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    If You're Thirsty For The "Crazy Rich Asians", Here's Where To Find Them On Social Media

    Because I know you want them in your feed.

    Henry Golding (Nick Young)

    @henrygolding / Via, Instagram: @henrygolding

    Henry doesn't post nearly enough shirtless selfies for my liking, but there are plenty of pics of his handsome face on his Instagram @henrygolding. He's also on Twitter @henrygolding.

    Constance Wu (Rachel Chu)

    @constancewu / Via,

    Find Constance serving looks (and cute bunny pics) on Instagram @constancewu. Plus she's on Twitter @ConstanceWu.

    Chris Pang (Colin Khoo)

    @pangeerz / Via,

    Chris gives Henry a run for his money as Most Dreamy Guy in Crazy Rich Asians. Follow him on Instagram @pangeerz and Twitter @pangerz.

    Sonoya Mizuno (Araminta Lee)

    @sonoya / Via,

    The actor/model/dancer has a lit Instagram @sonoya.

    Gemma Chan (Astrid Leong-Teo)

    Via, Instagram: @gemma_chan

    This IRL Disney princess can be found on Instagram @gemma_chan and Twitter @gemma_chan.

    Pierre Png (Michael Teo)

    @pierrepng / Via,

    Michael is kind of the worst in Crazy Rich Asians, but Pierre seems much sweeter in real life โ€“ especially where his dogs are concerned. Check out his cute pics on Instagram @pierrepng.

    Awkwafina (Goh Peik Lin) / Via @awkwafina,

    Follow the scene-stealing star on Instagram @awkwafina and Twitter @awkwafina.

    Remy Hii (Alistair Cheng)

    @remyhii / Via,

    The Aussie actor is also a talented photographer. Check out his snaps on Instagram @remyhii, plus follow him on Twitter @remyhii.

    Fiona Xie (Kitty Pong)

    @xplacidacidx / Via,

    Fiona has an aesthetic AF Instagram @xplacidacidx.

    Ronny Chieng (Eddie Cheng)


    Find Ronnie being his hilarious self on Instagram @ronnychieng and Twitter @ronnychieng.

    Victoria Loke (Fiona Tung-Cheng)

    @velle_ / Via

    The stunning actor is on Instagram @velle_.

    Nico Santos (Oliver T'sien)

    @nicosantos / Via

    Follow Nico on Instagram @nicosantos and Twitter @nicosantos.

    Michelle Yeoh (Eleanor Sung-Young)

    @michelleyeoh_official / Via

    Find Michelle being the iconic queen she is on Instagram @michelleyeoh_official.

    Jimmy O Yang (Bernard Tai)

    @funnyasiandude / Via

    The multi-talented actor/comedian/writer is on Instagram @funnyasiandude and Twitter @funnyasiandude.

    Harry Shum Jr (Charlie Wu)

    @harryshumjr / Via,

    If you're not already following Harry, you definitely should be. Find him on Instagram @harryshumjr and Twitter @harryshumjr.

    Can't get enough of the cast? Watch them find out which Crazy Rich Asians character they're actually most like in the video below!

    View this video on YouTube

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