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We've All Been Saying Ariana Grande's Name Wrong And Now Everything I Know Is A Goddamn Lie

This is a grande deal to me.

On Friday, Ariana Grande did an interview with Beats1 Radio to promote her new album Sweetener.

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In the interview, she talked about the album, her relationship with Pete Davidson, and strangely enough, her name:

She said that while she'd love for her artist name to just be "Ariana," she probably wouldn't do that because of her grandpa:

In the video, though, she pronounces the last name like this:

Go to 0:40 to hear her say it.

I was like WTF??? Isn't it GRAHN-DAY, like Starbucks??? But then she explained it:

Ariana added that she thinks her grandpa may have said "GRAND-DEE" to make it sound "less immigrant."

Ariana said she wishes she said the original pronunciation more:

And although I'm not sure which I prefer, I need a moment to process the fact that I've been saying it wrong for years now. Bye!