this! Share and tag them with #ThisMama.

    4. Ice T declared a truth about candy:

    There’s no debate.. RedVines are better than Twizzlers.... They should pay me for this... lol

    5. Zach Braff shared his rap name:

    Young Pillow Case.

    6. Olivia Munn swooned over To All the Boys I've Loved Before:

    I just watched #ToAllTheBoysIveLovedBefore & it was SO good! A really funny, sweet romantic comedy that wasn’t afraid to get deep & talk real pain and loss. The whole cast was amazing & @lanacondor is absolutely perfect. 🌟🌟🌟 My #AsianPride cup runneth over this month ☺️💛🙏

    7. Kim Kardashian shared some of Kanye's fashion inspiration:

    Fun Fact- I was bribing North to wear her butter 350’s by saying they glow in the dark. However, she made me turn off the lights to test it. She caught me lying but Kanye was on speaker phone & said don’t worry I will make them 😂

    8. Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed that he's always been a damn lyrical genius:

    This. I wrote the melody for “Raise a glass to freedom” when I was 16. The intro music to “Its All Happening” when I was 10. Learning to pilfer your own thoughts and doodles for something later is another tool in your toolbox.

    9. Victoria and David Beckham chilled with their pal Elton John:

    10. To All the Boys I've Loved Before star Noah Centineo chilled on a Wednesday evening:

    In case you wonder how I️ spend my Wednesday evenings.

    11. Halle Berry spotted herself on Prince Harry's old dorm room wall:

    Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you! 🤣 #HalleBerryPosta @MissyElliott

    12. Zendaya imitated art:

    13. Tom Holland apologized to his mum:

    Officially buying a motorbike. Sorry mum

    14. Lili Reinhart spent a lot of money on strawberries:

    I feel like hotel food menus are so ridiculous... I just paid $30 for 6 strawberries...????

    15. And Pink warmed my darn heart:

    That makes my heart happy 😊