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August 18, 2018

3.8万冊の図書焼却、高知県立大が謝罪 「注意を払う必要があった」


29 Tweets About "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" That Are A Real Mood

"Yeah sex is great but have you ever seen Peter Kavinsky put his hand in Lara Jean Covey’s back jean pocket?"

Tell Us About A Movie That's Left A Mark On Your Life

"This is more than a movie, it's a movement." — Jon M. Chu, director of Crazy Rich Asians

Give Us 5 Of Your "Riverdale" Preferences And We'll Reveal Which Disney Princess You're In A Feud With

Having a feud with a perfect princess? I didn't think that was possible!

23 "Crazy Rich Asians" Tweets And Tumblr Posts That Are A Real Mood

"I was sexually attracted to the entire film, 15/10." Warning: contains spoilers.

25 Dogs Who Are, Quite Frankly, Better Than People

This is by no means a definitive list.

Will Stan Pay For Dinner For Once?

How does he keep getting invited?!

「フェイクニュース王におれはなる!」 SNSの力で「次のメキシコ大統領を選ぶ」と豪語


How Many Types Of Candy Can You Name?

This quiz is decadent.

13 Black TV Shows You Need To Start Watching If You Haven't Already

Now the only problem is figuring out which one to binge-watch first.

16 Make-Ahead Breakfasts You Can Prep The Night Before

The most important meal of the day.

ICE Officers Arrested A Man Driving His Pregnant Wife To The Hospital For A C-Section

"He had to wait for his son for so long, and someone just took him away," she said.

8 Photo Stories That Will Help You See The World A Little Differently

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

13 Reasons Why "Crazy Rich Asians" Is Not Just A Movie, It's A Movement

"This is the film that I’ve been waiting for all my life!"

Would You Rather: Gross But Satisfying Edition

Pimple or ingrown hair? You decide.

Todo mundo es una combinación de un tiburón y un desastre natural, ¿cuál eres tú?

Por supuesto que un tornado de tiburones, o Sharknado, es uno de los resultados posibles.

Este quiz te dirá qué tan dramático eres por las canciones que te hacen llorar

Di lo que quieras, pero nadie se resiste a "El triste" de José José.

Can We Guess If You're A Nick Or Disney Kid Based On These '00s Show Preferences?

Everyone used to like one channel more than the other.

We Know Which Bookstagram Account You Should Follow Based On What You Buy At ASOS

When fashion and books collide, it's a beautiful thing.

7 Soothing Crafts To Try If You're Looking For A New Hobby

Had a long day? Craft. Nervous hands? Craft. Racing thoughts? Craft.

“Crazy Rich Asians” Doesn't Care About Your Impossible Expectations

Crazy Rich Asians and To All the Boys I've Loved Before may be making history, but all they really want is to entertain. Isn't there something historic in that, too?

Rate These Disney Animals And We'll Guess If You're A Cat Or Dog Lover

Are Timon and Pumbaa the cutest Disney animals?

Forme casais fictícios e revelaremos como estará sua vida amorosa em um ano

Eu super acho que Rory Gilmore e o Homem de Ferro formariam um ótimo casal. Qual é sua opinião?

Do You Dip These Biscuits In Tea?

Which of these baked goods are enhanced by the lovely leaf water?

I Didn't Know Anything About Landfills And Now I Know Too Much

"Landfill gas" is somehow worse than it sounds??

21 Adorable Burritos That Will Instantly Improve Your Day

Feelin' the early morning blues? These animals wrapped like burritos will fill you with glee!

Angela From "The Office" Got Rejected By The Show Originally, So Never Give Up

Did you know Angela was originally supposed to be Pam?

The NYPD Officer Who Shot A Man In The Face Has Been Fired

Sgt. Ritchard Blake has been fired from the NYPD and is under investigation for possible criminal charges over the shooting.

Build A Salad And We'll Destroy It

Don't get too attached to your salad.

25 "The Office" Moments That Make You Want To Cringe, Flinch, Recoil, And Look Away

Brb, going to go hide under the covers for the next 27 days.

News Podcast: The Girl In The Woods

News podcast episode about Mujey Dumbuya's murder, former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance, and the week's biggest headlines.

An Alleged Tinder Rape Told On Instagram Stories And The Limits Of #MeToo

She swiped right because she liked his dog. But what happened that night became a viral #MeToo story.

O debate da RedeTV teve várias outras tretas além da bronca que a Marina deu em Bolsonaro

Os GIFs das principais maldades da sexta-feira dos presidenciáveis.

13 Differences Between The "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Book And Movie

Reading the book + watching the movie = twice as much Peter K.! *spoilers ahead*

17 Tweets From Black Twitter This Week That Will Have You Cracking Up Laughing

Let's all collectively LOL, because these are funny as shit.

Italians Mourned The Victims Of The Genoa Bridge Collapse At A State Funeral

"The collapse of the bridge was a gash in the heart of Genoa; it's a deep wound."

Laser Hair Removal Changed My Armpits And Got Rid Of My B.O.

Lasers? Under my arms? Let's do this.

Se você ama Disney E Harry Potter, este teste vai ser bem difícil

Lâmpada mágica ou varinha? Faça sua escolha neste teste estilo "o que você prefere".

World Leaders Pay Tribute To "Proud Son Of Africa" Kofi Annan

"In many ways, Kofi Annan was the United Nations."

Can You Identify The DCOM From A Single Image?

"...and you're watching Disney Channel."

18 Tumblr Stories That Are A Better Read Than Any Shakespeare Play, Fact

My friend was waiting for her mom to pick her up and she called her mom and her mom said “I'm on my way, the traffic is just slow” and my friend went “mom, I called the house phone”.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Has Died Aged 80

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate "passed away peacefully" following a "short illness," the Kofi Annan Foundation said.

Es ist 2018 und diese LGBT*s berichten, wie viel Hass sie sich jeden Tag anhören müssen

Unter dem Hashtag #MeQueer teilen Menschen auf Twitter derzeit ihre Diskriminierungserfahrungen in Deutschland.



Inside The New BBC "Radio 1 Breakfast Show" With Greg James

BuzzFeed News went behind the scenes as Greg James and his team prepared to take over the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, widely regarded as the most prestigious job in British radio.





Plan A Hogwarts Feast And We'll Tell You Which House Table You Belong At

It's almost time for school to start – so let's find out which table you should sit at.

Which Classic Book Should You Read Based On Your Boba Preferences?

The ~balls~ you choose tell us a lot about you…

The Government Has Been Told It Must Offer Period Products To Women In Court Custody

Legal experts have told BuzzFeed News that any failure on the government’s part to address the needs of female detainees would be “undeniably a human rights issue.”



O embate entre Marina e Bolsonaro foi o melhor momento do debate da RedeTV!

Poucos candidatos aproveitaram tão bem o ringue cenográfico como os dois.

Papadopoulos Harmed The Russia Investigation By Lying And Should Get Up To 6 Months In Prison, Mueller Says

"The defendant's crime was serious and caused damage to the government's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election," Mueller wrote.



A Texas Doctor Will Not Serve Jail Time After Raping A Patient While She Was Sedated

Shafeeq Sheikh lost his medical license and his job, but he won’t serve time behind bars for the attack.

食事、睡眠、仕事や勉強、人付き合い 生き延びるために日常生活をどう乗り切るか




14 Alarm Clocks That'll Actually Wake You The Hell Up One Time For Once In Your Life

From bed shakers to sunrise simulators to noisy bells, these will make sleeping through your morning alarm feel like a bad dream.



Here's A List Of Fall 2018 Concerts You'll Want To Buy Tickets To Immediately

Because the only thing better than a Pumpkin Spice Latte in the fall = a CONCERT.

Can You Recognize Which Cartoon All Of These Inanimate Objects Belong To?

Another excuse to bust out your Nickelodeon-honed chops.

20 Things Under $20 From Jet That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Or, at the very least, you'll have fewer french fries hidden between your carseats.





25 Products For People Who Poop

Birthday toilet paper, a night-light for your toilet, poop cereal, and 22 other rootin tootin poop-related products.

悲劇から1年 言論の自由の裏でヘイトスピーチははびこり続ける


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