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    22 Easy-To-Clean Kitchen Tools You'll Use Over And Over Again

    A dishwasher-safe George Foreman grill, a splatter guard, and oven liners that'll make long nights cleaning your kitchen a thing of the past!

    1. A manual juicer made of quality metal that'll prevent seeds from falling onto your yummy dish. I always get a little sour when that happens.

    2. A garlic mincer for anyone sick of slicing and dicing tiny garlic cloves! This mincer rocks effortlessly back and forth over the clove and rinses off quickly in the sink.

    3. A mini espresso machine so you can have coffee anywhere with just a couple pushes of a button. Plus, it'll be just as easy to clean with a simple rinse of the filter wherever you can find the nearest water source!

    4. An immersion blender set to easily blend, mix, whip, puree, and chop without waiting around for a stand mixer bowl to soak in the sink.

    5. A produce dicer that'll make onion tears and food prep mess a thing of the past.

    6. A cutting board set made with a bamboo board and flexible cutting mats to set on top so you don't ~actually~ have to wash the wood board as often.

    7. A George Foreman grill with removable non-stick plate grills that'll be way less unwieldy to clean than taking a paper towel to the OG version.

    8. This simple all-in-one egg separator for anyone who is an expert at dropping egg shells into your cookie dough. Hello, me. Also this little guy rinses out like a dream!

    9. A dome juicer with a detachable pour-spout base so you can easily clean each half in seconds. Plus "dome juicer" just sounds really cool so, like, there's that.

    10. A 3-in-1 bench scraper set great for splitting dough, scraping chopped veggies into a skillet, and a number of other prep tasks that'll keep cleanup to a minimum.

    11. An adjustable measuring cup to give you peace of mind when measuring the stickiest of ingredients. And it also easily comes apart for rinsing.

    12. This cold-brew maker designed with a detachable coffee infuser built right in so you can easily wash out the filter after each brew. Cool beans, literally.

    13. A spiralizer with three blades for achieving the perfect veggie spirals. Each component pops off and can be put right into the dishwasher while you chow down.

    14. A single-serving blender because you don't have time for the nonsense of washing out a blender AND the cup you drink from. Less to clean = happier kitchen.

    15. A 3-in-1 herb roller designed with a retractable blade for safe storage and easy clean up. It strips herbs from their stems, it minces them up, and it scrapes them all together.

    16. A pizza cutter with a removable wheel because there's always that hard-to-reach part that still has gooey cheese on it. Plus when there's a pizza to be eaten, there is no time for cleanin'!

    17. A Frywall to protect yourself and your kitchen from unwanted stains and splatters while you cook on the highest heats.

    18. A pack of three non-stick oven liners so you no longer have to scrape at the bottom of your oven after every meal you cook! Slips easily into any oven size and removes just as easily for cleaning.

    19. A Rub-a-Way stainless steel bar that'll magically remove any unwanted odors from your hands as it cleans itself under the water that's cleaning you!

    20. A kitchen sink squeegee designed to double as a countertop brush so your prep messes can be cleaned just as easily as this guy can be!

    21. A set of two silicone sink strainers that'll allow you to clean the sink without touching all the yucky wet stuff that accumulates!

    22. A pair of professional silicone oven mitts made with a quilted liner, because easy-to-clean does not mean uncomfortable to wear! No more ugly grease stains on fabric oven mitts.

    When dinner is served and you've already cleaned everything because these products practically clean themselves.

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