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Three Teens Are Demanding Their Government Tell Them The Truth About The Air They're Breathing

“I’ve developed a chronic cough since I came to Lahore — and I haven’t even seen the worst of the smog season yet.”

Nishita Jha 11 days ago

Trump's Anti-Abortion Policies Have Created A Nightmare For Women In Nepal

Every time a Republican is in the White House, women across the world face the devastating impact of the US's ban on discussing abortion in exchange for aid.

Nishita Jha 15 days ago

Instagram Won’t Say Whether It Will Protect The Identity Of An Anonymous Account Sharing #MeToo Allegations

Emails seen by BuzzFeed News show that Instagram offered support and reassurances to anonymous accounts naming sexual harassers — and then walked back when the courts got involved.

Nishita Jha One month ago

Qandeel Baloch's Brother Has Been Jailed For Life For Her Murder

Waseem Azeem Baloch was sentenced three years after he publicly admitted murdering his sister.

Nishita Jha One month ago

As Peace Talks With The Taliban Collapse, Afghan Women Demand To Be Heard

In 2001, the US pledged to remake Afghanistan as a place where women could thrive. But they had no voice during peace talks with the Taliban — nor when Trump abruptly canceled them 18 years later.

Megha Rajagopalan 2 months ago

An American Missionary Was Wrongly Accused Of Voluntarily Undergoing FGM

Teresa June Estes has demanded an apology from Kenyan media outlets who misreported details of her traditional wedding.

Nishita Jha 3 months ago

Three Men Have Been Jailed For Life For The Rape And Murder Of A Young Muslim Girl That Horrified India

The 8-year-old was drugged, starved, locked in a Hindu temple, and then raped repeatedly for a week before being murdered.

Nishita Jha 5 months ago

This Woman Is Running To Save The Love Of Her Life

Zheng Churan’s husband disappeared four years after she was arrested for protesting sexual harassment on public transportation.

Nishita Jha 5 months ago

Hindu Nationalism Just Won Another Crushing Election Victory In India

Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP are on course for reelection with a stronger majority than 2014.

Nishita Jha 5 months ago

The Most Toxic Candidate In The World's Biggest Election Is A Holy Woman Who Wants To Start A Religious War With Muslims

Nominated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party, Thakur describes Gandhi’s assassin as a patriot and says she is fighting a holy war.

Nishita Jha 6 months ago

India’s Top Judge Has Been Accused Of Sexual Harassment. But The Supreme Court Wants To Investigate A “Conspiracy” Against Him.

The woman who made the complaint says she is full of “fear and anxiety” over whether she’ll receive a fair hearing.

Nishita Jha 6 months ago

India’s Top Judge Dismissed Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Himself. Now Lawyers Are Rallying For His Accuser.

Legal organizations throw their support behind a woman who has accused the head of India’s Supreme Court of sexual harassment.

Nishita Jha 6 months ago

A Woman Has Accused India’s Most Senior Judge Of Sexual Harassment

Speaking to BuzzFeed News from a safe house, the woman alleged that the judge sexually harassed her and carried out a campaign of retaliation against her and her family.

Nishita Jha 7 months ago

A Child Is Abused Every Four Hours In India. Banning TikTok Won't Fix That.

Panic over child sexual abuse online has led to TikTok being banned. But disturbing videos of children are still available on the app.

Nishita Jha 7 months ago

The US Denied Visas To Women From Africa And The Middle East Hoping To Attend The UN's Women Conference

Delegates who were denied visas include lawyers, activists, and women who deliver reproductive health care services.

Nishita Jha 8 months ago

The Books By Women That Explain What The World Is Really Like

Women authors on war, surveillance, politics, and the refugee crisis.

Nishita Jha 8 months ago

While Two Nuclear Powers Were On The Brink Of War, A Full-Blown Online Misinformation Battle Was Underway

“There’s politics, religion, enemy nations, and a surge of nationalism in this situation. It’s the perfect storm.”

Pranav Dixit 8 months ago

The Whole World Is Debating Whether “ISIS Brides” Should Go Home. But Yazidi Women Want Them Brought To Justice.

Far from being innocent bystanders, women who joined ISIS participated in the torture and humiliation of Yazidi women.

Nishita Jha 8 months ago

These Women Are Living In Fear After Their College Suspended Them Over A WhatsApp Message

Amid a tense atmosphere following the deadliest terror attack in Kashmir in decades, four young women are fearing for their lives over a WhatsApp message they allegedly sent.

Nishita Jha 9 months ago

This Woman Found Revenge Porn On Google Drive — And Now She's Fighting Back

One young woman’s attempt to be so much more than a cautionary tale.

Nishita Jha 9 months ago