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    14 Alarm Clocks That'll Actually Wake You The Hell Up One Time For Once In Your Life

    From bed shakers to sunrise simulators to noisy bells, these will make sleeping through your morning alarm feel like a bad dream.

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    1. A sonic vibrating heart that'll quake your kid awake and give new meaning for their most used emoji (the black heart).

    2. A sunrise simulation alarm clock to help you rise with the sun — even if you have blackout curtains or you're a total night owl.

    3. A screaming sun to wake you up Rick and Morty style.

    4. A bed shaker and sonic boom combo that'll be close to that thing your mom used to do when you refused to get up for school.

    5. Or perhaps a skull-accented sonic clock with a 12-volt bed shaker — maybe it can revive you from your cat nap that turned into a full night of rest.

    6. A crescendo alarm that'll also project the time, so waking up will feel nothing short of theatrical. Prob no cartoon birds helping you dressed, but still quite dramatic!

    7. A classic two-bell looker for some alarming nostalgia that'll disrupt you from your slumber.

    8. A bacon-scented diffuser to inspire some waking thoughts on breakfast. And actually peeling yourself out of bed.

    9. A no-frills bed shaker with an adjustable volume, which'll be perfect for those with hearing loss.

    10. An easy-set clock with bell and beeping alarm options (both very loud!) to find a perfect fit.

    11. A Screaming Meanie as an aptly named option you'll love but hate.

    12. An analog clock built for the hearing impaired (it has pleasing melodies instead of harsh beeps).

    13. A reliable travel option in case you've been foiled by hotel alarm clocks but don't want to take your regular bed shaker with you on the road.

    14. A model with a dial snooze button to hit the sweet spot in your morning routine.

    You ready to face the day:

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