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    28 Times Old People Proved They're Totally "With It"

    They can do it all.

    1. This amazing grandma looking out for her flock:

    TontonLaio /

    2. When Pam left this review:

    prednisoloneace /

    3. When gram learned to text:

    dankcakes /

    4. When this person made their feelings known in the comments:

    Stubrochill17 /

    5. When this 50-year-old woman totally owned this complainer:

    davideftw /

    6. When grandma told this little devil to hit the hay:

    Brendii_ /

    7. When this grandma enjoyed a picture:

    kallenk /

    8. When this dad spilled the beans:

    downvoteforwhy /

    9. When this grandma overshared:

    otadak /

    10. This person who used Facebook as Google:

    Amaquis /

    11. This person who took the comment section in a very different direction:

    TheSlamDunks /

    12. This grandpa's profile picture:

    Thisnickname /

    13. This person who couldn't care less about getting effectively high:

    XanatharsOptician /

    14. This older hacker:

    15. This big whoopsie:

    16. This grandpa laying down the law:

    blueminivan /

    17. Bonnie, who did NOT apply for a Dogspotting membership:

    stayloractual /

    18. This grandpa who printed out his screenshots:

    fastinmywcar /

    19. This grandma who thought it was a good time to catch people up on Kyle's surgery:

    vajayjayjay /

    20. This perfect comment:

    Wywy0 /

    21. This reminder about the remaining chicken breast:

    WinstonBP /

    22. Nancy and her beer-drinking, slug-eating dog:

    dinosaurparty14 /

    23. This person missing a copy machine:

    pikachuuuuu /

    24. This grandpa fighting frauds away with a stick:

    BBarnZ /

    25. This person who reported geese poop:

    rata2ille /

    26. Bernard, who invoked God when someone sold their barstools before he could buy them:

    missvh /

    27. This grandma who needs bread:

    Naends /

    28. And cold-hearted Karen:

    puppy-in-a-cup /

    Check out more tech savvy seniors at r/OldPeopleFacebook.

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