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August 27, 2018

Katy Perry Testified That She Was Never Raped By Dr. Luke, Despite Kesha's Text To Lady Gaga

The singer's testimony in a court deposition that was unsealed on Monday is just the latest turn in a long-running legal battle.

Dear USA, You're Currently Sleeping On The Bop Of The Summer

Becky G delivered a fantastic and sexy summer jam and we need to respect that!

The Hardest "Would You Rather" Game For People Who Love Teen TV And Movies

Date Jughead from Riverdale or Peter from To All the Boys I've Loved Before?

Vermont’s Governor Supports Orphanage Victims’ “Pursuit Of Justice” After A BuzzFeed News Investigation

“We must continue to shine a light on instances of abuse and advocate for justice and a system that puts protecting our children above all else.”

This Elite Gamer Was Injured In The Jacksonville Madden Shooting. Now He Might Never Play Professional Esports Again.

“This is his life,” his mother said. “He’s alive but if he can’t play and he can’t work and he can’t do this, his life will be changed forever.”

32 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

From Harry Potter spell books to refreshing face masks to perfect fall dresses: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

Rose McGowan Calls On Asia Argento To “Be Better” Than Harvey Weinstein

“Do the right thing. Be honest. Be fair. Let justice stay its course. Be the person you wish Harvey could have been.”

How Facebook Failed The Rohingya In Myanmar

The UN calls Myanmar’s treatment of the Muslim Rohingya minority a genocide, and says Facebook has done little to tackle hate speech. Analysis by BuzzFeed News sheds new light on Facebook's failures.

Here's What Young Refugees On Nauru Want You To Know About Their Lives

"People always say, 'you’re young, you still have time for your future'. But they can never understand that those years can never be replaced."

Which Disney Princess And "Friends" Character Are You A Combo Of?

🎵 So no one told you life was... just around the riverbend!

石破氏がLGBTへの差別防止へ踏み込んだ発言 「実効性のある法律を」


Can You Guess The Movie From The Emojis?

This is the millennial version of Pictionary.

Pennsylvania Was A Start. Now We Need Grand Juries For The Catholic Church In Every State.

Every Roman Catholic diocese and archdiocese must be held publicly accountable for their complicity in the sexual abuse of generations of children.

A Parasitic Infection That Causes Heart Disease Is On The Rise In The US

Chagas disease can progress silently until it leads to heart disease, stroke, or cardiac arrest.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Paid Tribute To Those Killed In YouTuber McSkillet’s Wrong-Way Crash

The actor said he spoke out after he was flooded with tweets about the death of the woman who died with her daughter in Thursday’s fiery highway crash.

17 Ideas para el nuevo billete de $500 que son muchos mejores que el oficial

¿Quién quiere otro billete con Benito Juárez cuando puedes tener a Juanga o Thalía?

9 coaches que passaram dos limites na hora de dar um conselho

"Por que as pessoas fracassam? Por que elas desistem? Por que aqueles judeus que estavam lá no campo de concentração simplesmente se entregavam?"

Pagamento de tuiteiros pró-PT tinha até contrato

O BuzzFeed News teve acesso à minuta de um contrato pela qual a empresa de um deputado petista prometia R$ 5 mil por dois meses de tuítes.

18 Yorkies que tienen el pelo más hermoso que cualquier ser humano

El pelo de un Yorkie > el pelo de cualquiera.

12 High-Protein Snacks For Your Next All-Nighter

Perfect for students or anyone in need of an energy boost.

11 Celebrity Photos From This Year's Black Girls Rock Awards Show

Featuring gorgeous looks from Janet Jackson, Ciara, Ava DuVernay, and more.

US And Mexico Trade Agreement Puts The Pressure On Canada To Come To Terms

The Mexican foreign minister said he’ll work “round the clock” to get Canada to sign on.





Take This Quiz To Find Out If You're More Fred Or George Weasley

Because yes, there IS a difference if you read the books really closely!

Why Did You Cheat On Your Significant Other?

Submit your cheating stories here.

Si "Clueless" sucediera hoy, obviamente Cher Horowitz haría estas 18 cosas

Básicamente usaría la misma ropa, pero sería "vintage".

If You Can Get At Least 11/16 On This Rihanna Song Lyrics Quiz Then You're A True Stan

This will give you something to do while you wait for R9.

Literally Just 17 Memes Of Lil Xan Smelling Noah Cyrus's Face

Why, you ask? Because WHY 👏 NOT. 👏

We Found The World's Most Beautiful People, And It's Not An Opinion

If anyone needs us we'll be scrolling and jamming to A Seat At The Table softly in the background.

The Gunman In The Deadly Video Game Tournament Shooting Had Legally Purchased Two Guns Recently

David Katz “clearly targeted” other gamers, authorities said. He had been hospitalized twice for mental health issues.

21 Facts About The "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Cast That Prove How Amazing They Are

Lana Condor writes love letters IRL when she needs to express her emotions.

Prepárate para una noche sensual y te diremos qué personaje sexy de Harry Potter eres

¿Es verdad que los Gryffindor son los más apasionados?

Here Are The Hoaxes And Rumors Spreading About The Jacksonville Shooting

Some social media users have been systematically spreading misinformation.

11 relatos de pequenas loucuras que só as mães podem reconhecer

Chega uma hora em que é tanta coisa pra fazer ao mesmo tempo que as pessoas perdem o prumo mesmo.

Crie uma fanfic e daremos uma nota para a sua criatividade

Você é bom o suficiente para inventar uma fanfic 10/10?

Clashes Over Ethics At Major Tech Companies Are Causing Problems For Recruiters

Already dealing with backlash from employees who object to working with government agencies, major tech companies are now facing criticism from a new source — prospective hires.

Foi revelado que Dan Humphrey era a Gossip Girl já no primeiro episódio, e eu tenho a prova

Quem sou eu? Esse é um segredo que acabei contando. Você sabe que me ama. Beijos, Dan Humphrey.

I Bought An Aromatherapy Diffuser And Now I Get Why People Are Into Aromatherapy

Get your credit cards and your essential oils READY.

Trump Orders Flags Back To Half-Staff After Veterans Groups Express Fury At “Blatant Disrespect”

After veterans groups accused Donald Trump of “telling every veteran ... that he doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s service,” Trump issued a proclamation calling for flags to remain at half-staff through McCain’s funeral.

15 Times People Actually Gave A Shit About The Planet

You can actually stay in an AirBnB room made from a recycled concrete pipe!

The Trump Administration Changed Its Minds On 3D-Printed Guns And A Federal Judge Wants To Know Why

A federal judge wants to know why the Trump administration allowed them to go up in the first place before apparently reversing course.

Inside Andrew Gillum's Big, Black, Progressive Campaign For Governor Of Florida

Andrew Gillum has run an untested campaign strategy in one of the most competitive statewide races in the country — an at times unsteady, but compelling effort — ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Will it work?

15 Dorm Room Glow-Ups To End All Dorm Room Glow-Ups

*student uses paint swatches as wallpaper* *thrifty binches everywhere implode*

40 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at World Market, ModCloth, Target, and more!

Peça cinco pizzas e acertaremos sua idade mental e sua idade real

O que você vai fazer com cinco pizzas é problema seu.

The Shocking “Sharp Objects” Finale Has A Lot Of People Shook On Twitter

And that was before the surprise mid-credits scene. (Warning: Spoilers!)

16 fotos de Keanu Reeves e Winona Ryder que são fofas e icônicas ao mesmo tempo

"Esse cara era muito meu crush!" "Você também era meu crush".

42 livros, filmes e séries de TV que não são gordofóbicos

Personagens gordas tratadas como seres humanos, não piada.

Revealed: Notorious Pro-Trump Misinformation Site True Pundit Is Run By An Ex-Journalist With A Grudge Against The FBI

How award-winning former journalist Michael D. Moore came to run a site filled with false reports and conspiracies.

Esta es la historia de Fernanda Torres, la joven desaparecida en Guadalupe, Nuevo León

Su hermana denunció su desaparición en redes sociales; la joven quedó de verse con un hombre pero nunca llegó. Este martes se anunció que la joven ya se había comunicado con su familia.

Antoni From “Queer Eye” Is Opening A Restaurant In New York City

Avocados will probably be featured on the menu.

John McCain Urges Americans To Come Together In A Farewell Letter

“Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America,” McCain wrote before his death Saturday.

10 Books About Survival That Will Remind You Of Your Own Strength

A celebration of those stories that remind readers there’s healing, and even triumph, beyond pain.

Tem uma galera dando em cima da vendedora virtual da Magazine Luiza

O homem é capaz de coisas impressionantes.

John Goodman Says Roseanne Barr Is “Not A Racist” Even Though She Got Fired For Saying Something Pretty Racist

“She was going through hell at the time,” Goodman said. “And she’s still going through hell.”

¿Cuál de los Jóvenes Titanes es como tú?

Este quiz te dirá cuál de los integrantes del mejor equipo de superhéroes de la historia eres.

This Argan Oil Conditioner Has Brought Thousands Of People's Hair Back To Life

Get salon-quality tresses for just a hair of the cost thanks to this Maple Holistics Silk18 Conditioner!!!

BBQ Pork Party Tower

BBQ Pork Party Tower

O antes e depois de Whindersson abriu uma conversa sobre a cultura do emagrecimento

É necessário lembrar que cada pessoa possui um corpo e uma vida diferente, e que não dá para julgar o outro a partir da sua própria experiência.

How The US–Turkey Crisis Got Personal

“This crisis would have never reached this level had it not been for the egos of the two men at the helm.”

Qual teoria da conspiração você é?

Quando você souber, ficará enojado.

This Baby Was Photographed With The 1,616 IVF Needles It Took To Conceive Her

Creating life isn't just a miracle, it's a triumph.

¿Qué personaje de "A todos los chicos de los que me enamoré" se parece más a ti?

¿Eres tranquila como Lara Jean o rebelde como Chris?

Chrissy Teigen's Reaction To "Crazy Rich Asians" Will Honestly Make You Cry

"You never know how much you miss being represented on screen until you actually see what it’s like to be represented..."

22 Times Reality TV Was Seriously Wild

Reality TV is...terrifying.

19 Cosas que sólo entenderás si amas Sephora al infinito y más allá

Entras a comprar solamente una base de maquillaje y sales con cinco cosas más.

Stanley Tucci Is The Greatest American Character Actor

Tucci is a lifelong scene-stealer who has spent his career supporting other people's starring roles — and quietly making his own movies the whole time.

Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert Based On Your '90s And '00s Movie Preferences?

Sorry, but you're going to have to make some tough decisions!

The Clothes You Buy At Only Will Reveal Which Movie Couple You And Your S.O. Are

Are you guys Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter or Johnny and Penny from Dirty Dancing?

Peña Nieto y Donald Trump por fin se pusieron de acuerdo con el TLCAN y esto es lo que sabemos hasta ahora

Los presidentes de México y Estados Unidos tuvieron una llamada telefónica en la que hablaron del tratado, de Canadá y hasta de unos tragos de tequila.

I Used AI To Clone My Voice And Trick My Mom Into Thinking It Was Me

You can watch our journey into the terrifying future of fake news on BuzzFeed News' Follow This series on Netflix.

27 Movie And TV Characters That Really Made Us Feel Good About Ourselves

Hopefully these diverse characters challenge media to continue expanding what representation looks and feels like.

17 Cool New Subscription Boxes That'll Bring Joy To Your Life

The best new subscriptions to treat yo' self (or someone else) to, at every budget!

This $25 Bikini Looks Seriously Amazing On Everyone

Halfway through looking at the THOUSANDS of amazing review photos people have left for this Tempt Me bikini, I blacked out and got six of them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Answer These 10 Questions And We'll Reveal If You Could Successfully Run Jurassic World

Don't make the same mistakes that your predecessors did!

Este "¿Qué prefieres?" sobre '31 minutos' será muy difícil para ti si eres muy fan

¿Prefieres que Tulio sea tu jefe en el trabajo o que Mico el Micófono sea tu maestro?

A Man Was Arrested After He Rushed The Stage At A Beyoncé And Jay-Z Concert

He was charged with battery, the Atlanta Police Department confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

More Than 50 Student Activists Were Arrested In Police Raids In China

The raids, which happened on Friday morning, are the latest episode in the Chinese government’s attempt to clamp down on a growing labor unrest in southern China.

Esta moça fez seus seguidores do Twitter participarem de uma brincadeira de seu irmãozinho

O garotinho montou um restaurante, fez comidas de papelão e EVA e estava disposto a atender pedidos, mas faltavam clientes. Não faltam mais.

A história desse cara que foi parar na capa da Veja SP pode ser mais longa que se imagina

Carol Canon usou seu Twitter para acusá-lo de assédio nas redes sociais.

Trump And The White House Barely Acknowledged John McCain's Death

The president had a long-running feud with the Arizona senator.

Aqui estão fotos dos candidatos à presidência da República quando jovens

Este post não vai te ajudar a escolher um candidato, aqui é só pra ver fotos mesmo.

15 Infuriating Pictures Of Bars That Are Honestly Just Unforgivable

I'd rather not have a drink served in a handbag or Chinese takeout box.

Contesta "sí" o "no" a estas preguntas y te decimos qué princesa de Disney eres

Así de fácil y rápido te decimos cuál de ellas te representa realmente.

Does Google Actually Make Us Dumber? That Study — And Many Others — Were Just Called Into Question.

“Our study in hindsight was outright silly,” one scientist said.

Go Shopping At Adidas And We'll Reveal Who Your Athlete Soulmate Is

The only thing they're competing for right now is your heart.

O Twitter não para de debochar dos influenciadores que fizeram propaganda eleitoral ilegal

Era por isso que tuiteiros do Centro do país estavam elogiando o governador do Piauí.

Makes 14 Breakfast Corndogs

Makes 14 Breakfast Corndogs

Moon Milk Is Supposed To Help You Sleep, But Does It Actually Work?

Here's what you should know about this new wellness trend.

Dieser doppelte Cheeseburger reicht für eine riesige Party

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

Steph Curry Wrote A Powerful Essay About Women's Equality, The Gender Pay Gap, And His Daughters

"I want our girls to grow up knowing that there are no boundaries that can be placed on their futures, period."

26 Products From Macy's That People Actually Swear By

Buy one, love it for years, buy it again.

12 neue geniale Ikea-Hacks, die jedes Kinderzimmer schöner und gemütlicher machen

So kannst du aus Ikea-Möbeln großartige Sachen für dein Kind machen!

Dieser Seenotretter verrät Fakten über seine Arbeit, die du sonst nirgendwo hörst

Obwohl alle über Seenotrettung reden, wissen die meisten fast nichts darüber. Dieses Gespräch in unserem neuen Podcast ändert das.

Ich habe 45 Kilo abgenommen – und das habe ich währenddessen gegessen

Nein, Salat und Kohlsuppe ist nicht das Einzige, was du beim Abnehmen essen darfst! Mach es dir lecker.

Morning Update: An Explosive Investigation Into Orphanage Abuse In The US

Remembering John McCain, a shooting in Jacksonville, and Serena's catsuit. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 27.





The UN Says Top Myanmar Military Leaders Should Be Prosecuted For Genocide

Horrific atrocities carried out by soldiers were part of a "widespread and systematic attack" on Rohingya Muslims, a fact-finding mission concluded.

What Would've Been Your Look In The '80s?

A Wall Street Yuppie or a New Romantic?



32 Essentials Our Readers Always Pack In Their Carry-On Bag

From wipes, to underwear, to blankets, you'll be the Mary Poppins of traveling thanks to our readers.



Diese Schoko-Torte ist nicht nur saftig, sondern auch noch laktosefrei

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

17 versaute Fakten über das England des 19. Jahrhunderts, die wir dir nicht vorenthalten möchten

Damals im Trend: Comics, in denen Männer Frauen Trompeten in den Hintern schieben

Which “Mamma Mia 2” Song Do You Relate To The Most?

“See that girl, watch that scene...” 🎶

Müssen wir reden?

Puh, ich hoffe nicht.

Was für einen Charakter hat deine Katze?

Ist deine Katze eher chaotisch-lieb oder berechenbar-böse?

15 misterios del océano sin resolver que te quitarán el sueño

Eh, pirata, a mí no me pillas en alta mar.

Cómo aceptar la virilidad en una época de masculinidad tóxica

Siempre he pensado que la masculinidad es un callejón sin salida. Pero, aun así, la he perseguido. Y sigo haciéndolo.



シアトルの空港から飛行機を盗み墜落させた男の身元が判明 彼はなぜこのような凶行に及んだのか?




政治汚職より芸能スキャンダルが10倍読まれるネット 文春砲の舞台裏を聞いた


These Are The Victims Who Were Killed At A Florida Video Game Tournament

The tight-knit community of professional Madden NFL players was sent reeling Sunday after a gunman opened fire on a tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sorry Dessert Fans, Let's Play Would You Rather: Brownie Edition

Would you rather: a warm brownie that was overcooked, or a chilled brownie that was just right?

Flash Briefing For August 27, 2018

Do people actually care about plastic straw use? Turns out: yes! And we do a quick breakdown of the wild world of Australian politics.

This Is Why Some Islamic Communities Struggle With The Idea Of Vaccinations

Islamic beliefs and vaccinations are at odds all over the globe.

Which Sanderson Sister Are You?

Trust us, we can figure it out.

センター試験で化学使った人しか解けない! #化学式クイズ


米ゲーム大会で銃乱射事件、容疑者含む3人死亡 現場からツイートが投稿される


不登校を恐れるな 誰かとつながっていればいい


Literally Just 16 Really Hot Photos Of Noah Centineo AKA Peter Kavinsky

"Woah woah woah woah woah" – me seeing any photo of Noah Centineo.

An Ex-Vatican Official Accused Pope Francis Of Covering Up An American Cardinal's Alleged Sexual Abuses

The Vatican’s former ambassador to the US wrote a detailed letter calling for Pope Francis's resignation.

Dan Humphrey Was Revealed As Gossip Girl In The First Episode, And I Have Proof

Who am I? That's a secret I eventually told. You know you love me. XOXO, Dan Humphrey.

19 Irrational Fears We Probably All Have

You're not alone, but it'd be pretty scary if you were.

Bobby Brown Called Kanye West "Ignorant" For Using A Photo Of Whitney Houston's Drug-Strewn Bathroom

On Profile this week, Brown said about West: "ignorant people are ignorant people ... until they find themselves."

This Is What We Know About The Suspect In The Madden Tournament Shooting

Authorities identified the suspect as 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore, Maryland.

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