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    13 Reasons Why "Crazy Rich Asians" Is Not Just A Movie, It's A Movement

    "This is the film that I’ve been waiting for all my life!"

    So Crazy Rich Asians has FINALLY arrived and people are hype! Not only is it the movie of the summer, but it's also the first Hollywood studio production with an all-Asian cast and Asian American lead roles in 25 years.

    Tons of people recently took to social media to share what the arrival of Crazy Rich Asian means to them. Here are 13 touching stories:

    1. "In the trailer, @ConstanceWu wears this ethereal blue gown...She gets super excited every time the trailer comes on now and says 'Mom! Look! It’s my dress! It’s Constance Wu!'"

    2. "I am older now and can process the meaning of true representation and what white-washing means. This is the film that I’ve been waiting for all my life!"

    3. "As an aspiring actor nearly ten years ago, I’d audition for roles that was [sic] impossible for me to fit into...You have no idea how happy it makes me to see a movie with beautiful Asian people of all backgrounds star in this movie."

    4. "The impact on me and those who came here as second generation Asians is huge. It’s the first time Asian women have a voice, and they are no longer overly sexualized and portrayed as been weak and submissive."

    5. "I came to appreciate my culture and how I looked only later in life. For Asians, it’s important to see people like us—a whole lot of us—not just in accounting firms or engineering schools, but also on screen behaving in universal ways."

    6. "This movie isn’t only impacting our younger generation, it’s giving our parents a bit of satisfaction in seeing their years of assimilation turn into a general nod of acceptance as well. It’s uplifting for EVERYONE."

    7. "It just meant more to me to see an Asian woman play the main role where’s she’s not just some quirky sidekick or martial arts expert."

    8. "If you’ve complained about the emasculation of the asian male body in mainstream western media, THIS IS OUR GOLDEN TICKET TO THE HOLLYWOOD FACTORY."

    9. "This movie has greater ripples to make than just being a feel good movie. It has the chance to be a cultural shape shifter!"

    10. "I never had Asian role models to look up to on TV or in the movies. Sure there was Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, but they never quite represented me. That is why this moment is so powerful."

    11. "For the first time in 25 YEARS, America will get to enjoy and even admire, an all Asian cast in a non-period movie. That said, drop your chopsticks, take out that Movie Pass, and get to steppin."

    12. "I hope CRA is only the beginning and that my children and grandchildren will be able to find themselves represented in all media as the fully-developed, complicated, interesting people they are."

    13. "It was a special night, yet a perfectly normal one at the same time when “normal Americans” walked into the theatre to watch a movie of an all-Asian cast—I found perfect harmony."

    Feel free to share your personal stories about what Crazy Rich Asians means to YOU in the comment section below, and tag us @As/Is in all your CRA posts!

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