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August 19, 2018

New Zealand's Minister For Women Cycled To The Hospital To Give Birth

She used the hashtags #bicyclesarethebest and #42weekspregnant when telling the world on Instagram.

Here Are 25 TV And Movie Characters People Once Despised, But Now Love

"When I first watched Friends, I felt like I automatically had to hate Janice, but then I realized that she wasn't that bad."

A Comedian Apologized After Students At Purdue University Accused Him Of Sexually Harassing A Student During His Routine

Comedian Andy Gross was performing a stand-up routine at Purdue University that students say involved sexually harassing an audience member.

17 Times Designers Just Really Let Us Down, TBH

*receives MFA in Design* *smears poop on wall and justifies it artistically*

19 Kitchens That Are Truly Living In 3018

It's the little things in life.



Only A Beauty Guru Can Get At Least A 9/11 On This Quiz

Hint: Not everything is multipurpose.

Your Next Move Will Be So Much Easier With These 16 Packing Hacks

Prevent breaks, spills, and the general chaos that usually comes with moving.

Pick Some Fruits And We'll Guess Your Favorite Disney Princess

Red apples are not forbidden in this quiz.

ATENÇÃO: estas fotos do VMA 2008 vão fazer você se sentir muito velho(a)

O BuzzFeed Brasil vai fazer a cobertura do VMA 2018, acompanhe no Twitter!

Rudy Giuliani Said He Doesn't Want Trump To Testify In The Mueller Investigation Because "Truth Isn't Truth"

"This is going to become a bad meme," Meet the Press host Chuck Todd replied.

18 ‘90s Toys That Probably Made Your Parents Wonder If You Thought Money Grew On Trees

Your parents's thoughts: "Didn't I just buy you a toy or a thingamajig?"

23 Jokes That Will Make People Doing Keto Laugh

*Feels like Scooby Doo reading a label and finding hidden added sugar*

17 Jokes That Will Make Skincare Nerds Feel Extremely Seen

"the first person to exfoliate their face had 2 have done it accidentally right, like tripped and face planted in the sand- wow feels smooth!"

Watch These 19 Natural Hair YouTubers And Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days Forever

Every day is a great hair day with these ladies ✨

50 Things From The '80s That Anyone Between The Ages Of 35-45 Has Completely Forgotten About

Don't @ me with "I remember all of this and I am 12," 'cause no, you don't! This is for "old people" only!!!

"Crazy Rich Asians" Topped The Box Office On Opening Weekend And Earned Over $25 Million

The first major studio release with an all-Asian cast in 25 years made an estimated $34 million domestically in its first five days in theaters.

The Fake Newsletter: Why Facebook Can’t Fix Itself

The problem with tech’s apology cornucopia.

16 International Candy Bars You Need To Try

How have I lived my whole life without these?

18 Stories That'll Make You Cringe So Hard, You'll Just Be Thankful They Didn't Happen To You

"Last night instead of turning on my 6:00 alarm, I typed 6.00 into my calculator and went to sleep."

15 fotos que farão você dizer: "ahh, então é ASSIM que isso funciona"

Temos as respostas para o que você sempre se perguntou.

17 Scrapped TV Show Plot Lines That Would've Been Crazy If They'd Actually Happened

Dr. Bailey and George were originally supposed to be in a relationship on Grey's Anatomy.

Nora Dominick • 10 hours ago

17 Products That'll Make Meal Prep Your Favorite Part Of The Week

Thousands of Amazon users swear by these.

We Wanna Know The Totally Weird Celebrity Dream You Had

"Had a dream I was in a hot dog eating contest with Harry Styles."

Would You Rather: Lifetime Supply Of Food Edition

Chicken nuggets or pizza? You decide.

23 Memes That Will Feed Your Petty Soul

I didn't choose the petty life, it chose me.

Her Daughter Was Killed In The Santa Fe School Shooting. Now She Feels Like The Outcast.

Rhonda Hart and her daughter, Kimberly Vaughan, were supposed to return to Santa Fe High School on Monday. Neither of them will.

26 Things Lady Gaga Did During "The Fame" Era A Decade Ago

Disco sticks, hair bows, and so much self-tanner.

11 Roommates Who Suck And 11 Who Suck Less

Best friend or sworn enemy there is no in between.

Beto O’Rourke Could Be The Democrat Texas Has Been Waiting For

Beto O’Rourke’s grassroots campaign to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz is blazing across Texas. But can it convert energy into actual votes?

26 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "Crazy Rich Asians" That'll Make You Want To Rewatch It

Henry Golding's honeymoon got cut short when he had to fly out for a screen test with Constance Wu.

A TV Host Only Just Started Seasoning His Chicken And Everyone's Mind Is Blown

"Put some pepper on it and it changed everything." 🌶🌶🌶

I Rewatched "The Faculty" As An Adult And Was Still Pretty Scared TBH

“I worked hard for that D. I deserved that D.”



50 datos para recortarte cómo era la vida hace tan solo 5 años

Una época en la que todo lo que hacíamos era jugar al 'Flappy Bird' y ver vídeos del Harlem Shake.

14 People Were Injured After A Storm Hit A Backstreet Boys And 98 Degrees Concert In Oklahoma

Venue officials evacuated the concert space due to nearby lightning, but 150 fans were still waiting in line when high winds and heavy rain knocked over the entrance.

緊急地震速報で「誤報」 南太平洋の大地震を誤検知か




Immigrant Fathers Who Were Detained By ICE Were Separated From Their Children Again

Attorneys fear the 16 dads were separated in order to quell protests inside the Texas immigration detention center.

Esta familia busca al asesino de su hija en la zona más violenta de Michoacán

Brenda fue asesinada en Parácuaro dentro de su propia casa y frente a su hijo; ahora sus padres deben convivir con la familia del asesino que se encuentra prófugo.






彼らは、とある理由から「Bully Breed(いじめっ子犬種)」と呼ばれる。

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