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    Angela From "The Office" Got Rejected By The Show Originally, So Never Give Up

    Did you know Angela was originally supposed to be Pam?

    It's pretty well established that Angela Kinsey is not only a pretty great aunt, but also one of the funniest actors from The Office.


    But as it turns out, there was a moment when Angela thought she might not be on the show at all.


    Kinsey shared her rejection story as part of the #ShareYourRejection hashtag on Twitter, and gave a hilarious account of her audition process for The Office.

    I auditioned to play Pam. I didn’t get the part. Two months later they called me in for the role of the bitch in accounting. #ShareYourRejection

    Yep, she originally auditioned to play Pam! But of course, that role ended up going to Jenna Fischer.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    Because, duh, she and John Krasinski were made to be Jim and Pam.

    TBH, I think we're all glad that Angela ended up being "the bitch in accounting."


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