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    13 Black TV Shows You Need To Start Watching If You Haven't Already

    Now the only problem is figuring out which one to binge-watch first.

    1. Random Acts of Flyness


    Random Acts of Flyness is like going to an art exhibition through your television. It's a sketch comedy show without the comedy — a compilation of seemingly random ideas all married by representation and inclusion. It's a disorienting, but ultimately a rewarding experience of random ~fly~ shit, hence the title.

    2. Atlanta


    Atlanta mixes surrealism with mundanity and captures those little moments in the black experience. Because of that juxtaposition it's able to be quirky and fantastical, but still feel firmly grounded in reality.

    3. Black-ish


    Black-ish is a comedy based around the Johnson family and the show title alone ruffled some feathers. A lot of times our stories, ideas, and thoughts aren't considered important. This show and the title alone is a testament to how that should change.

    4. Grown-ish


    Grown-ish is a spin-off of the similarly titled show Black-ish. It's great to see Yara Shahidi's character Zoey leave the nest and come into her own throughout her college experience.

    5. Chewing Gum


    Written by and starring Michaela Coel, Chewing Gum is insanely funny, quirky, and at times gross. She plays Tracy, a woman in London trying to lose her virginity coming from a family who's very religious and against pre-marital sex. You'll find yourself cracking up at the madness of it all.

    6. Insecure


    Insecure is adopted from Issa Rae's web series Awkward Black Girl. It focuses on the messy romantic lives of Issa's main character, Issa, as well as her best friend Molly. The madness of it all is perfect because it's based on being twentysomething while dating and navigating through Los Angeles.

    7. Queen Sugar

    OWN TV

    Queen Sugar is a drama series filled with heartfelt moments all surrounding the children of Ernest Angel, a farmer whose sugar farm is currently failing so his children all come together to try and save it. It's directed by Ava DuVernay and executive produced by Oprah.

    8. The Get Down


    The Get Down is a part-musical-part-comedy series based loosely on the origins of hip-hop, but heavily covers the fundamentals and history of it. Jaden Smith gives a great performance as the character Dizzee. And all the rap battle performance scenes will make you want to get up and start dancing to the rhythm of the boogie the beat. Nailed it.

    9. Luke Cage


    Luke Cage is another Marvel superhero series, but this one focuses on Luke Cage and the crime he fights in Harlem. The conversations between the younger and older generations of black men are easily the series' Easter eggs. And the depth given to its villains make for a more compelling story to get lost in.

    10. Power


    Power is a crime drama based around James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, and his surroundings as a drug kingpin and nightclub owner in New York City. It's as suspenseful as suspenseful can get and will make feel like you're a kingpin approximately 30 minutes after watching an've been warned.

    11. Claws


    Claws is about Desna Simms along with her crew of nail technicians who all help her launder money for her boyfriend Roller. There's amazing nail art featured throughout the show and Niecy Nash is wonderful as Desna.

    12. The Carmichael Show


    The Carmichael Show is based on a fictionalized version of Jerrod Carmichael and his family. It's unapologetic in the way that nothing is off the table, much like Jerrod Carmichael's stand-up comedy — his character doesn't mince words at all, sometimes to his detriment.

    13. Dear White People


    Dear White People is a TV series based on the film of the same name released in 2014. And the show is able to delve deeper into some of the topics explored in the film. Don't let the name fool you though, it's not ~about~ white people, it's about the extra labor endured when you're a black student at a PWI.

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