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    14 Alarm Clocks That'll Actually Wake You The Hell Up One Time For Once In Your Life

    From bed shakers to sunrise simulators to noisy bells, these will make sleeping through your morning alarm feel like a bad dream.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sonic vibrating heart that'll quake your kid awake and give new meaning for their most used emoji (the black heart).

    Has an extra loud dual alarm, 12-volt bed shaker, adjustable dimmer, 1–30 minute snooze duration, and 1–59 minute alarm duration.

    Promising review: "I am not sure how I lived without this alarm clock. It brightens up my day to see the rainbow colored display. It's also very loud β€” just what I need β€” and the violent shaking makes it impossible to stay asleep. I have to agree with what another reviewer said, which was that they now wake up earlier than the alarm due to being terrified. Normally I sleep through multiple alarms, but that has not happened since I got this alarm clock. I highly recommend this to anyone that needs a loud alarm clock!!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $37.49+ (also available in pink and red).

    2. A sunrise simulation alarm clock to help you rise with the sun β€” even if you have blackout curtains or you're a total night owl.

    Promising review: "Makes waking up so much more pleasant, start out feeling peaceful instead of jarred awake by my alarm clock. And I don't feel all groggy and sleepy. I haven't actually bothered with coffee in over a week, because I don't feel sluggish when I wake up. I wish it had some better alarm functions (like the kind of features you'd see on a $15 clock, basic stuff), a battery backup, and was a bit easier to program. But overall I'm happy with my purchase and love waking up a bit gentler. Update: Still working great several months later. I made labels to put on the face of the light because I could never get used to where the buttons are. Still glad I bought it." β€”Tiny Moose

    Get it from Amazon for $97.95. Check out similar well-reviewed clocks from Amazon for $46.20 or $29.99.

    3. A screaming sun to wake you up Rick and Morty style.

    Check out the product page to see what the AHHHHH-ing sun sounds like.

    Get it from ThinkGeek for $59.99.

    4. A bed shaker and sonic boom combo that'll be close to that thing your mom used to do when you refused to get up for school.

    Has pulsating alert lights, adjustable volume and tone, snooze defuser, adjustable extra loud alarm, and powerful bed shaker.

    Promising review: "I basically sleep like a dead person, and I've tried EVERYTHING. I was tired (no pun intended) of sleeping through classes, work, and just about everything else, so I decided to give this one a try. I have slats under my mattress, so I had to put the bed shaker under my pillow instead β€” and I'm glad I did! The bed shaker feature works extremely well. If you're like me and you hit snooze while you're still sleeping without realizing it, YOU NEED THIS. The bed shaker will make you feel like you are falling off a mountain; it's very strong, and you may end up on the floor. Now on to the sound; this is the first alarm clock I have ever purchased that wakes me (and the rest of the neighborhood) up 100% of the time. I work full-time on an ambulance, and honestly, I can't decide what's louder, my siren or this alarm clock! The very first time I used it, my neighbor came knocking on my door because it also woke him up. Sorry Mr. D., but I'm keeping it." β€”TJ Fox

    Get it from Amazon for $31.19+ (available in six color combos).

    5. Or perhaps a skull-accented sonic clock with a 12-volt bed shaker β€” maybe it can revive you from your cat nap that turned into a full night of rest.

    Has a 13db extra-loud alarm with adjustable tone and volume control, 12-volt bed shaker, bright red flashing eye sockets, a strip of orange flashing alert lights, and an MP3 player input.

    Promising review: "So my son can never wake up on his own in the morning. Sound familiar? My son sleeps through his phone alarm for over an hour. Even though I bang on his door he says he's awake then goes back to sleep and always runs late for school. Not anymore. This thing trains him to wake up before the alarm goes off or else! This thing is super loud and the sonic vibrating is added insurance to make sure you get up. My son now wakes up earlier than ever. Best purchase of the year!" β€”jadexpp

    Get it from Amazon for $37.94.

    6. A crescendo alarm that'll also project the time, so waking up will feel nothing short of theatrical. Prob no cartoon birds helping you dressed, but still quite dramatic!

    Has a crescendo alarm with 8-minute snooze, a fixed projection (either momentarily or continuously), and clock updates for any North American time zone.

    Promising review: "I LOVE this clock. It's unobtrusive. The LED is not BRIGHT so you don't have that 'glow' from the display when the lights are out. The display that projects on the ceiling is large, but amazingly, it's not bright. It's a subtle image that you can clearly see but it does not give off light the way LED's do. It's perfect. It's small, easy to use, the alarm is loud but not 'panic' loud. I like how it looks as well, it's really cute. I wanted an alarm clock that didn't shine brightly and that's what I received. GREAT CLOCK, GREAT PRICE, GREAT night's sleep too." β€”T Love

    Get it from Amazon for $24.07+ (available in two colors).

    7. A classic two-bell looker for some alarming nostalgia that'll disrupt you from your slumber.

    Has heavy bell ringing for people who sleep heavily or have hearing loss. No ticking noise or snooze.

    Promising review: "I'm a heavy sleeper. Not the average 'has a hard time getting out of bed' type but the type where I've been physically shaken and screamed at and not woken up. I've had firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars in my front yard and slept through it. A tree collapsed on my neighbor's house and I slept through it. I sleep through my building's fire alarms. I've slept through gun shots in my backyard. Little to say, my phone's alarm just doesn't do the trick. I slept through classes for weeks at a time even though I had alarms going off for hours. And boy, can I sleep. I can and do sleep 17 hours a day when I can. Longest I've slept at one time was 23 hours and I only woke up because I was dehydrated. I spent more time asleep than I do awake (not by choice, I'm just tired all the time). This alarm scares the hell out of me every morning but it sure does get me awake. Only problem is remembering to set it every night but I'm getting used to it. Just make sure to put it where you have to get out if bed to turn it off so you don't risk falling back asleep." β€”Seth

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in four colors).

    8. A bacon-scented diffuser to inspire some waking thoughts on breakfast. And actually peeling yourself out of bed.

    Available in bacon, coffee, and beach scents.

    Get them from ThinkGeek: clock for $59.99 and diffuser packets for $4.99 each

    9. A no-frills bed shaker with an adjustable volume, which'll be perfect for those with hearing loss.

    Has an 113db extra-loud alarm with adjustable tone and volume, 12-volt bed shaker, dual alarm, and battery backup.

    Promising review: "Heavy sleeper? Hard of hearing? Your alarm clock isn't waking you up since you can't sleep with your hearing aids in? Tired of being late to work? This is for you. This alarm clock is the BEST! The shaker puck is extremely strong. I am not joking. I have a bass shaker on my sim racing seat with a 100 watt amplifier driving it and this alarm clock shaker is damn near as strong. I put this under my side of the mattress at about chest level. The first time I had this thing wake me up it scared the crap out of me! But since then I've loved it. It's actually so much better than waking up to morning radio shows or that infernal beeping sound that we all loathe. It's just like a loved one coming in and giving you a little shake to wake up. Also if audible alarms are your thing, this alarm clock will wake the dead. It has a volume dial for the alarm that goes from 1–10. I'm really hard of hearing and I cannot stand this thing any higher than 6. You can set 2 separate alarms using the shaker, the audible alarm, or a combination of both." β€”W.S.

    Get it from Amazon for $35.99+ (also available in black).

    10. An easy-set clock with bell and beeping alarm options (both very loud!) to find a perfect fit.

    Has two types of alarm sounds, silent ticking, snooze and light functions, and luminous hands and digits.

    Promising review: "I like the fact that this alarm clock is simple to use and has a very loud alarm. The approximate dimensions of four inches by three and a half inches by two and a half inches is larger than I had expected but this is not a problem for me. Pressing the snooze button at night will illuminate the face of the clock for a few seconds." β€”D. Strack

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97+ (available in a square or rectangle shape).

    11. A Screaming Meanie as an aptly named option you'll love but hate.

    Has an extremely loud alarm and panic button beacon, and runs on a 9-volt battery (not included).

    Promising review: "PERFECT! LOUD AS HELL! And hard to turn off! And you can set it and then hide it somewhere and it takes you a minute to find it in the morning... so it's PERFECT to make sure you wake up! Also, it would be a great thing to have as a prank on someone because in order to turn it off, they'd have to read the instructions on the back first and that'll take them a minute to figure out! Haha. In the meantime, they'll have to put up with the EAR PIERCING LEVEL of noise!" β€”Nicholas C. Ferrin

    Get it from Amazon for $25.

    12. An analog clock built for the hearing impaired (it has pleasing melodies instead of harsh beeps).

    Has a blue backlight, loud melody alarm with snooze, and silent ticking.

    Promising review: "WOW! For a hard of hearing guy, this is certainly the alarm for me. When I first tested it my bride said, 'I sure hope I'm already awake when that thing goes off.' I think we'll be just fine on that account because I bought this just for travel. It's somewhat larger than those little super compact travel alarms but that's OK with me because a little bigger body provides room for a bigger sound unit. That's what it is all about. Also, using two AA batteries provides for a better nightlight feature. Touching the mute bar on top provides an attractive glow that lights up the entire face not just a small corner like the little guys. The setting controls are separate for time and alarm, which is good for those who have yet to figure out how to make the single control work. Like all battery operated alarm clocks this is a 12-hour unit so turning on your alarm needs to occur no more than 11:59 hours before wake-up time." β€”Bud S.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    13. A reliable travel option in case you've been foiled by hotel alarm clocks but don't want to take your regular bed shaker with you on the road.

    Has a clear display with a light, alarm and snooze functions, and an on/off button.

    Promising review: "Very happy with my purchase. I was looking for a simple reliable alarm clock to use on trips. Can't always trust the one in the hotel to work. Before I bought it, the only concern I had would be whether the alarm was loud enough. I am a heavy sleeper and it worked every time. Highly recommend!" β€”Gregory Schreiber

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97 (also available in white).

    14. A model with a dial snooze button to hit the sweet spot in your morning routine.

    Has a rotating dial to adjust alarm settings, three levels of brightness, and two volume controls.

    Promising review: "I was specifically looking for an alarm clock that I didn't need to plug in, could travel with, and was nice and loud (because I can sleep through anything and was consistently sleeping through all other alarm clocks I tried). This one does the trick. I have it on the low sound, and I still wake up when it goes off. Granted, if I turn it off and roll over, that's my own fault ... but even then, there's the snooze and even a back up, second alarm for that. I am extremely pleased with this alarm!" β€”Carissa

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

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