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August 14, 2018

42 Books, Movies And TV Shows That Are WAY Better Than "Insatiable"

Fat characters treated as human beings instead of the butt of all the jokes? What a concept.

20 Fotos que prueban que el verano es lo peor

Calor extremo y lluvia constante, así se resume el verano en México.

Guys, Help, I Can't Stop Thinking About The Men In "Crazy Rich Asians"

Summer may be ending, but the heat is just beginning.

17 Funny Tweets That You'll Only Appreciate If You Love, Love, Love Drama

"[My Wedding] Me: I do, Guests: Awww, Me: Or do I?, Guests: Ooooo!"

Plan An Instagram Upload And We'll Give You A Taylor Swift Lyric To Caption It With

"I'm taking pictures in my mind so I can save 'em for a rainy day."

The Politician Who Called For A Ban On Muslim Immigration Says He Didn't Know He Was Using A Nazi Term

“The final solution to the immigration problem is, of course, a popular vote,” Katter's Australia Party senator Fraser Anning told parliament.

¿Cuántas de estas posiciones sexuales has probado?

Dinos cuántas has hecho y te diremos si eres una máquina sexual.

Queer Folks, What Are Your Best Self-Care Tips?

Caring for yourself is an act of resistance, too.

Bartlett no fue investigado por el asesinato del periodista Manuel Buendía

La investigación en 1984 no lo consideró sospechoso de ser autor intelectual del homicidio.

22 coisas que só quem ronca muito sabe como é

Seu prédio já foi evacuado pelos bombeiros num dia que você roncou além da conta.

Seu gosto por chocolate está certo ou é horrível?

Eu vou falar verdades para você, hein.

19 Hilarious Back-To-School Tweets From Parents Who Have Been There

"What wine pairs well with back to school supply shopping?"

¿Qué personaje de 'La casa de las flores' eres?

Ay no, o-ja-lá que te sal-ga u-no de los de La Mo-ra, oye.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Posted The Most Adorable Parenting Hack And It's So Relatable

"Don’t have an infant high chair for dinner? Have you considered a bucket full of towels?"

31 One-Minute Solutions To All Your Skin Problems

Fast-acting skin care products and tips that all take just ~sixty seconds~ to complete — because breakouts don't deserve any more of our time!

"Southern Charm" Star Thomas Ravenel Is Quitting The Bravo Show Amid Rape Investigation

"I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back."

This Golden Retriever Brings Freshly-Worn Laundry To Bed Every Night And MY HEART

*whispers to self* I want Henry to snuggle my freshly-worn socks and pajamas.

How Well Do You Remember The "FUN Song" From "SpongeBob"?

That episode aired nearly 19 years ago... ugh!

Ohio's Secretary Of State Says Voter Fraud Did Not Affect A Special Election For A Congressional Seat

Some older Ohioans were given placeholder birthdates on their voter registrations, which has led to suggestions of voter fraud.

Estas 14 marcas te ayudarán a usar menos plástico en tu rutina de belleza

Te verás bien, ayudarás al planeta y consumirás local, ¡todo al mismo tiempo!

What TV & Movie Characters Made You Feel Seen?

On-screen representation matters, so we want to celebrate the people and characters who are broadening the discussion.

Programa de Bolsonaro propõe existência de 2 carteiras de trabalho ao mesmo tempo

"Todo jovem poderá escolher entre um vínculo empregatício baseado na carteira de trabalho tradicional (azul) – mantendo o ordenamento jurídico atual –, ou uma carteira de trabalho verde e amarela (onde o contrato individual prevalece sobre a CLT)."

Estas imagens dos bastidores de "Brooklyn 99" são tão incríveis quanto a série

Os atores e atrizes que fazem essa série ser tão especial são como uma família na vida real.

A Baltimore Police Officer Has Been Indicted On Assault Charges After A Video Of Him Punching A Man Went Viral

Arthur Williams, who resigned from the department Sunday, faces charges of misconduct in office and assault.

A gente precisa conversar?

Cara, espero que não.

The FDA Just Approved A Menstrual Cycle–Tracking App As A Form Of Contraception

The Natural Cycles app uses information about your body temperature and periods to predict when you need to abstain from sex or use protection to avoid pregnancy.

Você está quantos % pronto(a) para morar só?

Um sonho de princesa (ou não).

Four Girls Escaped An Alleged Kidnapping Attempt By Fighting Back And Throwing Coffee And Slurpees

“My dad taught me a few moves,” said 11-year-old Allison Eickhoff, who allegedly fought off the attacker.





Trump Called Betsy DeVos “Ditzy” And 7 Other Outrageous Details From Omarosa’s New Book

“Ditzy DeVos,” Jeff “Benjamin Button” Sessions, and what Trump said about putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

Everyone Has A Soulmate From The Beatles — Here's Yours

Is your soulmate Ringo, John, George, or Paul?

A Grand Jury Report Details Sexual Abuse By More Than 300 "Predator Priests" In Pennsylvania's Catholic Church

“The abuse scarred every diocese. The cover-up was sophisticated,” the state attorney general said. “The church protected the institution at all costs.”

Qual expressão carioca você é?

Aí, coé, porra, já é!

We Finally Know Where "Schitt's Creek" Is Set

The cast says they've tried to keep it vague, but Dan Levy (David) revealed all to BuzzFeed News.

16 Reasons Dining Out Alone Is Actually The Best

"It's all on one bill." *goosebumps*

Senate Intel Wants To Follow The Money In The Russia Probe. But Treasury Isn't Making That Easy.

Last year, staff inside Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network questioned whether the department was deliberately trying to stymie the Senate’s investigation.

This Artist Perfectly Reimagined Hermione From Harry Potter And People Are Saying It's The Best Depiction Yet

"This is truly one of the most wonderful Hermiones I've ever seen or imagined."

Bill Cosby Says Being Declared A Sexually Violent Predator Will Damage His Reputation

The comedian, who is currently awaiting sentencing for rape, also argued in court documents that it would interfere with his relationship with his family.

Solo un verdadero fan de Los Simpson conoce estos diálogos a la perfección

"Bueno, tiene todo el dinero del mundo, pero hay algo que no puede comprar..."

35 Things Under $10 That'll Help You Look Pulled Together

No one is gonna recognize the new, not-hot-mess, you!

Sarah Sanders "Can't Guarantee" Trump Wasn't Recorded Saying The N-Word

"I can't guarantee anything, but I can tell you that the president addressed this question directly," the White House press secretary said. "I can tell you that I've never heard it."

18 segredos que descobri no set da sequência de "Animais Fantásticos"

É hora de quebrar o Estatuto Internacional de Sigilo em Magia.

23 WTF Pictures From When All The Lights Went Out In NYC

And you think your commute is tough now...

"Celebrity Apprentice" Contestant Penn Jillette Said There Are Tapes Of Donald Trump Saying "Racially Insensitive Things"

“You’ve heard Trump ramble when he thinks he’s being careful. Imagine when he feels he can be frank.”

Police Had To Save A Group Of Four Women Who'd Been On A Rainbow Unicorn Float For Hours

One of the officers “immediately began to laugh” until he realized they might be actually be stuck out on the lake, he told BuzzFeed News.

Omarosa Claimed That Trump Knew About Hacked Clinton Emails Before WikiLeaks Released Them

The former White House aide did not provide evidence about her claims that Trump "absolutely" knew that Clinton's emails were going to be leaked during the 2016 election.

14 Gross Things Everyone Does That Are Actually Really Satisfying

There's nothing more satisfying than pulling out that lonesome nipple hair.

Classifique estes pratos com ovo e diremos quão cansado(a) você está

Você vai ficar exausta de ver tanta comida bonita!

A School Board Admitted It Suspended A Gay Art Teacher For Saying Jasper Johns Had A Male Partner

A Texas school board initially suspended art teacher Stacy Bailey after she showed her students a photo of her future wife.

Tinder's Founders Claim They Were Swindled By Its Owners In A New Lawsuit

Former and current executives at Tinder have filed a lawsuit claiming the parent company swindled them out of valuable stock options and covered up sexual harassment.

This Guy Is Going Viral For Giving What He Says Is "The Worst 'Pyramid' Guess Of All Time"

"Let me tell you the story about perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life."

Ariana Grande Ends Fan With Dirty, Gross Fingernail

Queen of promoting healthy nail care.

20 coisas que a gente nunca tinham imaginado que eram tão chiques

"Quem viaja e posta só uma ou duas fotos nas redes sociais".

32 Genuinely Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Prove How Different "Friends" Could Have Been

From drastic changes to the characters' personalities to deleted scenes and rejected storylines, things really could have been very different.

16 Infamous Omarosa TV Moments Where She Realllly Brought The Drama

"Honey, you make cupcakes. I worked in the White House." — Omarosa to Bethenny Frankel

We Tried The Weirdest Bra On The Internet

Would YOU have guessed what it is?

29 Products Under $10 That'll Change Your Skin Care Game

Say bye to acne, dullness, dryness, excess oil, and more — without saying bye to your paycheck.

Your Biggest Fears Will Determine Which "Full House" Character You Are

♫ When you're lost out there, and you're all alone. ♫

What Did You Wish You Knew While Planning Your Wedding?

Tell us the nitty gritty details of everything you learned while planning your wedding!

Qual a mais cara: moda POC ou moda hétero?

As aparências enganam e o importante é que todo mundo pode vestir o que quiser.

Which Ancient Egyptian God Or Goddess Are You?

Are you more of a Ra or an Osiris?

27 Datos rarísimos de 27 de las series que más has visto en tu vida

Desde "Friends" hasta "That '70s Show", aquí hay puro chisme del bueno.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: ALL Express Jeans Are On Sale So It's Time To Stock Up!

All women's jeans are 40% off!!!! Plus: men's jeans and chinos are BOGO $19.9O!!!

Embracing Maleness In An Age Of Toxic Masculinity

Masculinity, I’ve always thought, is a trap. But I pursued it anyway. I still do.

20 coisas que os profissionais de 18 áreas AMAM que você faça

"Queria muito que meus clientes tomassem banho (e fizessem suas necessidades antes de tomar banho) antes de irem depilar suas coisinhas preciosas."

Paul Manafort’s Lawyers Rest Their Case Without Putting On Any Witnesses Of Their Own

The judge asked Manafort if he wanted to testify. “No, sir,” Manafort replied.

These Comics Show What It's Like To Live Between Two Cultures

Excerpts from Dami Lee's new book, Be Everything At Once.

People Are Celebrating A "Millennial" Teacher For Creating Hilariously Adorable Cardi B Meme Hall Passes

In contrast, some students are saying their teachers are turned off by memes and millennial trends.

29 Ridiculously Comfy Comforters For Anyone Who Hates Leaving Their Bed

You're not really on cloud nine until your bedding feels like a literal cloud.

Se derrumba puente en la ciudad italiana de Génova

Autoridades italianas reportan al menos 22 muertos y varios heridos.

50 Totally Real Things You Should Know Before You Go To College

"Don't drink the jungle juice at frat parties. Just don't."

15 Zimmerpflanzen, die nicht mal du umbringen kannst

Für alle mit einem schwarzen Daumen.

7 Life-Changing Things To Try This Month

Amazing gizmos, gadgets, and things tried and tested by BuzzFeed editors.

Kourtney Kardashian Has Been Over ~Being Famous~ For Years, And Here's The Proof

While her behaviour on this season of KUWTK has raised questions about her future on the show, Kourtney has been ready to quit the showbiz life for quite a while.

An Iowa Evangelical Leader Is Gaining A National Audience By Pushing Back On Donald Trump

“If 2018 and 2020 are a referendum on rhetoric, that’s where you run the risk of a blue wave.”

Scientists Are Still Fighting Over What Made US Diplomats In Cuba Ill

The Journal of the American Medical Association published letters today critical of a study it published six months ago claiming that US diplomats in Cuba had suffered brain injuries.

¿Has estado guardando las frutas y verduras en el lugar correcto?

A ver, a ver, ¿los plátanos van en el refrigerador o en la alacena?

Uma ponte desmoronou em Gênova, na Itália, e mais de 20 pessoas morreram

Fotos e vídeos postados nas redes sociais mostram caída uma grande parte da ponte Morandi. A causa do desmoronamento é desconhecida.

24 Fakten über Essen, die alles verändern

(Oder dich zumindest hungrig machen.)

Quantos % solteira(o) você está?

Sempre 100% mais você.

Diese 30 Dinge musst du scheinbar noch vor deinem 30. Geburtstag tun

Zahl deinen Studienkredit ab, in dem du deine gesamten Organe verkaufst.

A Man Crashed A Plane Into His Own House After Being Arrested For Domestic Violence

Duane Youd died after he crashed the plane into his Utah home while his wife and her son were inside.

Ariana Grande And James Corden Sang A "Titanic" Medley Of Pop Songs And It Was Amazing

Their beautiful rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" will leave you breathless.

Könntest du als Assistentin von Miranda Priestly arbeiten?

Andere würden „für diesen Job töten.“

11 Dinge, von denen ich wünschte, jemand hätte sie mir mit Anfang 20 gesagt

Zum Beispiel: Du hast noch eine MENGE Zeit, um das zu erreichen, was du willst!

A foto da Kátia Abreu mostrou que ela sabe jogar no Twitter

A vice de Ciro Gomes usou memes para responder os memes que fizeram com a primeira foto oficial de campanha.

14 Kinder, die ihre letzte Entscheidung extrem bereuen

Reue ist nicht nur was für Erwachsene.

16 Dinge, die du wissen solltest, wenn du über eine Spirale nachdenkst

Sie ist inzwischen beliebter als noch vor ein paar Jahren, aber ist sie auch was für dich?

22 Of The Best Places To Buy Cheap Lingerie Online

You can't put a price tag on sexy, but if you had to, it might as well be a small one.

29 Sätze, die jüngste Geschwister niemals sagen werden

„Neue Klamotten sind sowas von überbewertet. Wer braucht sowas schon?“

19 Dinge, die viel größer sind, als du gedacht hättest

„Ich hatte ja keine Ahnung." – Du

Warum deine Periode sich verspätet, ausfällt oder komisch ist

Falls deine Regel sich nicht an die Regeln hält.

Do You Clean Your Home Like Everyone Else?

Broom or vacuum? Store-bought cleaner or DIY vinegar spray?

Can You Recognize The Musical By The Lyrics?

Because everyone loves a good musical.

So sehen deine Lieblingsmeme-Stars heute aus

Wie groß Disaster Girl geworden ist!

14 Kinder mit den epischsten Wutanfällen aller Zeiten

Kleine Kinder, GIGANTISCHE Anfälle.

19 McDonald's-Restaurants, die weit, weit in der Zukunft leben

Ein McDonald's mit Pianist und Kronleuchtern? Ich bin unterwegs!

Now Trump Is Calling Omarosa A "Dog" As Part Of His Denial That He Used The N-Word

The president disparaged the former aide after she released a new audio recording discussing the possibility of Trump using a racial epithet.

This Startup Wants To Sell Verified Breaking News Alerts To Companies

Factal says it combines technology with journalists to deliver real-time alerts about incidents that pose a risk to company facilities and employees.

19 richtig leckere Gerichte ohne Fleisch mit sehr viel Protein

Ganz ehrlich: Du musst kein Vegetarier sein, um das hier zu mögen!

Nicki Minaj Just Revealed That Two Of The Rappers She "Dissed" On Her New Song Were Mad AF At Her

If anybody's ever mad at you, just do what Nicki does and use the 😂 emoji until they calm down.

21 Graffiti Artists That Are Just As Good As Banksy

Who knew a printing sign could be so amusing? H/T r/MildyVandalised.

34 Products That'll Do The Damn Thing

A wart remover, wine condoms, a detangling brush, and 31 other products that'll help you get that damn thing D-O-N-E.

Dozens Of People Have Died After A Major Bridge Collapsed In The Italian City Of Genoa

Italy's Transport and Infrastructure Minister Danilo Toninelli said the incident was an "immense tragedy."

12 Wege jemandem beizustehen, der gerade eine Scheidung durchmacht

Vielleicht solltest du ihn oder sie nicht direkt bei Tinder anmelden.

¿Sabes qué personaje de los Simpson es de estos colores?

¿Sabes más que nadie de la familia más famosa de la televisión?

Morning Update: The Tale Of The Omarosa Tapes

Omarosa releases a recording of Donald Trump, FBI agent Peter Strzok has been fired, prayers for Aretha Franklin. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, August 14.

#お盆休みない人あるある を描きました。


17 Of The Best Planners You Can Get On Amazon

Time to get it together once and for all.



「子どもが溺れるときは静かです」 水の事故を防ぐために忘れてはいけないこと




Flash Briefing For August 14, 2018

The FBI fires Peter Strzok, Disney casts a straight actor to play its first openly gay character, and Google tracks your location even when you think it doesn't. But don't worry, we'll help you get off their grid for good.



新基地をめぐり、複雑な思いの沖縄・辺野古の住民たち 諦め、容認、反対の声


19 preciosos pósters “retro” de viajes a destinos de fantasía

Si Cómic-Con tuviera una agencia de viajes oficial...

A Man Has Been Arrested For Suspected Terrorist Offences After A Car Crashed Outside Parliament

Police said they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the crash, which they said "appears to be a deliberate act."

Can You Successfully Propose To Someone?

I propose that you take this quiz.

Australians Are Treating Their Epilepsy With Weed, But What Do We Really Know About It?

There's a lot of anecdotal evidence but what does the science say?

Malcolm Turnbull Is Celebrating His Own Party Supporting His Energy Policy

And in news that will shock no-one, Tony Abbott isn't happy about it.

How Far Would You Make It In "Survivor"?

Survivor is a tough game, could you beat it?

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation Wined And Dined Big Business Just After Being Given $443 Million By the Government

Drinks, snorkelling and a bonfire on the beach at a Hamilton Island resort.

Trump Denies Ever Using The N-Word, Says An "Apprentice" Producer Told Him "There Are NO TAPES"

The president responded after former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman accused him of being a racist and using the epithet.

Omarosa In Her New Book: "In Early 2018, I Too Received A Call From The FBI"

The admission is made in Unhinged, out this week.


SNSで大絶賛されているGUの「オープントゥミュール」がセールで完売間近! 全色買いする人も続出している人気アイテムです。






え、あの料理まで...!? 火いらずだから超簡単!忙しい日々にぴったりのレンジレシピ。

Uber Eatsで注文したら歩いて届けてくれた話はしたっけか?


If You Don’t Eat Dairy But Love Ice Cream, Boy Do I Have A Soft Serve Maker For You

Goodbye envy of every lactose-tolerant person in the world.

You Could Go To Jail For 10 Years For Refusing To Unlock Your Phone

The Australian government has finally released legislation aimed at getting past all that pesky encryption.

These Unexpected "In My Feelings" Vids Will Put A Smile On Your Face

The "In My Feeling Challenge" recently took the internet by storm, and so many people threw their hats into the ring, but there are some late, unexpected entries to the challenge ...

You're Going To Have To Start Paying Back Your HECS Sooner Than You Think

But Pauline Hanson says it's no big deal, just skip a couple of coffees each week!

15 Random References People Learned From Watching "Friends"

"I learned about Princess Leia and the gold bikini..."

18 Tweets You'll Find Funny If You're Not 100% Caucasian

Before you go and try to call me racist, don't.

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