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    14 Things That We Should All Do Before Turning 30

    Chocolate cake for dinner, anyone?

    1. Splurge on something entirely unnecessary — yet delightful — for your home.

    2. Spend an entire weekend doing absolutely NOTHING. Nada. Zilch.

    3. Order an entire pizza, just for yourself.

    4. Turn down an event invitation right away because you just know you won't feel like going.

    5. Learn how to bake or cook one of your favorite things to eat.

    6. Let the dishes pile up for a week (but then go to town on 'em).

    7. Find the one specific treat that you absolutely adore, and stock up on it in your pantry.

    8. Experience a hangover so agonizing that it makes you live with a new appreciation for life afterward.

    9. Spend a whole day just being naked.

    10. Take the afternoon off work to go home and nap.

    11. Indulge in your guilty pleasure — like bad rom-coms — without apologizing or feeling bad about it.

    12. Save up money for something you've been wanting forever.

    13. Have fries for lunch, if you want.

    14. And finally: have a chocolate cake for dinner.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.