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    16 People Who Will Make You Say "Well, At Least They Tried…"

    A for effort, F for execution.

    1. This friend who just wanted to help out in the kitchen:

    2. This traveller who though he could beat the traffic:

    a guy i work with told me his old housemate tried to rollerblade to the airport once so he wouldn't have to pay for a cab and missed his flight by TWO HOURS, i haven't stopped thinking about it

    3. This student who tried to replicate a ceramic bird ornament their mom bought in Germany:

    4. This guy who tried to start a conversation:

    I never wanna talk to a straight man again

    5. The hotel worker who tried to get fancy with the water:

    6. This astrologist who wanted to expand into the pet market:

    7. This guy who literally wanted nothing more than to hydrate his eyes:

    8. This customer who wanted to be polite:

    My friend wanted to order water and the delivery guy was asking for her address, “add pls”. She thought it meant add the WORD “please”. I’m crying 😂😂

    9. This jobseeker who tried to keep it on the down-low.

    lmfaoooo Facebook been having me dying lately

    10. This guy who wanted to make a nice lasagne for his family:

    11. This pet owner who tried to create a cute, and not at all terrifying, panorama photo:

    Mdr j’ai commencé à faire un panorama mais mon chien est passé dessus

    12. This Facebook friend who was truing to be supportive:

    13. This dad who wanted to connect with his family:

    Strong start to my Dad's whatsapp career.

    14. The New York city subway worker who thought they'd try and get their work finished early:

    someone just put down a fresh coat of yellow paint on the subway platform edge....... at 9:30 on a wednesday morning. this platform is going to be a mess of yellow footprints by the end of the day. what is going on

    update: the results have been as expected

    15. This amateur chef who wanted to cook an international dish:

    16. And finally, this One Direction fan who wanted to date Niall Horan:

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