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    Here's Why Spring Is The Most Dangerous Time Of Year For Australians

    Spring? No, no, it's called magpie swooping season.

    Ah, spring. It's one of the nicer parts of the year, right?

    But if you live in Australia, you'll understand just how terrifying those three months can easily become.

    That's because magpies, who are generally chill creatures for the most part, suddenly turn into swooping beasts of fury during their mating season.

    If you're not afraid, you should be. These deadly predators will go after you wherever and whenever they deem necessary.

    Trying to do your job? They don't care, watch them swoop.

    The perils of being a video journalist in Spring.....MAGPIES. *It's so big you can see its shadow.

    Trying to go on a bike ride? They don't care, watch them swoop.

    This is apparently what happens when you’re riding pillion on a motorbike and accidentally take a photograph of the magpie behind you.

    Trying to just simply exist in the world as a cute dog? They don't care, watch them FUCKING swoop.

    Although you may look ridiculous, the best and only way to protect yourself is through cable tie helmets.

    But sometimes, even that doesn't deter them from swooping at your heads, trying to peck out an eye or two.

    In fact, I'm sure there's some evil part of them that actually enjoys their springtime notoriety.

    Because magpies are bloody intelligent creatures. They can sense your fear and will toy with your emotions.

    That magpie looked like it was debating swooping us today

    And if you ever spot a group of them, well, it's safe to say that you're in big trouble.

    So make sure you watch yourself this spring and take note of all the warning signs.

    And we'll (hopefully) see you on the flip side.