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August 8, 2018

Brock Turner Has Lost His Appeal And Remains Guilty Of Sexual Assault

He'll continue to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Security Flaws On Comcast’s Login Page Exposed Customers’ Personal Information

After a BuzzFeed News inquiry, Comcast patched the vulnerabilities.

Which Disney Animal Sidekick Should Be Your BFF?

Is your sidekick gonna be singing "Hakuna Matata" or "Under the Sea"?

Apple Defends Its Decision To Allow Infowars In The App Store

Apple tried to explain why it removed Infowars' podcasts, but not its app, which features the same content.

Flash Briefing For August 9, 2018

Immigration changes, Russian sanctions and the Oscars switches things up.

Acusan a Televisa de pagar sobornos millonarios por los derechos de la Copa del Mundo

Habría pagado los sobornos a través de una subsidiaria a cambio de los derechos de las ediciones 2018, 2022, 2026 y 2030, según la demanda en su contra.

¿Puedes encontrar los errores en estos libros de la SEP?

Si eres muy observador, segurito será pan comido.

Can You See The Difference In These 13 Sets Of Doppelgängers?

To some it's obvious but to other's it is impossible.

Media Giant Televisa Has Been Sued For Allegedly Paying Millions In Bribes For World Cup Rights

Shareholders claim they lost "hundreds of millions of dollars" as a result of Televisa's alleged scheme.

A California Gas Company Will Pay $120 Million For The Largest Methane Leak In US History

The methane leak near Los Angeles spewed the greenhouse gas equivalent of more than half a million cars in a year. Residents said it caused serious health effects.

Virginia Declared A State Of Emergency Ahead Of The "Unite The Right" Anniversary In Charlottesville

Despite there being no official permits issued for any anniversary events, Charlottesville's city manager says there will be more police on patrol and road closures.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the rankings. This week: leather conditioner, Shonda Rhimes' Year Of Yes, bar earrings, and a vacuum-sealed wine cork!

Here Are 11 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was In My Early Twenties

Like: You still have a LOT of time to achieve what you want!

Um, Japan Is Melting

A record-breaking heatwave has sent more than 70,000 people to the hospital this summer.

20 Veces en las que los animales fueron súper groseros entre ellos

El mundo de los delfines es mucho más rudo de lo que pensabas.

This Is How Americans Reacted To President Nixon's Resignation

On Aug. 9, 1974, Richard Nixon became the first person in US history to resign from the presidency.

長時間勤務を減らせば誰もが働き続けられる 女性医師が活躍する産婦人科の挑戦






In A Major Turn, Uber Faces New Restrictions In New York City

The city voted for no new cars to hit the streets for a year while it does a study on the effects of ride-hail apps on the city.

17 conselhos para quem estiver sofrendo de baixa autoestima

"A beleza de alguém não significa ausência da sua."

Si sacas más de 10 en este quiz, probablemente seas experto en arte mexicano

Para ti es facilísimo distinguir un mural de Rivera de uno de Siqueiros, ¿no?

Senado argentino vota legalização do aborto, e as mulheres — contra ou a favor — tomam as ruas

A votação deve se estender até meia-noite, mas a maioria dos senadores já se manifestou contra a legalização do aborto até a 14ª semana de gestação.

Alunas denunciam cartazes sobre falsa comunicação de estupro na Faculdade de Direito da USP

Os cartazes estariam em mural dedicado a avisos institucionais, protegido por uma estrutura de vidro.

This Guy Got Parasitic Worms In His Eye And Turned It Into Art

Ben Taylor contracted Loa loa worms and painted them before he even knew what was happening.

O jornal da RedeTV! teve dois apresentadores negros, mas Boris Casoy continua sendo o âncora

Foi a primeira vez que isso aconteceu na televisão brasileira, mas Luciana Camargo e Rodrigo Cabral foram apenas substitutos.

Iliza Shlesinger Asked Her Fans For Chubby Baby Leg Photos And They Delivered

The best legs you ever had in your life came in your infancy.

Do You Have The Same Film Opinions As Movie Critics?

Did you think The Lion King was amazing or overrated?

Todo mundo quer ir para a Grécia com a Bruna Marquezine e a Marina Ruy Barbosa

Nem a Tatá Werneck, que é amiga delas, tá podendo ir.

30 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe Even If You're Incredibly Lazy

You deserve to look like you tried today, even if you got out of bed .05 seconds before work.

Two Suspects Were Arrested For Allegedly Attacking A 71-Year-Old Sikh Man During His Morning Walk In California

One of the attackers, Tyrone McAllister, was identified as the son of a California police chief.

16 casos chocantes de crianças envolvidas em assassinatos

"Jon Venables e Robert Thompson atraíram um garoto de 2 anos para longe de sua mãe em um shopping na Inglaterra em 1993, levando-o aos trilhos de trem nas proximidades."

Some Doctors Think Snapchat Filters And Facetune Could Be Inspiring Plastic Surgery Requests

Selfies and face filters have changed the way we see ourselves — but some physicians argue that this could be a problem.

US Issues New Sanctions Against Russia Over UK Nerve Agent Case

The sanctions are in addition to ones that have already been imposed over election meddling, cyber interference, and the annexation of Crimea.

22 Useful Money-Saving Tips For Thrifty Moms

Give the kids screen time instead of cash for doing their chores.

A Cincinnati Police Officer Used A Taser On An 11-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Shoplifting

The child was walking away from the officer when he used his taser to strike her in the back, police said.

Cow Poop Might Have Caused The Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak

It's one hypothesis food safety officials are considering.

Brad Pitt Denies Angelina Jolie’s Claim That He Hasn’t Been Paying "Meaningful" Child Support

Pitt's attorneys also accused his estranged wife of using court filings as a "thinly veiled effort to manipulate media coverage" around their divorce.

Tell Us About A Restaurant You'd Literally Travel For

*Books flight to Rome for carbonara*

¿Puedes reconocer la película de Disney por su gatito?

Un verdadero amante de Disney sacará 10/10 en este quiz de mininos.

Let's See If You Can Actually Match These Scenes To The Seasons Of "Friends" They're From

So no one told you this quiz was gonna to be this way. 👏👏👏👏

The Oscars Just Added A "Best Popular Film" Category And Twitter Is Divided


The Group Chat Podcast: QAnon Is LARPing For Older Folks

The News podcast episode, Group Chat edition: QAnon, Alex Jones and Infowars, and more.

A Pregnant Woman Tested Positive For Drugs After Eating A Poppy Seed Bagel

Yes, this can happen. Here's what poppy seed lovers need to know.

Only A "Doctor Who" Genius Can Score More Than 12 In This Trivia Quiz

Doctor Who was once a specialist subject on the British gameshow Mastermind. Can you get every single question right just like the contestant?

A Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving Told Police They Shouldn't Arrest Her Because She's A "White, Clean Girl"

The 32-year-old real estate agent also allegedly told police that she was a cheerleader, sorority girl, and "had perfect grades her whole life."

You've Already Ditched Plastic Straws, Now Try These Reusable Produce Bags

Purifyou mesh produce bags will keep your veggies fresh and your waste output slightly less horrifying.

¿Cuántas de estas 41 cosas súper populares odias?

¿No soportas los lentes de sol miniatura? Hablemos.

You Can Find The Best Version Of The US At This Japanese Grocery Story

A trip to Houston’s Seiwa Market — where the shoppers are a microcosm of a wildly diverse city — will literally turn my day around.

"Love Island" Is Coming To The US So Get Ready, America

Everyone in the UK has been talking about it, and now CBS has ordered the series to be adapted for an American audience.

Gina Rodriguez Says It's "Heartbreaking" That The Emmys Don't Honor More Latinos

"I do think there was a lot of phenomenal talent that was ignored," the star of Jane the Virgin told BuzzFeed News.

Are You Obsessed With Books?

Would you lick a book?

Este libro de la SEP muestra una mano con seis dedos porque fue escrito en 3018

No es la primera vez que la SEP se pone así de creativa a la hora de imprimir sus libros.

21 Reasons Why The Powerpuff Girls Were Totally Badass Feminist Heroes

They were three tough girls who saved the world like it was nothing.

¿Qué sabor frutal es como tu personalidad?

Encuentra tu sabor tropical.

21 Ways To Be A Better Adult This Month

Meal prepping, polishing away dead skin, switching to reusable straws, and other small ways to level up in life.

20 provas de que a babaquice não é exclusiva da humanidade

Esse povo não tem a MÍNIMA EDUCAÇÃO!

10 Life-Changing Things To Try In August

Because we tried them for you in July!

Immigration Judges Are Challenging How The Justice Department Handled A Deportation Case

The judges claim Attorney General Jeff Sessions removed a judge from a case to ensure that the result would be one Sessions favored.

If Democrats Can’t Pass Gun Control Laws, They Need To Step Aside, Candidates Say

"We’re going to have a new set of leadership who’s willing to take action … and we’re going to save thousands of lives every year in this country, or we’re not."

Big New Changes Are Coming To The Oscars To Make The Ceremony Shorter

Some awards are also going to be handed out during commercial breaks as producers seek to bring the show's duration under three hours.

Este quiz te dirá si eres más Barb o Carol, de 'Orange Is The New Black'

¿A cuál de las hermanas malvadas de máxima seguridad te pareces?

28 Fun Things To Treat Yourself To Because Why The Hell Not?

Listen, I am not saying you *need* a skull cake pan, a pug beach towel, or the other awesome items on this list — but I'm also not saying that you *don't* need them...

A Grandma Shot A Bicyclist Who Was Masturbating And Attempting To Enter Her Houston House

"Some guy pulled off his pants and pulled his pants open, playing with his thing, and he ran up and I told him to get away from my door, or I will shoot him," Grandma Jean said.

Here's The Powerful Reason Why Black Cosplayers Are Using The #BlackCosplayerHere Hashtag

"My skin color doesn’t matter when I’m in costume. I’m not the 'black Sailor Mars', or 'the black Princess Serenity'. I am Sailor Mars, or Princess Serenity."

Estes foram os países que empurraram #AbortoÉCrime para o TT do Twitter

Levantamento do BuzzFeed News mostra que hashtag contra o aborto durante a discussão do tema no STF teve postagens em países da África e Ásia. Twitter diz que não encontrou "evidências de ação coordenada."

A City Is Billing Itself As "The G-Spot Of Europe" And, Wow, Its Catholic Priests Are Not Happy

The new tourism campaign for a Lithuanian city is set to launch just weeks before the pope visits — so that's going to be awkward.

Lindsay Lohan Made Some Controversial Comments About #MeToo In A Recent Interview

"I’m going to really hate myself for saying this, but I think by women speaking against all these things, it makes them look weak when they are very strong women."

All Hail The New Queer Teen Stars

The rise of young, unapologetically queer artists like King Princess is thrilling, but makes me a little sad for the closeted kid I once was.

Should You Marry Damon Or Stefan Salvatore?

~I will always choose you~

Immigrants Contribute More To Public Health Programs Than They Use, A New Study Says

"You penalize immigrants from accessing health care and you’re ultimately going to cost the US more than you save," said the author of a new report.

The Trump Administration Could Reject Legal Status For Immigrants If They Used Food Stamps Or Obamacare

"It represents a massive change to decades of immigration law while going around Congress to do it," said one immigration activist.

Wie gut kennst du dich wirklich mit Brot aus?

Kein Grund, kleine Brötchen zu backen – zeig, was du kannst!

6 Things That Can Be Recycled, And 13 That Absolutely Can't

Been throwing your pizza boxes in the recycling? Well, they don't belong there.

If You Score More Than 19 On This Checklist You're A Natural Hair Care Addict

How many different types of Eco Styler do you own?

Quantos % tiozera é você?

"Bom dia grupo".

Kristen Bell And Kelsey Grammer Read Family Vacation Horror Stories And It Was Hilarious

"I'd rather have someone poop all over me, or have my kid poop on an airplane, or have my kid pee on my head, or poop my pants than be covered in dead whale."

29 Sweaters To Keep You Warm If Your Office Is Freezing

The best time to buy a sweater is ALL the time — especially when you're frozen at your desk.

Julgue as escolhas de vida do Ted e diremos qual personagem de "How I Met Your Mother" você é

As péssimas escolhas de vida do Ted são legen... espere... dárias!

Airbnb Canceled A Competition To Win A Sleepover At The Great Wall Of China

Airbnb scrapped a competition to stay at the Great Wall after being accused on Chinese social media of being careless with a national treasure.

Opinion: Straw Politics Is Dividing The Nation. I Propose A Third Way.

We don't need an outright straw ban, but the current path is unsustainable. Here's a middle ground.

Opinion: You'll Take My Straw From My Cold, Dead Hands

The campaign of misinformation that laid the groundwork to ban plastic straws must be called out and resisted.

Opinion: Hand Over Your Straws, You Giant Babies

Resistance is futile: It won't be long until a plastic straw is as easy to find as a bowl of shark fin soup.

Entenda o QAnon, teoria da conspiração que acredita que Trump está salvando o mundo de uma rede de pedofilia

Existe a possibilidade de que tudo isso não passe de uma pegadinha de esquerdistas e anarquistas com pessoas da extrema-direita.

New Test For Breaking Post

Monotonectally grow efficient web-readiness through resource maximizing sources. Globally reintermediate high standards in supply chains after principle-centered collaboration and idea-sharing. Conveniently simplify global.

You Might Be A Slightly Odd Book Nerd If You've Done 15/20 Of These Things

Who doesn't save their old receipts to use as bookmarks?!

28 Products For People In Their Thirties Who Are Still Figuring It All Out

Things to help you save time, money, and stress as you struggle to nail down this whole "adulthood" business.

O Alckmin REALMENTE não consegue diferenciar a Angélica da Eliana

E não é de hoje – tanto que elas já estão dando boas risadas e postando um tutorial para ele aprender.

House Republican Chris Collins Has Been Charged With Insider Trading

The New York lawmaker faces federal charges of insider trading and lying to the FBI, along with his son and son's future father-in-law.

There Was An Actual Firenado In Derbyshire And It Looked Pretty Incredible

🎶 There was something in the air that night / The stars were bright / Firenado 🎶

People Are Loving The Diversity In Gap's Back To School Advert

"Finally. A campaign that doesn't center whiteness."

These Teens Are Making Thousands Of Dollars Promoting Risky DIY “Self-Care” Tips

A new trend on Instagram has thousands of teens using thread pages to share advice. But experts warn that the tips given on these pages could do more harm than good.

Bist du in der theoretischen Führerscheinprüfung noch gut genug?

Zeit, zu beweisen, was du wirklich noch drauf hast!

A Republican Congressman Seeking Reelection Once Compared Gay People To "Rapists" And Other Criminals

Rep. Jason Lewis of Minnesota made the claims when he hosted a radio show in 2013. Now he’s running for reelection.

42 Erinnerungen, die deine Kindheit perfekt zusammenfassen

Der kratzende Pulli, den du immer gehasst hast.

Wait, Why Are People In The UK Talking About Eating Dogs All Of A Sudden?

The government is looking at a ban on eating dogs – but it's not at all clear that people in the UK are actually eating dogs.

35 Thoughts You Have If You're Lactose Intolerant But Still Eat Dairy

I'll die on this toilet before I give up dairy.

28 Dresses No One Will Ever Believe You Got From Walmart

Who knew you spelled cute dresses W-A-L-M-A-R-T?

9 BH-Arten, die alle Menschen mit Brüsten SEHR gut kennen werden

Dieser eine BH, den du hast, seitdem dir Brüste gewachsen sind.

Wie gut erinnerst du dich an das bisherige 21. Jahrhundert?

Ist das erste iPhone erschienen bevor oder nachdem Barack Obama zum US-Präsidenten gewählt wurde?

Morning Update: The Lesbian Street-Fighter Hero We Need — Not Deserve

What the Manafort trial means, election results, Elon being Elon, and Ruby Rose as Batwoman. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 8.

翁長知事が死去 生前に語っていた沖縄への想い


Nur Sexperten können mindestens 10/12 in diesem kniffligen Quiz erreichen

Aufgepasst! Wie viel weißt du wirklich über den menschlichen Fortpflanzungsapparat?

17 Horrorgeschichten über das Kacken, nach denen du dich besser fühlen wirst

"Ich musste die gesamte Prüfung hindurch in meinen Ausscheidungen sitzen."

Woah, Kourtney Kardashian Just Hinted That Her Relationships With Kim And Khloé On "KUWTK" Are Fake

She also said her family "disgusts" her and that she's "ashamed" to be associated with them.

Du wäscht deine Vagina wahrscheinlich falsch

Wenn du Intimduschen oder Intimdampfbehandlungen nutzt, dann bist du auf dem Holzweg.

21 tuits que harán llorar de risa a las personas solteras y luego ya llorar, llorar

Estado sentimental: gritando "¡ya han llegado las pizzas!" para que el repartidor no piense que las dos son para mí.



22 entsetzliche und anstößige Verbrechen gegen Essen

„Warum bist du so?“ – ich an die Menschheit.

I Tried This Spicy Honey And It Changed How I Eat Every Meal

*bursts into your kitchen and smacks the pizza from your hand* NO MORE EATING UNTIL YOU BUY THIS SPICY AMBROSIA!

22 Katzen, die – wenn wir ehrlich sind – verdammte Arschlöcher sind

Ich liebe Katzen! Ich habe selbst zwei. Aber wir müssen darüber sprechen, dass sie manchmal riesige Arschlöcher sind.





話題の「ピザ自販機」、上陸させたのは元トラック運転手 執念がやばい…!


Flash Briefing For August 8, 2018

Rick Gates blows up Paul Manafort's spot, Facebook learns how to manipulate the youths, and Lance Bass is mad at HGTV.



A Palestinian American Progressive Will Now Likely Be The First Muslim Woman Elected To Congress

Rashida Tlaib, who has deep ties in activist circles, won a Democratic primary in Detroit early Wednesday.





This 23-Year-Old Knew Nothing About Meningococcal – Until She Ended Up In Hospital

The number of meningococcal cases is on the rise in Australia.

22 instagrams de Chris Hemsworth que podrían embarazarte solo con mirarlos

Espero que estéis preparados para ser padres <3.

There's A Whole Buy, Sell, Swap Community Growing Around These Miniature Grocery Toys

A tiny replica of a chocolate milk? That'll be $20, thanks.

Embattled Labor MP Emma Husar Won't Contest The Next Federal Election

But she isn't immediately quitting parliament or the Labor party.

A Criminal Justice Activist Just Beat The Lead Prosecutor In Ferguson

Wesley Bell, a Ferguson City Council member and criminal justice advocate, defeated St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch in a Democratic primary Tuesday.

みんなのバイトエピソードがヤバい… #今だから笑えるバイト時代の怖い話


Republicans Declare Victory In Ohio — But The Party Is Freaked Out About November

Troy Balderson has the edge in Ohio's very tight special election. His Democratic opponent isn't conceding. Either way, Republicans are worried about a blue wave.

俳優の津川雅彦さんが死去 3ヶ月前に語っていた妻・朝丘雪路への思い






22 Things Under $10 That’ll Help You Be That Person Who Always Smells Good

Because we all deserve to go down in history as the hero of all noses.

Here’s Why “Insatiable” Is Actually Incredibly Offensive And Fatphobic

The people Insatiable is claiming to represent are the very people it will hurt the most. Warning: This post contains spoilers.

YouTube Is Fighting Back Against Climate Misinformation

The company is trying to combat scientific misinformation on its platform. Wikipedia has been helping the streaming platform describe topics like global warming, the MMR vaccine, and UFOs.

Which Song Girl Are You?

Let's find out!

Which Disney Villain Matches Your Personality?

There's a little Disney darkness in all of us.

Ativistas de direita tiveram contas bloqueadas e acusaram o Twitter de censura

Até o candidato Jair Bolsonaro aderiu à hashtag #DireitaAmordaçada. Empresa diz que não censura conteúdo, mas que encontrou indícios de violações de regras da plataforma.

28 Things You'll Want To Share With Your Best Friend

You're pretty great and so is your best friend, so why not get yourselves a little something to celebrate? You earned it!

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